Dyson Fan Knockoff Cheaper Than You Think

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It’s Sunday and I’m in the middle of washing the clothes. In between trips to and from the washing machine I decided to pop on to Gizmodo and see what they were talking about and came across this Abiko blade-less fan article.
The article says that the Abiko is a clone/knock off of a Dyson fan, and at $223, costs nearly as much as the real thing!
No way is that lump of blade-less plastic $223! I thought, and decided to pop online. Turns out they don’t cost any where near that much. In fact if you substitute the $ sign with Chinese Yuan you ‘d be nearer the real price.
In China the Dyson fan clone is available from 270 Yuan – 500 Yuan depending on size (which  translates to roughly $37 – $70), and are available in a range of colors.

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