Poll: Neo N003 Vs iOcean X7 Vs UMi X2 Vs JiaYu G4

iOcean are getting ready to start pre-sales for the iOcean X7, Neo are and UMi are expected to release their quad-core phones this month and the JiaYu G4 is just around the corner, so which quad-core MTK Chinese phone will you buy?

iOcean X7, JiaYu G4, UMI X2 and Neo N003, these are just some of the phones we have been waiting for and release dates are just a matter of weeks away for each phone. With this in mind, we go to think which of these great MTK phones would you buy?

UMi X2

umi x2 photo samples

The UMi X2 is priced at 1499 Yuan which is higher than the figures other manufacturers have been giving us, however the UMi X2 is an all singing all dancing flagship phone with all the features we have been itching to get our hands-on! JiaYu, Neo and iOcean all have phones with similar specs, but they have been keeping quiet on cost, and have only released pricing details for their entry-level ‘Youth’ models.

Why you should buy the UMi X2?

The UMi X2 has everything on offer and the price is very respectable too! A full-hd 1080 display measuring 5-inch, 2GB RAM, a quad-core MT6589 processor and 13 mega-pixel camera are the ingredients for a killer phone.

Why you shouldn’t buy the UMi X2?

It’s more expensive than the other phones here, and we expected Neo, JiaYu and iOcean’s premium models to fall in at lower prices than the X2. Of all the phones here it’s the least attractive (at least we think so) and with the number of people complaining of cracked UMi X1 displays, we worry just how well put together the X2 is going to be.

iOcean X7

iocean x7 hands on

If everything goes according to plan, the iOcean X7 Youth will be available for pre-order from tomorrow (6th March) and at 999 Yuan ($160) it’s a feature packed bargain phone!

Why you should buy the iOcean X7

Both versions of the iOcean X7 feature a stylish Oppo Find 5 inspired body, 5-inch 1920 x 1080 full HD display, 1.2Ghz MTK6589 quad-core processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Youth version packs just 1GB RAM, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 2000mAh battery while the Premium model has 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 3000mAh battery.

Why you should buy the iOcean X7?

In our opinion the X7 is the best looking phone of the bunch, especially in white, but black looks stunning too. At 999 Yuan ($160) the Youth model should be enough phone for most people, and we the premium version should only cost a little extra.

Why you shouldn’t buy the iOcean X7?

We still don’t known how much the top of the range version of the X7 will cost, and the Youth model with 2000mAh battery, may not be able to last a full day on a single charge with that full HD display. iOcean is also one of the smaller lesser known brands even here in China, so quality and support could be an issue.

Neo N003

neo n003 quad-core mt6589

Neo have been quiet and keeping their cards much closer to their chest. We haven’t seen many leaked images of the N003, and hardware details have only just started to come to light.

Why you should buy the Neo N003?

Looking at what you get for the price, the Neo N003 is the cheapest phone here. It offers a 5-inch display, quad-core processor and 13 mega-pixel rear censor. The only differences between the youth model and premium version are the RAM and built-in storage. Both phones get a 3000mAh battery which should drive the 720HD display a great deal longer than the 1080HD panels on other phones.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Neo N003?

From a hardware perspective the only downgrade we can see is the 720HD display. We can’t comment on design as we still don’t know what the phone will look like, and quality issues seem to be null as current Neo phones seems to be well made bits of kit!

JiaYu G4

Jiayu g4 leaked photos

Not everyone is excited in the prospect of carrying around a 5-inch display, and not everyone feels 1080HD is appropriate for a mobile phone, this is where the JiaYu G4 comes in.

Why you should buy the JiaYu G4?

Great design, good specification, the option to upgrade the battery on the youth model to the 3000mAh unit from the premium, possibly the best battery life of all the phones here, great community and support, plus an English language site!

As for hardware the youth version of the G4 will get 1GB RAM, 8GB of built-in memory and 1850mAh battery, while the premium will have 2GB RAM, 32GB of memory and 3000mAh battery. Both phones have the same 4.7-inch 720HD display, 13 mega-pixel camera and Xiaomi Mi2 styling.


Neo N003 Vs iOcean X7 Vs UMi X2 Vs JiaYu G4

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Which phone are you going to buy?

With such great specs and low pricing, it’s hard to know which phone to buy, but I have to say that we have moved away from lusting after the UMi X2, and are now beginning to eye up the Neo N003 and iOcean X7. Both phones are cheaper and have similar specs and if 1080HD isn’t a priority then the Neo N003 could be the best choice for you.

The G4 is still up there too, and will likely offer better battery life than the other phones due to the low-resolution and smaller screen, plus pricing is good too!

So what do you choose the full on hardware of the UMi X2, the combination of price, style and value of the iOcean X7, the lower resolution and lower cost of the N003, or the smaller form factor of the JiaYu G4?

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