Scared of malware ? AVG Antivirus can help with that for free


With the potential malware and virus threat looming above our heads more and more these days it’s maybe finally time to make the antivirus app an integral part of your basic Android go-to install package. The options are not yet as extensive as on the PC platform, but one of the key players there also has a dedicated Android app and I’m pretty sure you will recognize the name. And hey, AVG Antivirus is for free.

Of course the mobile antivirus app will offer some specific features tailored for the mobile devices and AVG is carrying arguably the most complete package out there. You can find all about it on the official website. Some of the prominent features include :

  • The ability to scan your Wi-Fi networks and websites you use to check for viruses before your device ever even encounters them.
  • A variety of different anti-theft features, two of which include the ability to turn on your phone’s ringer even if it’s on silent and the option to track a lost or stolen phone through Google Maps.
  • Data protection services that allow you to lock or even completely lock your phone if it happens to fall into the wrong hands or is beyond recovery.
  • Privacy-boosting services like an encrypted vault that protects your sensitive pictures, documents and more with a personal password and the ability to lock important apps installed in your phone.
  • The camera trap service, which snaps a picture of anyone attempting to access your phone who’s put in an incorrect password 3 or more times.

In the past the main worry and an argument against the mobile antivirus apps has been based on the hunger for system resources and slowing down the actual phone. But with the drastic increase of computing power, amount of RAM and of course the proper optimizations the situation is already quite different . So maybe try out the AVG Antivirus app, you won’t spend a dime and being pro-active against the malware danger always feels good.

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