Knock off iPad mini Smart Cover available from less than a $1 from China!

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If you haven’t already heard the news, well Apple finally announced the iPad mini! A smaller, more compact iPad for those of us who want an iPad in an easier to carry format. Well to keep the iPad mini scratch free Apple also announced an iPad mini smart cover, but you don’t need to pay Apple prices as China is selling knock-off iPad mini smart covers for less than $1!

As the iPad mini design hasn’t been much of a secret here in China (there were even dummy iPad mini’s available online which we reported here) the various cover and case factories here have had plenty of time to make a variety of covers and protectors including some knock off iPad mini Smart Covers.

knock off ipad mini smart covers on sale in china

The Chinese made iPad mini smart covers attach to the back of the mini tablet rather than with magnets (just as Apple’s version does) which offers full front and rear protection when you stow the little iPad in a bag or leave it on a table.

Various colours are available ranging from black to bright oranges, reds, blues, greens and more and they can be folded to offer support for typing and also holding the mini iPad up while watching movies.

 knock off ipad mini smart covers on sale in china

The most amazing feature of these knock-off iPad mini Smart Covers though is their super low price of less than $1! Of course this price is the factory price and at retail we can expect to pay more, but even then don’t expect these clone covers to cost more than $5-6!

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  • teja

    Apple looking so pathetic ! not going anything to their favour . Really chinese knock off manufacturers are super fast now a days releasing the copy devices before the release of original device .