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Xiaomi’s known to hit the sweet spot between quality and pricing, and it might’ve done just that once again with the all new blood pressure monitor it’s put together.

French device manufacturer ARCHOS is set to make a big splash next week when it reveals multiple devices designed to bring you into the Jetson-esque future you were promised as a child.

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BenQ is a brand you might remind you of your good old desktop monitor or your age old digital camera. The very brand stepped in to the ever-growing smartphone business some time back, and has now launched the quad-core BenQ F3.

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Tablet maker Smart Q are hoping to be the second Chinese manufacturer to launch an Android smartwatch.

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Chinese search giant, Baidu have launched a cloud connected wristband device which can monitor health plus more.

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Following on from the success of the Raspberry PI a Hong Kong based electronics group have produced their own “Android on a Stick” uPC device …

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Typically LED computer monitors tend to run off of main power, and are connected to your PC Via a display plug of some sort, however …

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GPS is big business all over the globe, and here in China, home to the worlds fastest automobile market navigation is even a bigger business …

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With all the news about applications with malware hidden inside applications found on the Android market, some have been calling out for Google to become …

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If you have not seen the LePad by Lenovo, just imagine a iPhone 3GS that has been supersized and given a huge 10 inch capacative …

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Chinese business were warned on Sunday of a highly sophisticated cyber weapon know as Stuxnet. The cyber worm has been designed to infiltrate Siemens supervisory …

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