Red Chili Phone aims to make living tough for Hongmi, Honor 3C with $115 price tag

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As expected, more and more local Chinese players are looking to make it big on the low-cost quad-core war, initiated by the Xiaomi Hongmi.

Hong La Jiao Phone aka Red Chili Phone is what we’ll be talking about this time. Priced $115 in China, the phone targets the obvious candidates for the perfect budget quad-corer — the Xiaomi Hongmi and Huawei Honor 3C, both of which are priced around the $130 mark in China. The Red Chili Phone goes one step further in cutting costs — the device comes with a very pretty-looking $115 price tag.

Hong La Jiao Phone Red Chili Phone aims to make living tough for Hongmi, Honor 3C with $115 price tag

This budget-friendly device comes with (you guessed it) the Mediatek MT6582, the latest fad in the budget quad core world. While the Honor 3C comes with the same processor, Xiaomi’s Hongmi features the MT6589T which according to some is the better one among the two. Other specifications of the Red Chili Phone include a 5-inch 720p display, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front-facer and a 1900mAh battery.

Hong La Jiao Phone benchmark score 2 1024x640 Red Chili Phone aims to make living tough for Hongmi, Honor 3C with $115 price tag

Like most other MT6582 phones, the Red Chili Phone manages about 17,000 AnTuTu points. At $115, the device does look like a bargain. However, availability among other factors will play a major role in determining the device’s success.


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  • Carl

    I will wait for GSM/WCMDA specs.

    • mfmx

      Yep, the Honor 3C is WCDMA 2100 MHz only (like Honor 3 Outdoor) so it will be uninteresting to lots of potential buyers outside China…

      • Simon

        The frequency works in the UK, so it will be of interest to Brits ;)

        • mfmx

          Yes it “works” pretty much everywhere in Europe, just not as good as it could have. In the UK O2 and Vodafone use 900 MHz WCDMA, and many other operators in Europe use it too. I assume this means that Huawei has no interest in releasing 3C outside China.

          • Simon

            Good to know, thanks.

  • John Gass

    With so many phones appearing with such similar specs, I’m sure that price will be a primary factor when it comes to prospective customers choosing what to purchase but the second big difference that seems to be emerging is the battery capacity… Why would I buy a phone with a 1900 mAh battery when, for a broadly similar price, I could get one with a 2500 mAh battery, especially when early reports seem to say that MT6582 phones aren’t always showing the long run times that were expected?

    • mfmx

      Also both Honor 3C and Hongmi has compass and noise cancelling extra microphones. It would be easy for a competitor to omit these to cut costs and many potential customers wouldn’t know the difference.

      • bryan

        i m waiting for 3c

  • Anonymous

    It is ching chang chong phone

    • Oz

      Stop racist rambling!

      • Anonymous

        Not racist

    • bryan

      ahh this must be Motorola

      them cowboys
      yerrr all Idiots.