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Dave Weinstein is a former Silicon Valley Entrepreneur now living in Hong Kong. Dave splits his time between working at a new HK based startup, speaking at technology events, and writing for Previously, Dave with the US editor for in addition to a several year stint as Senior Partner managing the Beijing office of a technology focused Australian investment bank. Dave has founded 3 startup companies and been a senior executive for several other throughout his career in Silicon Valley and Asia.

Update Oppo Find 5 Hands on: Is Oppo attempting to steal Android?

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oppo find 5 hands on

Last month we published as story about how Alibaba was attempting to strip Google’s presence out of Android, to effectively steal the OS from Google in the form of their Aliyun OS. Our article then included quotes from Andy Rubin at Google regarding their views on “stealing” Android.

ZTE Announces V81 8″ Dual Core 3G Tablet

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The Post-CES/Pre-MWC gap is a notoriously slow period for news, but yesterday ZTE announced their upcoming V81 8″ Tablet. While pricing and availability have yet to be announced, we’re left scratching our heads as to the low end specs. The device has an 8″ 1024×768 display, dual-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB memory, 4GB storage, 3700mAh battery, […]

Huawei announces MediaQ M310 Android Set-top Box

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In the wake of Huawei’s CES grandstanding with their Ascend Mate, Ascend P2 and Ascend D2 Android smartphones, Huawei has announced a new member of their MediaQ set-top box line. What’s notable about Huawei’s new M310 device is their use of their own HiSilicon K3V2 quad-core ARM-9 processor. The device sports 1GB of RAM and 4GB of […]

Zopo Leader Max (ZP950): Hands On

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zopo zp950 hands on hero

While in Shenzhen’s Huaqiang Lu today, we had a chance to check out the Zopo factory store,  and we actually touched and used the new Leader Max ZP950 phone. The phone’s large 5.7″ screen is bright and vibrant, and overall, the build quality seems very good. The Leader Max (ZP950) is avaible now, and was […]

Tactus’ Tactile Layer™ Technology Adds Raised Buttons to Existing Touchscreens

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Anybody that reads knows that we love Android devices. Not surprising considering that most of the Chinese manufacturers that we cover make Android devices. But there are still a few staff members here that remember the days when we had the beautiful keyboards on our old Blackberry devices. Well the clever folks at Tactus […]

ZTE Confirms Firefox OS Phone coming in 2013

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It’s been a busy season for ZTE, they’ve impressed us with the announcement of two stellar devices, the Nubia Z5, and the ZTE Grand S, Not to mention the rumors of the upcoming Nubia Z7 superphone!

SkyCross Unveils 12-band Tunable Antenna for Multiband 4G LTE! And It’s awesome!

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In the old days (i.e. as recently as 2009), in most markets mobile carriers belligerently locked their phones so you couldn’t use the devices you paid for on any network but their own. Over time, government stepped in and some jurisdictions asked (for  example, Hong Kong) and many jurisdictions forced (i.e. America) carriers to unlock their phones either. In […]

Will Google reveal the Asus Qube at CES?

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As we look back on 2012 there were a lot of technologies that seems like safe bets that just didn’t make it to market. One of the big 2012 disappointments was Smart TV products from Google and Apple. Fortunately for us, if the rumor mill, Google and the FCC spy reports are to be believed, we may […]

Alibaba’s Aliyun OS Smartphone Rumored to be Shipping Soon.

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alibaba aliyun lephone with dual-core snapdragon CPU

Yesterday, the Chinese language tech blogs were abuzz with rumors that Alibaba was near to announcing a new flagship device that will ship before the Chinese New Year.