Top 6 New iPad Clones and Knock off from China!

top 6 new ipad 3 knock off from china
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top 6 new ipad 3 knock off from chinaSo the new iPad or, as we like to call it, the iPad 3, has been on sale for almost a month now, but with still no launch date for the Chinese mainland factories here have started to clone the Retina display tablet! Here are 6 of the best!

Grefu New iPad Clone

Grefu have been making knock off Apple products for sometime the most popular being a 14 inch Macbook Air clone and an iPad 2 knock off.

This iPad 3 clone features the same design as their iPad 2 Android clone, but with a larger battery and enhanced iOS look Android OS based on an Android 2.3.6 ROM!

There is also a 3G version of the 9.7 mm Grefu iPad 3 clone available too which allows the 1.2ghz Android tablet to surf the web while on the go!

new ipad 3 knock off china grefu

Low Cost New iPad clone for less than $100

This new iPad clone gets a 9.7inch screen, Via8650 CPU, 256mb RAM, 2-4GB of built in storage and even a front camera all for less than $100!

To get the price this low the factory have had to make some sacrfices, one being the Android 2.2 Froyo OS and the second being a rather small 2400 Mah battery!

low cost new ipad android tablet china

Android 4 A10 New iPad clone

Like the Grefu new iPad knock off above, this clone boasts a 9.7mm body constructed from a brushed finished alloy. Unlike the Grefu model though this version gets Android 4.0.

Keeping the latest ICS Android 4 flavor running happily is a single core Cortex A10 CPU, 1GB RAM.

There is also 16GB of built in storage, HDMI out, dual USB and front and rear cameras!

buy android 4 new ipad knock off china

IPS Screen New iPad Knock off

Like the genuine new iPad, this knock off iPad 3 has gone for an enhanced screen to win new customers, in this case a 1024 x 768 IPS unit measuring 9.7 inch.

Unfortunately this upgraded screen comes at a cost and in this case it is the overall thicker design and low end specification which features a slow, by today’s standards, 800mhz cpu!

top 6 new ipad knock off china

1Ghz New iPad Replica

This knock off is really a 1:1 replica iPad, on the outside at least. Just take a look at this fake iPad when compared to the real thing!

Again this near perfect look comes at the expensive of high end hardware as this replica iPad 3 only boasts a single core A8 cpu wth 512mb ram, but the iOS styled Android OS is great!

fake new ipad china

Windows 8 3G New iPad knock off

Not all of the latest iPad 3 clones run on Android and feature low end hardware this tablet from Shenzhen for example boasts Windows 7 and a 16GB SSD hard drive!

Built in 3G, an Korean made LG screen and 4400 mah battery complete the specification of this excellent New iPad knock off!

new ipad 3 knock off windows 8 tablet

Top 6 Knock Off New iPad’s China Gallery

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