Huawei working on a new 2K phone

huawei mwc 2014
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With Vivo and next Oppo offering phones with 2K displays, it is no wonder that phone giant Huawei are considering the tech for their next device.

Chinese manufacturers have a love affair with the latest hardware so it comes as no surprise that China is at the forefront of screen technology. While phones with 2K 2560 x 1440 resolution displays are far from mainstream it is becoming the trend for flagship devices.

The next company rumoured to offer a 2K display is Chinese giant Huawei. Apparently the phone will be the next instalment of the D series phones, likely the Huawei Ascend D3. Leaked specifications include a 5-inch 2K display with a pixel density of 587ppi, a 2.0Ghz octacore HiSilicon K3V3 processor and is reported to cost around $600.

The new D series phone will launch in September, just ahead of the the Xiaomi Mi4’s release date.

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  • antidumb

    do with a57 architecture to your next chipset please, a15 is getting obsolete, except your device is very cheap

  • Dave Weinstein

    I still remember from 2 years ago when their CEO when showing off a 1080p 6″ device in Guangzhou and asking us to be patient and wait for the release. At the time they were trying to deflect people from purchasing a Find 5.

    When it shipped it was a 720p screen. Trust lost for all time.

    They can scream “2K” from the rooftops all day long, but I think they’ll never ship it.