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Xiaomi launching 50,000 Redmi Note in India, at the same time OnePlus launch

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redmi note

OnePlus are officially entering the Indian market tomorrow, but at least 50,000 possible fans are going to be looking else where.

Open Thread: Slim phones, Finger print scanners, 2K etc what’s hype and what do we really need?

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vivo xplay 3s fingerprint scanner

There are lots of trends this year, but we want to hear which trends you want to see followed and which you would happily forefeit in your next generation Android smartphone.

64bit Elephone P6000 pre sales begin for $169.99

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elephone p6000

Elephone have announced that pre-sales for their first 64bit phone have started over on their own Elephone online store.

What do you think of the OnePlus Two rumour specifications?

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oneplus one yellow

The OnePlus One caught the tech world by surprise this year, but the real test is if they can do it again with the OnePlus Two. Take a look at these rumoured specs and see what you think.

Latest MIUI 6 update brings one-handed operation to Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4!

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mi 4 1

Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM is a bag of tricks; the latest being the ability to use either your Mi 3 or Mi 4 in one-handed operation mode!


DOOGEE step in to the luxury phone market as pre-orders of the Doogee DG700 Titans 2 begin

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doogee dg700

DOOGEE are a popular brand but not one we would say is know for precision build and luxury, so the launch of their ‘Military Grade’ DOOGEE DG700 Titans 2 has very mush grabbed our attention.

Black Friday deals will see %50 of Chinese phones at Coolicool

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black friday coolicool

Black Friday is knocking on our door, which can mean only one thing! Some great deals on Chinese phones, tech and accessories.

Hugo Barra says Xiaomi are big fans for Android One

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hugo barra xiaomi

Android One has gained many many fans, but one of their highest profile fans must be Hugo Barra and the Xiaomi team.

Top 8 Wearables for this Christmas

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geak watch 2

What better way to fill the stocking of a tech addict that with one of these great wearable devices. Here are 8 wearable smart devices you can choose from right now.

UMI Zero Review: A whole new mid-range experience

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umi zero review

We review the UMi Zero, a mid-range phone dressed as a flagship with a wallet friendly price tag!

Zopo to release camera centric device in December

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zopo new camera phone

Struggling Chinese phone maker Zopo have revealed that they have one final product launch to announce in December, will it be enough to win back fans?

Xiaomi and Mediatek partnership rumoured to come to an end

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Xiaomi are the darling of the Chinese tech world, but as they have grown they have started to step on a few toes, one being their long time partner and chip supply Mediatek.

Xiaomi App Store heading to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

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xiaomi phones logo

Xiaomi are adding to their international phone launches by expanding their app store to allow apps from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Elephone P6000 prototype shown off with more hardware and price details

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Elephone P6000

Elephone have posted actual photos of their Elephone P6000 today along with more details of the specs and price.

Low-cost $100 Xiaomi tablet shows up on TENAA with LTE

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xiaomi tablet leaked

Having previously been spotted on GFXBench, a mystery Xiaomi tablet has now appeared for network approval featuring LTE support.

Li Nan says Next Meizu phones won’t be part of the MX4 range

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meizu blue charm note

Jack Wong’s claim that Meizu would have 4 phone launches this year is still fresh in our minds, but VP Li Nan says we won’t be seeing anymore phones in the MX4 range.

Xiaomi introduces a new slim 5000mAh powerbank for $8

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Xiaomi’s power banks have been selling well since they were introduced earlier this year, now a new model with thin body has been added to the mix which costs only $8.

DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 Unboxing and hands on with Video

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dooggee dg900 turbo 2 review

We go hands on with DOOGEE’s latests, the DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 in this unboxing and hands on video and first impressions.

Zeaplus Nut, a neat little tag for tracking your belongings

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zeaplus nut

After teasing two phones, startup Zeaplus have created a video for a neat little smart tracker for keeping tabs on your belongings.

Oppo 3007 passes through TENAA as a budget Find 7

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oppo 3007

Around the world Oppo are known for the Find 7, N3 and R5, but in China their range is vast with phones most of us are never likely to see. Phones like the recently spotted Oppo 3007.