Genuine White iPhone 4 On the Grey Market in China!

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This week it’s all been about the iPhone 4, more specifically the elusive yet to be released (rumored to be axed) White iPhone 4. We’ve brought you pictures of a genuine white iPhone 4 complete with video and we’ve even managed to track down a photo of the much anticipated Verzion iPhone 4 (in white).

And now we’ve tracked down where you can buy yourself a White iPhone 4 in China!
A number of unofficial resellers though out China have managed to get themselves quite a stock pile of the white iPhone 4 and are selling them quite openly on the internet.

The white iPhone 4 box here has a label warning it is only meant for internal company use and not for sale!

Prices start from around 5500 Yuan ($828) and rising to nearly 8000 Yuan ($1204) for the base model 16Gb version and even higher for the 32Gb models.

These prices are well above above the official retail price of the regular black iPhone 4 in China and seem even steeper when you factor in they are running iOS 4.1 which is locked to AT&T and cannot be unlocked! (if you know differently please send a comment as it would be much appreciated).
If you want to get your hands on the white iPhone 4 before (if they are) release it head over to Taobao and search iPhone 4 白色.

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  • JO Dean

    Wow, that is truly amazing. I so want one of those!

  • sho

    In Japan, we have iPhone Doctor, which they customize or fix your iPhone. But after you use this service, Apple will not provide any customer care when you need it. So, double-edged sword…

  • china people

    还是我们中国V5吧 呵呵 天朝的悲剧

  • krizzyla

    This is the trend now so no wonder all electronic gadgets nowadays being clone.