Best of CES 2023: Our Top 8 Picks from the Event

LG's 97-inch wireless OLED TV

At CES 2023, tech enthusiasts and industry professionals experienced the latest and greatest innovations unveiled at the annual conference. From revolutionary televisions and virtual reality headsets to state-of-the-art home appliances and hearing aid technologies, there’s no shortage of exciting new products and ideas to look forward to. Following are GizChina’s best picks from CES 2023; these products solve common problems in new ways and raise the bar for performance and quality.

LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED TV

LG's 97-inch wireless OLED TV

One standout product that has garnered significant attention ahead of CES 2023 is LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED TV. But it’s not just the size that sets this TV apart; it’s also entirely wireless, eliminating the need for messy cords and cables. LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED TV stands out with impressive picture quality and massive screen size. While pricing is unknown, the wired version costs $25,000.

Withings U-Scan pee sensor

Withings U-Scan pee sensor

You can track and monitor your body’s vital signs with the Withings U-Scan pee sensor by analyzing urine samples sent to your phone over Wi-Fi. The device can keep an eye on your daily levels of ketone and vitamin C, test the pH level of your urine, and keep track of your menstrual cycles. It is a standout product in home healthcare because it makes easy to test every day.

HTC Vive XR Elite

HTC Vive XR Elite

The HTC Vive XR Elite is a must-have for people who love virtual reality. It sets a new standard for performance and quality with its small size and light weight. This VR headset will be available in late February 2023 for $1,099, so keep an eye out for it. HTC’s Vive XR Elite headset stands out for its small size and adjustable diopters allowing real-time lens prescription changes. The headset offers five levels of immersion, ranging from basic information to entirely virtual environments. Its compact design and eyewear flexibility make it a top choice in the market.

Samsung S95C 77-inch QD-OLED TV

For those in the market looking for a new television, the Samsung S95C 77-inch QD-OLED TV offers a competitive alternative to LG’s. This high-quality TV has better anti-glare technology and brighter images. Its color quality has been praised in particular by experts in the field. While the screen finish may not be as impressive as LG’s, the S95C can give LG a run in the high-end 77-inch TV market, potentially driving down prices across the board.

JLab’s $99 hearing aid

Gizchina News of the week

JLab’s $99 hearing aid is a game-changer in assistive devices. With prices for hearing aids typically ranging from thousands of dollars, this affordable option is a welcome addition to the market. Between July and September of this year, JLab will sell its over-the-counter hearing aid for $100. The device looks simple and works with both Android and iPhone. A more customizable JLab OTC Hearing Aid model will also be available, though its price has yet to be determined.

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LG Gram laptops

LG Gram laptops

In recent years, people have bought a lot of LG Gram laptops because they are light and have a lot of great features. The ultra-slim Gram Ultraslim and the innovative Gram Style are the newest phones in the line-up. LG Gram Ultraslim is ultra-portable, clocking in at just 10.99mm thick and weighing under a kilogram. On the other hand, the Gram Style is a twist on the traditional laptop design. It has a “hidden” haptic trackpad and LED backlighting that turns on when you press a key. This makes it easy to see where to type, which makes the laptop a great choice for people who care about both function and style. Both models have OLED screens and run on Intel’s 13th-generation processors. More information about pricing and availability will likely come out in the coming months.

JBL’s Tour Pro 2

JBL’s Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds are a welcome solution to the problem of checking charge levels and adjusting settings on wireless earbuds. Eliminate the need for a mobile app with the earbuds’ touchscreen display on the case. Check each earbud’s charge and easily change features like noise canceling and ambient sound. There are six microphones for calls and noise cancellation, an IPX5 rating for sweaty workouts, and eight hours of battery life with noise cancellation turned on. The Tour Pro 2 earbuds will be available this spring for $250.

Schneider’s Smart Home System

Schneider Smart Home system

Schneider’s Smart Home System is a game-changer for those looking to maximize energy savings and reduce their monthly bills. This system allows users to schedule when certain outlets draw power by controlling breakers, switches, and outlets, preventing energy vampires like TVs and chargers from using power unnecessarily. It can also schedule EV charging to take advantage of lower rates or solar panel usage, saving even more money. With electricity rates on the rise and more devices needing charging, the Schneider System offers precise control and convenience.

CES 2023 did not disappoint anyone with its many new and exciting products. LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED TV and Samsung’s 77-inch QD-OLED TV, the S95C, raise the bar for TVs. The U-Scan pee sensor from Withings and the Smart Home System from Schneider offer solutions to everyday consumer problems in health care and saving energy. The HTC Vive XR Elite VR headset and the BMW I Vision Dee, with its heads-up display for augmented reality, show how new technology could be used in the car industry. In the coming year, these items are sure to be very popular.


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