Xiaomi’s HyperOS: Say Goodbye to System Ads with One Click!

Xiaomi HyperOS

For many users of Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones powered by HyperOS, a common frustration has been ads popping up in system apps. While getting rid of these ads has always been possible, it’s been a bit of a hassle. People had to turn off an app and dig through settings to make it happen. This not only took time but could also slow down their phones. Luckily, it seems like Xiaomi is listening! They’re adding a new feature that will make getting rid of those ads a breeze.

Taking Back Control: HyperOS Makes Saying Goodbye to Ads a Breeze

One Click Does the Trick: A Simple Solution

Thanks to a leak from tech site SmartPrix and industry insider Yogesh Brar, we got a sneak peek at this upcoming feature. They showed a short video of a test version of HyperOS running on a Xiaomi 13 Pro. In the video, you can see a new section in the settings called “Ads in System Apps.” This section explains what it does in plain English: it lets you turn on or off “a small number of ads in system apps that help us improve our services.”

The key here is that users will be in charge. With a single click, they can choose whether or not to see these ads across all their system apps. They can also see a list of which apps might show these ads. This is a big change from the current system, where getting rid of ads is a confusing process.

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Making User Choice a Priority

Right now, to turn off ads in HyperOS, you have to turn off the MSA (Xiaomi System Advertiser) app and then go through each app one by one to disable ads. This can be a pain, and most people don’t want to deal with it.

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By adding a simple on/off switch for system ads, Xiaomi is showing that they care about what their users want. This easy-to-use feature will likely be a big hit with many HyperOS users, especially those who prefer a clean and ad-free experience on their phones.

When Can We Expect This?

We don’t know exactly when this new feature will be available for everyone. Some people think it might come with the next big update for HyperOS, which is called HyperOS 2.0. But even if it takes a little longer, it’s clear that this is a big step forward for HyperOS users.

Not only will this make it easier to control ads, but it could also help people see HyperOS in a more positive light. When a company gives its users more control and makes things easier to use, it shows that they care. This can lead to happier users and a stronger brand image.

The upcoming ad management toggle in HyperOS is a great example of how to improve the user experience. By giving users a clear and easy way to control system-wide ads, Xiaomi is demonstrating their commitment to user-centered design. This focus on user control is likely to be welcomed by many HyperOS users and could contribute to a more positive overall brand perception.

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