Oppo Launches International version of Color ROM for the Oppo Find 5

For those of you with Oppo Find 5 phones who aren’t really enjoying the original ROM you will be happy to know that Oppo have launched the all new Color ROM for the phone.

Color ROM (originally known as Firefly) ls now available for download and installation on international version of the Oppo Find 5. The new ROM has been developed with the help of Oppo Ambassadors and Beta Testers and features a completely redesigned look and system!

Some of the main changes in the Oppo Find 5 Color ROM include changes to the communications center, desktop center, media center, system center, tools center, live seater wallpapers, full screen widgets and a new notification experience, guest mode, handwriting mode and more.

Being a new ROM there are a few known issues including some translation errors, an issues with missing contacts after update and a problem with the ‘clear apps’ feature, but Oppo engineers are already working on fixes.

oppo color rom

Oppo have proven that they are a forward thinking Chinese phone maker and with help from their growing international fan base and forums they are quickly becoming one of the phone makers to watch!

You can get the full change log details, features list and download links from the official Oppo forums here.

Thanks to Yash for the tip.

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