Skyworth teaming up with Alibaba for $326 Android TV

cool on android smart tv
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Hot on the heals of both the Xiaomi TV and rumoured LeTV X50 comes the Skywork “Cool On” Android smart TV starting from just $326!

Anyone who has ever been to China or spent time with a Chinese family will know just how important TV is. It seems like everyone in China has a TV and everyone spends a good portion of evening the time sat in front of one each and every night!

Xiaomi and LeTV are both offering low cost Android smart TV in China, and now a third company is entering the battle for the living room!

Skyworth are already one of the larger TV makers in China, but a new collaboration with Alibaba will see the company manufacture smart TV’s running the Android based Aliyun OS under the “Cool On” brand.

3 models of TV will initially be offered starting with a 2D only 42-inch model priced at just 1999 Yuan. A mid range 3D version and 55-inch 3D model will enter the line-up too. Each version will have a 1920 x 1080 display dual-core CPU and Mali 400 GPU and will measure just 17mm.

The Cool On brand will launch on 1st October at the start of the Chinese week long Labour day holiday.

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  • hven

    tbh, i would rather have a tv box that is external rather than internal built into the tv, at least its easier and cheaper to upgrade

  • Markoff

    finally something interesting, after moving to new accommodation this will be serious candidate for my new TV

    • Andi

      You don’t fancy the Xiaomi TV or new LeTV?

      • Joao Henrique


        I will soon publish a project in kickstarter featuring, if funded, a similar product but besides tv with an android OS also adds the ability to run ubuntu out of the box in a fully integrated system.

        best regards,
        João Henrique