Sugar phone is the world’s first Swarovski encrusted 1080 phone!

sugar Swarovski ohone
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There are plenty of 1080 Chinese phones now on sale, but their is certainly room for something a little different, but is the Swarovski encrusted Sugar phone it?

Available from 13th August, the first phone from Sugar is quite a beast. The display is a 5-inch Sharp AVS 1920 x 1080 panel, there is a 1.5Ghz MT6589T processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory 8 mega-pixel front camera and 13 mega-pixel Sony rear!

With that impressive hardware on board plus the fact the Sugar features a Swarovski encrusted outer edge and head-phone jack blank we expect pricing is going to be pretty steep!

Sugar phones will be exclusively available from mid August on China’s JingDong mall.

  • DINO

    fuk it
    i wana knows what iocean is upto in August
    my google translation says return of the king
    Can someone tell me what it is?
    is Octa core phone???

  • Camaman

    Looks pretty tastefully done.

    Now if only there are LEDs behind those crystals… :-P

  • Indraneel

    Funny idea …mix and match does not work in tech.. this is hardly a product from vertu(would have been diamonds then). C-mon lets not turn every thing into a mixed veg curry. What will it look like if only one of the crystal drop off…I wonder