Update: Vivo Xplay will be powered by Snapdragon 600 with 5-inch 1080 display

vivo xplay snapdragon 600
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Yesterday we broke news that a new mystery phone named the Vivo Xplay would be launching as soon as April. Initial rumours suggested this would be a MTK powered phone, but upon further digging a more impressive specification has been discovered!

As we mentioned yesterday the new Vivo Xplay, possibly a working title for the Vivo X5, will be a 5-inch 1080 HD display, however that’s about as far as yesterdays rumours got before being completely wrong.

Rather than a quad-core MT6589 CPU, it is now expected to launch with a newer and much more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor! This along with 2GB RAM, 32GB of built-in memory, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and hi quality audio chip make the Vivo Xplay a much more attractive prospect!

Pricing is still expected to be higher than most Chinese phones at 3699 Yuan ($594), but at least we can see where the extra money is being spent in the Xplay i.e the newer processor and Cirrus Logic audio technology!

Would you be tempered by a Snapdragon 600, 5-inch full HD Vivo phone?

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  • Adi

    Still to expensive but somehow makes more sense than asking this price for an MTK phone which really did not make any sense. I hope that selling price will be close to $400 , at 600 it gets into big brand name territory which for sure have a better community support at least, even if quality is the same. Maybe in a year or two this will change, but the main advantage for Chinese “unknown” phones is the price.By the way, does it have micro SD card? 32GB is good but without SD it should at least offer 64GB inside option.

    • http://iwhateverdevice.wordpress.com iwhateverdevice

      $600 is way into overpriced territory when the S4 is probably only just slightly expensive.