This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

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mba knock off china full This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

Ultrabooks, superlight and ultrathin laptops with SSD hard drives are the new must have gadget, and we imagine 2012 will be ‘The Year of the Ultrabook’. Apple, started the trend with it’s Macbook Air, and recently Taiwanese company Asus followed suit with the Zenbook, but now it’s China’s turn to have a crack at the ultrabook market.

As is usually the case, China’s entry in to the ultra portable laptop race hails from Shenzhen, and also happens to be an almost detail for detail replica of the current generation Macbook Air!

fake macbook air shenzhen 300x200 This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

Shenzhen Technology L.t.d, the company behind this knock-off MBA insist that the computer is the real and is currently being tested by foreign companies as an OEM unit. Chinese consumers can expect to see this fantastic looking unibody clone on sale in November.

mba knock off china 13.3 300x89 This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

The body of the knock-off is reportedly made of a singe piece of alloy, much like the Apple Macbook air, and is a very similar size and and exactly the same weight also: 13.3 inch MBA measures 32.4cm x 22.7cm x 1.94cm and weighs 1.36kg, the Shenzhen made version measures 28cm X 21.9 X 1.8cm.

The screen on this knock off is a 13.3 inch LED model with a resolution of 1366 x 768.


mba knock off china 300x88 This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

Hardware wise the CPU is an Intel Atom Cedar Trail clocked at 1.86Ghz with 2Gb RAM and a 32GB SSD hard-drive. The battery is a 4100mAh built in unit, like the Apple MBA, but is only rated at about 3.5 hours of use.

There is also an SD card reader, built in HDMI out, plus 2 x USB!

We have no idea how much this will cost when it is finally launched, but judging by the current drop in component prices and the nature of this ultrabook we imagine a price of roughly 3000 Yuan or less ($471).

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Via: Shanzhaiben

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  • Tam

    Wow i hope android-sale gets it for shipping internationally or somewhere else, this looks great, Shenzhen quality is just getting better and better all the time

  • John

    Too good

    • Andi

      It’s fantastic isn’t it! I wouldn’t mind one as a travel computer myself! However, I would like to see the battery life improved upon. 3.5 hours isn’t quite enough.

  • Peter Arnhem

    Cool machine!

  • Jameshagerty94

    Where can I buy?