Realme GT7 Pro: The Future of Flagship Phones

Realme GT5 Pro camera samples

Chinese brand, Realme has been in the mobile phone business for over five years and the company has been doing well. A few hours ago, authoritative Weibo tech blogger, @Digital Chat Station (@DCS) shared big news about Realme’s next flagship phone. This device is expected to be the Realme GT7 Pro. According to @DCS, this device will come with huge battery, fast charging and a decent periscope camera. Xu Qi, head of Realme China, has stated that this phone will launch in the global market by the end of this year. This piece explores the features and specs of the Realme GT7 Pro, comparing it with its past model, the Realme GT5 Pro.

Design and Build

The Realme GT7 Pro will have a sleek look with a straight or near-straight screen. The phone will be around 8.5mm thick, making it slim and easy to handle. The back of the phone will show a rectangular DECO with a 50MP large-bottom triple-camera periscope, promising high-quality photos.

Battery and Charging

One of the top features of the Realme GT7 Pro is its 6000mAh battery. This big battery makes sure that users can enjoy long use without frequent charging. Also, the phone supports 100W fast charging, letting users quickly recharge and get back to their tasks without much downtime.

Powerful Processor

The Realme GT7 Pro is expected to have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor. This chip promises top performance and efficiency, making the GT7 Pro a strong device for multitasking, games, and other hard tasks. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will make sure the phone works smoothly and efficiently.

User Experience

The Realme GT7 Pro aims to give a top user experience with its strong chip, big battery, and advanced camera. The phone’s slim design and high-quality build make it comfy to use. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip makes sure of smooth performance, while the 6000mAh battery gives long-lasting power.

Display Features

While the exact screen specs of the GT7 Pro are not detailed, it is likely to have an OLED screen like the GT5 Pro. Users can expect vibrant colors, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios. The high refresh rate and advanced dimming features will make the screen nice to use in various light settings.

Comparison with Realme GT5 Pro

To see the growth in the Realme GT7 Pro, it helps to compare it with the Realme GT5 Pro, which came out in December last year.

Realme GT5 Pro

Battery and Charging

The Realme GT5 Pro has a 5400mAh battery, a bit smaller than the GT7 Pro’s 6000mAh battery. Both phones support 100W wired fast charging, but the GT5 Pro also offers 50W wireless fast charging, which is not mentioned for the GT7 Pro.

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The Realme GT5 Pro has a 6.78-inch 2780×1264 OLED screen with a peak brightness of 4500nit. It supports 2160Hz PWM dimming, high-brightness DC dimming, and a 144Hz refresh rate. These features make sure of vibrant colors, sharp images, and smooth scrolling. The screen of the GT7 Pro is expected to be just as good or even better, boosting the visual experience.

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Camera and Imaging

The Realme GT5 Pro boasts a great camera setup with a 50MP main camera (Sony LYT-808, 1/1.4″, OIS), an 8MP ultra-wide macro (Sony IMX355), and a 50MP periscope telephoto (Sony IMX890). It supports telephoto macro, making it good for different photo needs. The front camera is a 32MP (Sony IMX615), making sure of high-quality selfies and video calls.

The Realme GT7 Pro, with its 50MP large-bottom triple-camera periscope, should offer even better photo abilities. The big-bottom sensor means the phone will do well in low light, catching more detail and cutting down noise.

Market Impact

The Realme GT7 Pro should make a big impact in the smartphone market. Its mix of high-end specs, sleek design, and advanced features will draw tech fans and regular users alike. By offering strong performance and long battery life, the GT7 Pro will stand out in the busy market.

Future Prospects

As Realme keeps pushing and improving its products, the future looks bright for the brand. The GT7 Pro shows Realme’s promise to give high-quality, feature-rich smartphones. With the launch of the GT7 Pro, Realme aims to boost its place in the global market and keep growing.

Realme GT5 Pro

About Realme

Realme is a rapidly growing Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer founded in 2018 as a sub-brand of Oppo. In just three years, Realme became the smartphone brand to achieve shipment of 100 million units, ranking among mainstream smartphone brands globally.

Realme offers a wide range of products, including smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and audio accessories. Their smartphone lineup includes the Realme series, Realme V series, Realme Q series, Realme C series, Realme X series, and Realme GT series. Realme smart TVs come in various sizes and resolutions, including Full HD, 4K, and SLED 4K.

Realme has been devoted to empowering youth through leap-forward technology and design. The company has entered 61 markets worldwide, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Realme’s global smartphone users reached 35 million in June 2020, and its AIoT product sales broke a record of 1 million units.


The Realme GT7 Pro is shaping up to be a strong flagship phone. With a strong Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip, a big 6000mAh battery, and advanced camera features, it promises to give a top user experience. The sleek design and high-quality build add to its charm, making it a strong player in the smartphone market.

As we wait for the official release, the buzz around the Realme GT7 Pro keeps growing. This new flagship phone will likely raise the bar for performance, design, and user experience, boosting Realme’s place as a key player in the tech world. The future of Realme looks bright, and the GT7 Pro is a big step towards that bright future.

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