Xiaomi’s new phone to be called Mi-2

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xiaomi mi2 Xiaomis new phone to be called Mi 2 As the Xiaomi M1 continues to take China by storm rumors of the 2nd generation Xiaomi Android smartphone are beginning to emerge, and the latest just came from Xiaomi themselves.

After posting our exclusive first look at the next generation Xiaomi phone last week, complete with a rumored specification including a 12 mega-pixel rear camera, 2.5 GHZ CPY and 2.5GB RAM, we received a message from Xiaomi via Twitter.

The message says:

“@Gizchina:Haha some concepts from Mi fans or maybe…..! what is you guys’ ideas about MI-2?”

While the message neither confirms or denies the the 2nd generation Xiaomi and it’s claimed specification, the name mentioned “MI-2″ isn’t the one mentioned in our original article!

xiaomi m2 android phone concept Xiaomis new phone to be called Mi 2 Is this a slip up on Xiaomi’s part, accidentally leaking the next generation 2.5 GHZ Xiaomi’s name as the MI-2, possibly an internal codename for the next generation Android 4.0 smartphone?

Xiaomi MI-2 Specifications

  • A 4.6-inch touch screen.
  • 2.5Ghz CPU.
  • 2.5GB RAM.
  • 32GB of storage.
  • 5 mega-pixel front camera.
  • 12 mega-pixel rear camera.
  • Android Ice-cream Sandwich OS.
  • Estimated price of 2499 Yuan!

Whatever the case may be, after our first impressions with current Xiaomi M1 (Review coming later this week) we are really excited to see what the next generation Xiaomi MI-2 will have in store for us!

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