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2K display

Many years ago, Apple leads the smartphone market in terms of innovation and other follow. The company is usually the first to roll out a …

MiniBook X

Recently, Chuwi launched their next MiniBook iterative product – the MiniBook X model. It’s a strengthened and upgraded version, that they have been working on …

Apparently, Elephone aren’t done with comparing the upcoming Elephone S8 to the super popular Xiaomi Mi MIX. So, today they’re comparing their handset on the …

Elephone won’t stop hyping up their soon launching Elephone S8 and after releasing some photos of the Golden Elephone S8, they have just uploaded a …

Better late than never, I guess. OnePlus 5 rumors are beginning to increase in numbers and… importance as the days come by and today is …

Since we’ve got some time in between Xiaomi announcements – and we’re waiting for the Mi 6 unveiling – let’s talk about a true flagship …

It’s been almost 9 months after the official launch date of the impressive Honor Note 8 phablet (image below) and now it seems that the …

Vernee Apollo Review

The Vernee Apollo claims to be the best OnePlus 3(T) alternative on the market, but is it up to the task? Let’s find out in our review!

Sporting a 6.6-inch display the Huawei Mate 8 looks set to be a monster of a phone but not only that one of the first Huawei devices with a 2K display.

The original Chuwi HiBook is an interesting midrange 2in1 tablet with goodies like full metal body, dualboot Windows 10/Android 5.1 or interesting optional magnetic docking …

gree phone 2 launched

Gree have been a part of the smartphone landscape for only a short time, but they are already at a point where they feel comfortable competing with the big boys and have launched an all singing and dancing Snapdragon 820 flagship.

Huawei G9

Speaking on Weibo, Huawei head honcho Yu Chengdong has spoken out against the use of 2K displays and how they are a ‘waste’.

elephone vowney photos samples

I’ve been packing the Elephone Vowney with me since it arrived for our review, and I’ve snapped a few sample photos and video with the …

elephone vowney 2k hands on 1

The Elephone Vowney has arrived for New Year! Keep reading to see my Elephone Vowney first impressions and watch our unboxing video.

letv le2 helio x20

In a surprising turn of events, it is Oukitel who are claiming to have one of the first Mediatek Helio X20 waiting in the ranks.

vivo x6 force touch

Vivo continue to tease their Vivo X6 smartphone, and a new image points to possible force touch inclusion.


Nexus phones haven’t been officially sold in China (although they can be bought from grey markets) but at least now Chinese phone consumers can but the Nexus 6 under a new name.

We didn’t want to keep you waiting too long so after a long search for a stable internet connection I have finally been able to upload our Meizu MX4 Pro hands on video.

Its a great day for Meizu MX4 Pro news as leaked images of the chassis follow confirmation the device will have a 2K display.

meizu mx4 pro

Meizu’s 2014 flagship will be on show in a few weeks at an official launch in China, but the powerhouse has already been strutting its stuff on GFXbench.