Knock off iPhone 5 inspired Android tablet looks tacky!

iphone 5 clone android tablet china
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Are you disappointed the iPhone 5 only got a 4-inch display? Do you want something huge, but with the iPhone 5 ‘look’ well you are in luck as Chinese manufacturers are now making 7-inch iPhone 5 tablets!

Last year we saw the Dropad, an Android tablet with 7-inch display and the styling of the iPhone 4, now we have an updated model from another Chinese tablet maker, but this time in the guise of an iPhone 5!

The 7-inch table even uses a MTK processor meaning you can actually insert a SIM and make phone calls on this massive iPhone 5 wannabe.

There is no mention of pricing, but we don’t imagine any of you would want to buy something as tacky as this, do you?

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  • Darren

    This is just hilarious..

  • john rosales

    cant say tacky my phone still analog lol