Giveaway! 2 winners wanted for 2 Origem HS-3 Smart Earbuds!

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Giveaway! 5 winners wanted for ALLDOCUBE’s F40 quad driver headphones!

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To follow up the 10 Father’s Day Gifts From Banggood article, we now have a somewhat different piece with products that this time come directly from Amazon, …

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father's day

Father’s day is only once a year, so why don’t you get something nice for your father? If he’s a geek like you then you …

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Here at GizChina we mostly cover smartphones and tablets, but we always keep an eye on other kind of gadgets coming out of China. Today in …

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Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi’s latest flagship — the Mi 6 — can already be found on various Chinese based retailer websites for around $400 or more. Today, with our coupon, …

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MGCOOL just earned themselves a “top-brands” customized brand page over on online retailer site Gearbest. In this page you’ll be able to get the best …

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Coolpad A8 Max

The Coolpad brand is slightly flying under the radar lately, at least in our airspace, but today we have a deal for you with the …

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With the potential malware and virus threat looming above our heads more and more these days it’s maybe finally time to make the antivirus app …

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UMi Z design

Today UMi shows us what went into the creation of their latest UMi Z smartphone. Plus a video that shows what they’ve been doing up until now.

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elephone p25 pcb

Elephone released an image of their Helio P25 PCB yesterday which has us asking an important question.

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Time to make one rugged phone lover happy, because our giveaway event for the Nomu S20 ended so it’s time to announce the winner. Once …

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It is our pleasure to make one reader happy on Black Friday today, because we have the winner chosen for the UMI Diamond giveaway. This …

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Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, Black Friday is here so it’s to venture on the shopping spree. And to help you a bit …

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Our giveaway train is about to have yet another stop and this time it will be something for the rugged phones lovers. The giveaway piece …


One of the most interesting parts of the Black Friday shopping event is going to kick off on Geekbuying website on November 24th 16:00 UTC+8 …

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Cubot Black Friday

Black Friday 2016 is nearly here, but e-commerce stores are wasting no time and have already started their deals and discounts!

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UMI giveaways are back with vengeance and this time you will have a chance to win some shiny brand new UMI Diamond model. Rules are …

Xiaomi mi5s

Find here some lucrative deals on the newest Xiaomi flagships, the Xiaomi Mi 5s and the Mi 5s Plus!

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Here are some hard to miss deals on the best Xiaomi Redmi Note phones yet — the Redmi Note 3 and the Note 4!


Fire the cannons, the announcement for the big Elephone giveaway is here. We are pleased to inform this time we registered almost 200 valid giveaway …

Here’s your chance at taking home some free tech goodies ahead of the long holiday season!