Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, 4G LTE, 64-Bit, NFC, Triple-SIM, coming to $150 devices!

snapdragon 410
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Qualcomm have announced their 64-Bit chipset, but rather than being a high-end SoC, the Snapdragon 410 is aimed at entry-level phones and emerging market, basically right where Mediatek don’t want them!

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, announced today, is an all new SoC scheduled to go in to production and found in phones by the second half of next year. The 64-Bit, 28nm SoC is a feature packed piece of kit with multi-band LTE support, Adreno 306 GPU, dual and triple SIM support, 1080 video, up to 13MP cameras, GPS, GLONASS, WIFI, Bluetooth and NFC!

The announcement comes just moments after rumours that Mediatek’s 8-core 4G LTE chipset, the MT6595 will launch at around the same time sporting similar features! However, Mediatek’s processor will undoubtedly be found primarily in Android devices where as the Snapdragon 410 is targeted at Android, Windows and Firefox OS phones with price tags for $150 up!

Which would you prefer in your next phone? A Qualcomm LTE or Mediatek LTE chip?

[ GizChina.it, via Engadget ]

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  • furax

    mediatek is more interestinbg for me

  • Ace

    Qualcomm finally realized they need to beat mediatek at their own game.

    A dualcore cortex a53 like this will blow away mediatek’s 8 core.
    The problem lies with the adreno 306 though. It’s only going to be as good as the GPU, and qualcomm has the habit of mutilating otherwise fine chipsets with awful GPUs. ( like the adreno 205)

    • rish

      cortex a53 is not that powerful.. it supports arm v8 intructions and is 64 bit.. it comes close to a cortex a9 in performance.. but this will be only 1.2 ghz so comparing mediatek 6592 vs snapdragon 410 .. 6592 wins.. cortex a57 is the power beast .. regarding gpu mali 450 mp4 in 6592 is faster than adreno 305 by 60 – 70 % .. by looking at the number upgrade from 305 to 306 things don’t look promising but who knows… well this chip will arrive in 2h of 2014 by that time expect quad core cortex a12 from mediatek

      • oceanseamasterebay

        Exactly my thoughts.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Gonna go with Mediatek,Qualcomm don’t do low end too well.

    • highwind

      Me too

      Especially since Mediateks LTE chips will most likely hit the market much sooner than “second half of 2014″ and I dont need 64bit at all.

      • toioioio

        thing is mtk chips are not that operational,when qualcomm are solid.

        • Allanitomwesh

          Keep telling yourself that…

          • toioioio

            its not a matter of wishfull thinking but of reality.
            Most chinese mtk phones had/have huge problems

            • highwind

              which you can surely prove with reliable statistics, right?

            • toioioio

              a look at phone maker’s forums prove it.
              Especially the gps issue,needs no proving.
              They do sell because they are refering to high populated,~poor regions.

            • highwind

              a look at “phone makers forums” will prove that customers of all brands and chipsets have all kind of problems with something…
              google search for “mediatek problems” gives 35 million hits
              gps issue is not a mediatek issue (most zopo phones for example work just well in that regard) but an issue with lowcost/poor production antenas in cheap chinese phones.

              selling to high populated and poor regions is better than not selling, isnt it?
              growing 20% per year is better than growing 5% per year, right?

              if you dont like mediatek simply dont buy it but stop spreading bullshit-statements like “mediatek chips are not operational”… it just makes you look stupid.

            • toioioio

              im not buying,till proven operational,that is.
              And this why ppl keep asking for reviews for the new p998 for eg and especially gps.
              Gps issue was not because of antenna,the ZTE manifastation proved it(they used different gps chip)

            • Allanitomwesh

              Most,not all.

  • peter

    whats glonass ?

    • Zerdus

      Russian GPS

      • sam

        russia has glonass covering much of the world now, no satellites over america of course but most other places. Handy if gps is shutdown due to a war.

  • Eduardo Melo

    It is war, but I think price maybe an illegal way of fight.

  • Mani

    If qualcomm does this and Mediatek don’t take it seriously, then sure we will see qualcomm rise again. Performance loving people like u & me, understand the difference in the performance. Just imagine Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Zopo etc launch a 8core phone at low cost with qualcomm chip, the masses will go with it.

    Right move Qualcomm…

  • 80rrego

    This kinds of moves was expected since the launch of the Moto G, a mid-high cheap smartphone with qualcomm processor

    • 80rrego

      And also, are going to be the first experiments with the 64bits without compromissing the top brands

  • Roberto Tomás

    I like them both. Qualcomm is probably my favorite america tech company right now.

  • Alex

    Very interesting conversation/discussion going on here…