Ben Ben Mini Officially Cheapest Car in China!

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Chang An’s cute little Ben Ben Mini is a super compact for city centers. When announced most of the car industry thought the new Ben Ben would cost around the same as BYD’s FO, around 31,000RMB, but Chang An surprised us all with an initial showroom price of only 29,900 rising to 46,900 RMB. Only a couple of thousand cheaper than the FO right? Well yes, but this is the retail price without discounts, the FO only reached its low price after aggressive price cuts, this could mean we see Ben Ben Mini’s leaving dealers for as little as 26,000 RMB by winter time!! I think my mountain bike cost more!

The Mini is the little brother of the Ben Ben (now Ben Ben Love) and is powered by a 1 liter 16 valve engine producing 70Hp. For more up to date Chinese car industry news visit

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  • yudi

    when it’s come to indonesia?

    • Andi

      Sorry, I have no idea.

  • bambang

    car spec ?…
    i wait come to indonesia

  • Mir Mohammad

    car price in AUD PLZ IMMEDIATELY

  • António Castro

    O veículo Mini Bem Bem, foi concebido com linhas modernas, parab~ens para o fabricante.

  • António Castro

    O veículo Mini Bem Bem, foi concebido com linhas modernas,o preço do mesmo é optimo,penso comprar vários a curto prazo, parabéns para o fabricante.