Elephone Vowney Photos and Video Samples

elephone vowney photos samples

I’ve been packing the Elephone Vowney with me since it arrived for our review, and I’ve snapped a few sample photos and video with the rear 21 mega-pixel camera check them out here.

Elephone’s Vowney packs a lot of hot hardware in to one device. Upfront there is a 5.5-inch 2K display, there is a fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM, Mediatek Helio X10 chipset, 32GB memory, 4000mAh battery and decent cameras.

Over the past few days I’ve snapped a few photos in bright sunlight and during the night, plus a short video to see if the rear Sony IMX230 21 mega-pixel camera is working how it should. The results are below.

Elephone Vowney Daylight Photo Samples

Elephone Vowney Night Photos Samples

Photos taken in the rain at night.

Elephone Vowney Video

Note: Towards the end of the video the exposure changes, this is because I touched the display changing the focus and exposure point

Elephone Vowney camera conclusion

elephone vowney 2k hands on 1

Elephone have given the Elephone Vowney a sorted 21 mega-pixel camera from Sony, but I didn’t really expect the performance to be as good as it has been. We’ve seen decent camera’s on Elephone phones in the past which have suffered poor optimisation and lenses, but the Vowney is working better right out of the box.

Daylight photos are a surprise and the level of detail and the colour reproduction is far beyond what I expected the Vowney to be capable of. Night images are good too, but the camera does slow down a lot when there is less light about. To get the images I shot here required a second or so for the camera to focus, capture and save, where as photos shot in good bright conditions are snapped and saved almost instantly.

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I hope Elephone keep optimising the camera software to improve low-light speed, and I also hope to see some added features and changes to the camera app. For example I can’t seem to find the promised slow motion video feature, and the stock camera app is just your standard Android camera. A sensor this good could really shine with additional features.

Overall I am quite impressed with the image quality from the Elephone Vowney camera, but after seeing the samples above do you guys agree?

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