Xiaomi modular phone project is named ‘Magic Cube’

Xiaomi modular phone project is named ‘Magic Cube’


Earlier today we posted news that Xiaomi’s Lei Jun had admitted his company had discussed the possibility of a modular phone similar to “Project Ara” now we can reveal the name for the project, “Magic Cube”

As you can see from the images posted on Lei Jun’s Weibo account, Project “Magic Cube” is a modular phone in the same style as Motorola’s concept. Rather than having a main chassis which module can be slid in to though, Xiaomi’s Magic Cube uses brightly coloured block which snap in to place like Lego bricks. Each ‘brick’ holds a specific part of the phone be it RAM, the CPU, camera or battery.

The idea behind ‘Magic Cube” and “Project Ara” is to produce a truly future proof phone that can be easily upgraded by the end users. It remains to be seen if either concept will go on sale. Would you be interested in a modular phone?

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  • Petr Bělousov

    please make it truly modular with some kind of standard, thus allowing to choose between companies not just 3 or 4 color options

  • inch

    Lol.. So true.

    Not happening in our lifetime

  • Yup…just a copycat of Phonebloks…(Google it)

    • ipod

      Man, Phonebloks is just an idea. Xiaomi is trying to bring this idea to life, same as motorola.

      • Man, Phonebloks is indeed partnered with Motorola..not just an idea. Xiaomi has hurried up once it saw the train (phonebloks) coming.


        A Xiaomi fan.

        • Xiaolu

          May it come along with Ubuntu for phones OS-MIUI flavoured and… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

          • Yup, definitely. Without hesitation LOL

          • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

            I’d love to have a modular phone with open source android, open bootloader, open source drivers with guarantee and be able when connected to a tv to turn it like a HTPC (ahahahahah, nice dream but it might happen in the far far far future ..when I’m dead that is :P)

        • ipod

          Yes, we can say something like that – “partnered”. But Phonebloks is just “one man army”, who created this idea.

  • werewolfc

    true … true… but the display, batery, camera are modular!… so it is a start.

    • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

      Don’t be a fool mate. Putting an average 4core processor with an average camera can work with full hd screen anyday!

      I don’t say it will play all games but basic display capability is way easier than you think. Cameras can have an internal cpu chip to deal with the load(yes it will be more expensive) so everything can be sorted out

      P.S. Although for 1080p video an average 4core cpu is more than enough

      • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

        Oh dear..

        So let me put it once again. AN AVERAGE CPU is more than enough to power a 1080p screen(AVG might be a 1.2GHz 4 core cpu which is not the most powerful cpu but it will do)

        Happy? no go to your cave 😀

        • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

          Look and read double time what I’ll write:

          An average MID-2013 cpu and a MID-2013 gpu are MORE than capable of handling 1080p resolution just for displaying

          If you are incapable of comprehending that then I feel sorry for you.

          Again MID class = capable of 1080p display(might not be the best for games but we’re just talking about display to a specific res)

          P.S. Now continue your BS..

  • Xiaolu

    I see a huge base of users that would leap in that direction, but we NEED a standard to make it real. Here Motorola has to think twice their next movement… it would be great to see them partnering with Xiaomi (at least creating a standard together, as they are the first ones in this move).

  • rene

    i would like a phone with a intel chip with a windows or linux os so ican update my phone myself and do not have to wait for the manufaturer to provide a new update

  • liljohn

    i want a miphone powered by intel’s 14nm broadwell cpu + nvidia’s 14nm tegra 6
    super powerful and efficient!
    so many great achievements were initiated by a small ‘silly’ impossible dream !

  • Anna69

    Only for China supposed?

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.


    Phone blocks by Dave Hakkens.


    (all others are copycats)

    P.S. So the Author of this article should revise the article. BTW I don’t really care as long as I can have one! 😀