LeEco Le Max 2 announced with Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM No...

LeEco Le Max 2 announced with Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM No headphone jack!

letv lepro 2 launch

LeEco have launch the new Le Max 2 today with a new design, Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM. Here are the details.

Packing a whopping 6GB RAM, 64GB memory and a Snapdragon 820, the latest smartphone from LeEco could be the device to give the Vivo Xplay 5 a run for its money in the hardware race.

LeEco announced the Le Max 2 earlier today with an updated alloy body they call “no border ID 3.0” which has resulted in a 5.7-inch smartphone that is shorter than the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S.

leeco le pro 2 launch

This being a flagship phone, LeEco have pulled out all the stops with a 2K 515ppi display, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM (a 4GB RAM model will be available too), 64GB memory, and 21 mega-pixel rear camera (F2.0 IMX230), with OIS. Like similar phones the Le Max 2 also supports Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 too.

leeco le pro 2 launch

The new phone has a larger rear camera sensor to previous LeTV phones, it also has a rear fingerprint scanner (similar to the Le1s and LeMax) plus a more rounded profile which should help the phone feel comfortable in the hand. The LED flash is a dual tone model, but we don’t see any laser focus on the phone.

leeco le pro 2 launch

Other details include a 3100mAh battery, 8 mega-pixel front camera, Android 6.0 based ROM, and oddly no 3.5mm headphone jack! Instead the phone comes with a USB type C audio headphone adapter instead.

leeco le pro 2 launch

Pricing for the Le Max 2 isn’t that bad compared to other launches this year with a price of 2499 Yuan, but does the lack of headphone jack put you off?

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  • realjjj

    Wish they would stop showing it only in pink, it’s hideous.
    There are 3 versions for this one.
    2099CNY (325$) with 4GB RAM and 32GB NAND
    2299CNY (355.5$) for 64GB NAND
    6GB RAM and 64GB NAND version priced at 2499CNY (386$)
    There is an IR blaster , no microSD , no 3.5mm (but they do include an adapter), nasty black borders, 156.8×77.6×7.99mm , 185g
    And the best news is that it supports a bunch of bands , including B20. http://www.lemall.com/le_max2.html?alys_id=head

    FDD-LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/25/26
    WCDMA: B1/2/5/8; TD-SCDMA: B34/39; EVDO: BC0/BC1
    GSM:2/3/5/8; CDMA: BC0/BC1

    • Jakub

      Are you sure that there are going to be black borders? In MAX 1 borders were almost non existent but still pretty ugly. Didn’t they fixed it with this “borderless 3.0”

      • realjjj

        up brightness if needed to better see the borders for the Max http://imgcdn.anzhuo.cn/post/2016-04-19/ea4cab90-0612-11e6-ac92-ef6123c4e15d.jpg

        • Jakub

          I hope it proves not to be legit because it would disqualifie this phone in my eyes. :/

          • Sadly yes

            • Jakub

              That really looks worse than in max one. Are you sure?

            • That’s a screenshot from a hands on video, so it’s legit


            • realjjj

              thanks for the video, i forgot to search for some of that.

            • Flippin bezels man…

            • realjjj

              Same as the MI5 and LeEco does offer much better value with a bigger screen, 1440p, 4GB and a proper SD820.They also support a lot of bands with this one.
              Too bad they got no microSD on their new line , can’t even consider buying any of their devices.

            • I think it was a pretty solid launch.
              No sd card would be fine with 64gb built in storage, sadly, for me the battery is too small again, especially with qhd screen models. Oh well…
              BTW, curious about the ZUK Z2 launch tomorrow.

            • realjjj

              They made it ok with the price. We’ll see what Zuk does but it seems 3 and 4GB, hope no SD820 Lite.

            • The search for a perfect phone continues;)

            • Joel Adames

              Yup!!! Keep them coming!!!

            • Next in line to assess, ZUK Z2 tomorrow.

            • Joel Adames

              I have a bad feeling about that one… We will see.

            • Damn, don’t jinx it man…

            • Joel Adames

              Yes, no point using an sd820 and going “”LITE”” on it, i mean what the He…!!

    • greg

      I can access the link is still up ?

