Rumour: Meizu to announce partnership with Canonical?

meizu mx3 Canonical rumour ces
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Rumours are just in that Meizu might have a special something up their sleeve in the way of a partnership with Canonical at CES!

Details are very thin on the ground and all we have to go on are these spy photos of the Meizu MX3 running a version of Ubuntu Phone. The idea of Meizu teaming up to work on a Linux phone might sound odd, but the Zhuhai based phone maker have been making some grand moves over the past few weeks and rumours of a high-end Ubuntu phone have been churning out of the rumour mill for some time.

meizu Canonical 3

CES will be used as the lunch platform for Meizu to enter the US market, Meizu have also recently entered Italy and are thought to launch their phones in other markets soon.

What do you think of a Meizu manufactured Canonical Linux phone? We’re pretty excited!

  • René Weishaupt

    That’s what canonical needs… a manufacturer that put’s Ubuntu phone as factory OEM. Mayba dualboot with Android? Anyways i’m interested.

  • Bern

    The main reason behind me purchasing an 8 core phone is to allow ubuntu to multitask as a desktop replacement. Very interested in this news

    • PeterPan

      Just maybe that is the first and only good reason I’ve heard for octa-core SoC’s! Ubuntu for phones distributes the workload of different applications on different cores then I guess? Interesting.

  • manohar basavaraju

    Meizu think always in a new way !

  • Xiaolu

    Sounds good, but I believe that to run a full ubuntu desktop on your phone (by docking it and connecting to a display + keyboard + mouse) you need 4GB RAM are needed, so a 64 bits CPU should be on the way… Who knows?

    Maybe they’re starting with a “normal” Android dual boot smartphone, that could be alright just to start with… maybe I’ll be in, depending on price/specs, but there’s a high chance for me to pick one!

  • inez blafla

    link to IT site awaiting moderator’s approval, meanwhile here it is with spaces – looks pretty convincing if it is a fake…

    h t t p : // w w w . m e i z u . i t /