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Give your Xiaomi Redmi an iPhone makeover with tempered glass Xiaocase

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xiaomi redmi xiaocase

I think we can all agree that the Xiaomi Redmi was never a great phone in terms of style, so why not give it an iPhone makeover with the Xiaocase.

Everything you need to know at the Mediatek MT6595 processor

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Mediatek are currently trailing Qualcomm in the LTE processor race, but not for long! Here are full specifications and everything you need to know about the Mediiatek MT6595.

Xiaomi release an easy way to install MIUI apps on a non MIUI device

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xiaomi system app

The Xiaomi System app brings the MIUI UI and certain features and services to non Xiaomi Android devices!

Geeksoft Claims Fix For Android KitKat SD Card Woes

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Android 4.4 SD Card Problems

Android KitKat 4.4.2 brought with it some restrictions on external SD card usage, now File Expert developers Geeksoft claims to have a fix.

The Meizu Box an obvious fan made concept, but a cool idea

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meizu box

Apple has one, Xiaomi has one and this is what it would look like if Meizu made their very own Meizu Box Android STB.


China Unicom Huawei Ascend P6 Android KitKat updated officially released

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huawei ascend p6s

The WCDMA version of the popular Huawei Ascend P6 receives an official taste of KitKat with a new Android 4.4.2 firmware update.

CyanogenMod 11s for the OnePlus One Spotted in Screenshots!

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Leaked screenshots show a redesigned CyanogenMod 11S for the OnePlus One flagship smartphone!

First look: Neo M1 5.99mm super slim, Sony Camera equipped phone

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neo leo poppy android phone

Neo are working on their own quad-core MT6582 mid-range Android smartphone which could possibly be named the Ne0 M1 with, Gorilla glass display, dual Sony cameras and slim design.

Mediatek MT6595 benchmarks spotted on GFX Bench

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gfx bench mt6595

Mediatek’s new MT6595 octacore processor has shown up in the popular graphics benchmarks database GFX Bench.

RK3288 powered Pipo lineup of tablets coming soon

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Pipo has been among the fastest rising Chinese tablet manufacturers, ever since the company hit it off with dual-core RK3066 tablets in 2012.

OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

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OnePlus logo

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Leef Access brings microSD support to any Android smartphone!

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Many have suffered due to lack of storage on their Android smartphone which lacks storage expansion features. However, this nifty little tool aims to solve this crisis and doesn’t cost much!

2nd Generation Geak smartwatch spotted

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geak smartwatch 2

Chinese start-up Geak are working on their newest piece of wearable tech, the 2nd generation Geak smartwatch.

Why Mediatek don’t share source code, and why they should!

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scumbag mediatek

Mediatek are in the headlines again for keeping the source code for the Omate Truesmart watch to themselves, but the problems run deeper than that.

Moto 360, Motorola’s first ever smartwatch launched

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Who says smartwatches need to look like 1980′s Casio watches? The Moto 360 is as elegant and stylish as they come!

Samsung SM-G9098, an Android-powered, premium-looking flip phone headed to China!

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While the demand for flip phones might have died down in most markets of the world, the Chinese (among other Asian markets) still seem to have a bit of flip-phone hunger left in them.

Xiaomi’s MIUI now supports tablets; Nexus 7 gets to be the first adopter

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Xiaomi’s super-popular MIUI (pronounced ‘me-you-eye’) is all set to start a new journey altogether thanks to it now having support for tablets.

Will Flappy Bird be able to fly again?

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Dong Nguyen, developer of the uber-popular and often criticized Flappy Bird app, when asked about the return of Flappy Bird app stores said “I’m considering it”. What are we to make of this?

Video: Pete Lau interviewed, speaks about the OnePlus One and OnePlus in general

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OnePlus is what is going on in many a smartphone fan’s mind of late. Only recently, the company announced that their yet to be released OnePlus One will feature a 3100mAh battery along with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 that was announced earlier.

Xiaomi Mi3 Launches In Singapore Today

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xiaomi mi3 singapore

Starting in just a few hours, at noon Singapore time on March 7th, Xiaomi will begin selling its flagship Mi3 phone to Singapore customers.