      • realjjj

        Works ok for me.

  • Guaire

    Did anyone really think price is not that good by any means?

    Prices of those latest LeEco phones are best without question.

    • realjjj

      So far they do have the best prices no doubt. For the 2 and 2 Max at least as the Pro is less value than the 2 – 300 extra CNY for the x20 version of the Pro with 1GB of extra RAM and a cam upgrade is not a cheap upgrade.

    • Roberto Tomás

      it is a huge phone with 6 gb ram and the most expensive processor in mobile right now.

      — for me, I wish it was a 4GB phone with usa-4g at the same price.. but not, it isnt hard to imagine this thing at $400 selling well

  • Danny H.

    The prices are good but there’s a few compromises to think about. No headphone jack, no microsd, and most importantly, no big battery. Software support outside of China is another issue as well. I’ll look forward to seeing what ZUK has in store for tomorrow then.

  • Kiran

    Looking forward to LeSEE #LeSupercar

  • Muhammad Yasir

    wait … how teh FOCK are we supposed to use headphones…
    please dont say “USB port” !

    • Joel Adames

      USB support…. (‘).(‘)

      • Muhammad Yasir


        • Joel Adames

          Is like if they were all purposely looking to flaw the devices…

          • Muhammad Yasir

            yes. … EXACTLY !
            so close YET so far from Perfection !

            only Perfect phone , so far is the RN3 pro !

  • Joel Adames

    Those are some huge bezels … MUG3NHC posted a video down below go and see.
    Anyways, it being a sd820 battery is OK for a full day, more is always welcomed, I do hope 2 very important things are true:
    A. International full network and OS versions.
    B. Bluetooth HI-FI AUDIO if there is such thing. As using an adapter is not my favorite cup of tea.

  • Joel Adames

    CRAAAAAAP !!!!



    we would be OK with battery at 3300 it shows intent
    We would be OK with some headphone jack, and painted bezels (they could have used it just like a design change…. Oh well.

  • What a damn disappointment!

    They superseded the Max Pro with this 5.7″ nonsense without ever bringing out the 6.33″ device they promised. Lame. Bullshit. Disingenuous. Plain old liers.

    I’ve been waiting since January for them to ship the 6.33″ Max Pro, and clearly it’s just not going to ever be.

    LeTV (or LeECO, or whatever you’re calling yourself these days), I’ve lost interest in your products. Please take note, don’t bait and switch, and don’t lie to your customers.

  • Brooklyn701

    3000mAh and 2K Screen means good night at midday…. LOL no way… not even for free. Honestly if they go for such specs then they can at least invest into a very compact 4500 mAh battery

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Hah 3100mah for the Max? Come on, I bet it’s the same 3000mah battery from the other 2 variants of the phone. 5.7″, high resolution display and a fast cpu that means this phone won’t pass the 4-4.5h SOT mark.

  • Assefa Hanson

    headphone jacks are SUPPPER OLLLD technology im surprised the port still exists today, im for the no headphone jack movement, people dont like change but everyone complaining will eventually have to accept it

    • King

      They need to move the type C charger on top of the phone then. For reasons known to me yet, i prefer the headphone jack on top.

    • hak

      how do you listen to music if you were charging the battery on-the-go? Unless there is USB Audio routing, ie, digital audio… there’s absolutely not reason to remove the 3.5mm audio jack! If you have an AUX cable in your car, then you’re even screwed!!

      • Assefa Hanson

        multiport usb, or blue tooth, wireless charging? magnetic charging

      • Cleveland Stamps

        One word “Bluetooth”!

  • Ionut Johnny

    I like the looks but why they downgraded to 5.7 from 6.33?

  • HongKongJoe

    This is new so lets start with correct name. So what is it called the Le Max 2 (Andi )or the Le 2 Max ( Yash Garg ). Or is it 2 different phones. what happened the one released in Jan ’16. Its never been heard of since.

  • Rodrigo De L Cas

    hi Guys! need some help to choose my next smartphone. I’m among Letv Max2, Mi5 and One Plus2. i’m looking for a phablet with 5’5 or 6′, high resolution 2k and high pixel density. Also need to use it on my TV and high audio quality.