Xiaomi modular phone project is named ‘Magic Cube’

Earlier today we posted news that Xiaomi’s Lei Jun had admitted his company had discussed the possibility of a modular phone similar to “Project Ara” now we can reveal the name for the project, “Magic Cube”

As you can see from the images posted on Lei Jun’s Weibo account, Project “Magic Cube” is a modular phone in the same style as Motorola’s concept. Rather than having a main chassis which module can be slid in to though, Xiaomi’s Magic Cube uses brightly coloured block which snap in to place like Lego bricks. Each ‘brick’ holds a specific part of the phone be it RAM, the CPU, camera or battery.

The idea behind ‘Magic Cube” and “Project Ara” is to produce a truly future proof phone that can be easily upgraded by the end users. It remains to be seen if either concept will go on sale. Would you be interested in a modular phone?

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