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We can say that September 30 we had the “Google Day” we have been waiting and COVID-19 has taken for us. Today, Google unveiled its …

Google TV

While Google is consistently trying to expand its portfolio of products including home products, the company had a problematic experience with the Android TV Box. …

In what is possibly the most idiotic happening this week, Best Buy has sold an unreleased 3rd generation Chromecast to a customer. Yes, this happened.

H96 Pro

Ever needed the power of a TV box in the size of a Chromecast dongle? Well, now you can with the new H96 Pro, a tiny …

tronsmart t2000

Tronsmart have turned their attention away from Android TV boxes, to produce their very own Chromecast alternative.

Another Chinese built rival of the Google Chromecast is not available online through Aliexpress, the $27 EZ Cast, EZchrome dongle.

Alcatel have announced that they will be launching their rival to Google’s Chormecast in Europe. The Alcatel Home V102 will cost just 49 Euro!