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Elephone is famous for spewing tons of different models, their variants and variants of the variants, so its not a big surprise they need extra …

Elephone have a bit of a bee in their bonnet when it comes to the Xiaomi Mi5 and this is their 2nd video showing another of their phones up against the flagship Xiaomi phone.


April phone launches have just increased by another one, with the announcement that the Elephone S3 will roll out to stores in April.

Elephone have opened a questionnaire up on their website asking fans to choose their own specification features for the upcoming Elephone S3.

Elepone’s bezel-less Elephone S3 phone got a few comments yesterday when we posted images of the phone, perhaps this video is in answer to some of those comments?

The new work-in-progress Elephone S3 looks like a phone you want to hold in your hands.