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Phone news that didn’t make the headlines: Week 4

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ulefone finger print scanner

Here’s this weeks round up of news bites that didn’t make the headlines.

Update:JiaYu S3 arriving on Monday – First impressions coming as soon as it arrives!

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jiayu s3

Great news this morning, as the delivery of our JiaYu S3 has been confirmed and the phone is winging its way to us I type.

White UMi Zero spied in Shenzhen subway station

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white umi zero

A white UMi Zero has been once again spotted, this time undergoing testing in Shenzhen.

Purported Huawei Kirin 950, Snapdragon 820 details revealed

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Chinese analysts have hit Weibo today with breaking news of Huawei’s and Qualcomm’s next generation processors.

IUNI earphones feature novel twist adjustment

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iuni earphones

IUNI, better known for their Android phones, have released a pair of earphones with unique twist to adjust feature.

Leaked roadmap reveals MT6795 details and shows new 20nm chip in the making

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mediatek 20nm

Mediatek’s 64bit processors are the talk of the town this year, with many exciting phone sporting the new hardware, but Mediatek are already looking further down the road.

Great News: TENAA reveal the Xiaomi Mi Note supports FDD-LTE and TD-LTE

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xiaomi mi note hands on photos

Xiaomi fans living outside of China can today breath a sigh of relief as you won’t have to wait months for a compatible LTE version of the Mi Note to launch, as they all will!

OnePlus 2 rumours, 5.5-inch retained but boost resolution and performance

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oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

Purported specifications claim OnePlus 2 will retain a large display, but a second phone could be offered to fans of smaller devices.

This is what the 64bit Zopo ZP720 Focus looks like in the flesh!

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zopo zp720 focus

Zopo may have lost it’s mojo recently, but they are still playing the game with the launch of the new 64bit Zopo ZP720 Focus. Here are the first real photos of the new mid-range phone.

Xiaomi Mi Note Benchmarks are in and they are pretty good

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xiaomi mi note hands on photos

After today’s launch, Xiaomi had a number of Xiaomi Mi Note phones for press and fans to play around with and as usual someone managed to run Antutu on the new device.

Meizu MX4 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – Which do you choose?

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With Xiaomi’s new large screen phone launched, lets see how both version square off against the flagship Meizu MX4 Pro.

Mi Box Mini, super tiny Android TV box launched!

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mi box mini

The final launch item from today’s Xiaomi announcement was the Mi Box Mini, an impressively tiny little Android TV box that will cost only 199 Yuan!

Antutu report Meizu MX4 was the highest scoring phone for 2014

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meizu mx4 antutu

Benchmarking application Antutu, have reported their top devices for 2014 with the Mediatek powered Meizu MX4 taking 1st place.

Rear shell for 5-inch Meizu m1 mini spy photo

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meizu m1 mini

We think it is pretty safe to assume that Meizu are launching a 5-inch m1 mini phone to complement the larger 5.5-inch note. Here is the latest spy photo along with more details.

Mediatek’s 64bit chips: Everything you need to know about the MT6795, MT6752 and MT6732

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mediatek hero

Mediatek have brought 64bit processing down to a point that everyone can enjoy the benefits, but just what are the differences between the MT6795, MT6752 and MT6732? Keep reading to find out.

Elephone P6000 price cut to $159.99, plus this code will save you another $10

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elephone p6000 benchmarks

Talk about passing your savings on! Elephone got in contact today to tell us that the second batch of P6000 will get a price cut and that they are offering another $10 off to GizChina readers.

Launched: Zopo Focus ZP720 is an all new 64bit Zopo Mid-range phone

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zopo focus zp720

Don’t get the old Zopo ZP720 mixed up with the new Zopo Focus ZP720, it’s an all new beast with all new features and alloy/glass design.

Mediatek planning 10 and 12 core chips for late 2015!

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A lot of people scoffed at Mediatek when they made their first 8-core processor, but soon ate their words. Will the same happen with Mediatek’s rumoured 10 and 12 core chips?

What we predict for Xiaomi’s January 15th flagship launch, and it is a flagship

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xiaomi prototype leaked

Here are our predictions for the Xiaomi flagship phone launch on the 15th January. Keep reading to hear why we think it’s an all new device, won’t be the Redmi Note 2 and how if we are wrong we will just be as excited.

Xiaomi Opera? Xiaomi will launch a new, lighter, bigger flagship, with HIFI audio

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xiaomi puzzle

So far Xiaomi’s teasers have pointed at something new, and that’s what we believe we are going to see at the 15th Jan event. Not a Xiaomi Mi5, or a new Redmi Note 2, but a new phone all together.