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Ainol Mini PC Review: 7,000mAh of portable computing

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We have yet another mini PC slash TV box review for you and this time it’s the Ainol Mini PC we’ve got our hands on. Ainol once have been a big number on the Chinese tablet market but eventually missed some important inventions and completely disappeared from the market for more than a year. With […]

MediaTek powered Chromebooks coming towards the end of 2015

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It’s been a busy year and perhaps very significant for Mediatek, and it appears as though the same company would now be entering the Chromebooks space.

A quick review of the Pipo X7S

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With Chinese TV boxes becoming more and more popular, it didn’t take Pipo, a well-known manufacturer of tablet PCs, long to hit the market with a device of their own. After launching the X7 which had some significant issues like a non-licensed copy of Windows pre-installed, the company quickly got their stuff straight with the […]

Pipo X8 showcased, a mini PC with a built in touchscreen display. Why? Because they can!

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The Pipo X8 is a rather unique device; it’s a mini PC with an actual touchscreen display mounted on top of it!

Windows and Android to Marry at CES

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What do you get when you mix a computer and a cell phone? A Smartphone. But what do you get when you mix a smartphone and a laptop? A Tablet. Mix a Tablet and a Smartphone and you’ll get a Phablet. But what happens when you mix a Tablet and a laptop? Apparently you get […]

Chrome OS to soon allow users to unlock their devices using Android phones

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As we slowly but surely find ourselves surrounded by the Google ecosystem, the IT giant is making sure it loses no inhabitant. And we’re not complaining; It only gets better for us, the users. An API — chrome.screenlockPrivate — found in a recent build of the Chromium OS pretty much gives away a feature that […]

Cube working on an Intel-powered Notebook!

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According to reports, China’s Cube, a manufacturer who shot to fame with their RK3066 powered U30GT dual-core tablet PC last year, are now on their way to releasing their first Intel-powered laptop.

Xiaomi responds to Xiaomi Smartwatch rumours

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Now that Xiaomi are taking over the phone market and are invading living rooms it isn’t hard to imagine the company producing a Xiaomi smartwatch but is this ever going to happen.

Xiaomi laptop rumoured to launch in August

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xiaomi laptop

Since Xiaomi began they have gone from start-up phone maker to an electronics phenomenon with their own Android TV Box, clothing and soon their own laptop computers.

Competition: Win an Android Mini PC!

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android mini pc giveaway

Do you have one of those boring old TV’s that can only show TV? Then what you want is an Android mini PC (Android on a stick) to convert you TV into an Android smart TV, and Gizchina is giving one away for FREE! Android on a stick, or Android mini PC’s are great little […]

Asus Zenbook Touch U500VZ appears on official website

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asus zenbook touch u500vz

Asus have made a surprise update to their Zenbook range of ultrabooks and have added the new flagship Asus Zenbook Touch U500VZ to it’s range.

Android powered netbook looks like an old Macbook Air

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Laptop computers were once the bread and butter of Shanzhai markets across China, but with the surge in smartphone and tablet popularity computer makers have been having a hard time, which could explain this Android powered generation one Macbook Air clone.

The Lavi S21i is the Windows 8 iMac clone you have been waiting for!

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We’ve all seen iMac clones before, but this latest machine from Chinese brand Lavi manages to mimic the most up to date iMac clone available, comes with Windows 8 and costs just a fraction of the price!

China’s Windows 8 Tablet arrives to take on the Surface for just $320

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The Microsoft Surface tablet is a pretty affordable device as it is, but if you don’t feel like splashing out so much cash on a Window’s 8 tablet you could take a look at the LiveFan F1 Windows 8 tablet from China at just $320!

Chinese clone makers on form! Refreshed iMac clone running Windows 8 launched!

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Yesterday Apple announced the iPad mini (which we all knew about) and a refreshed, thinner iMac along with some other products, well not to be outdone, Chinese clone makers announced their own iPad mini clone (see here) and a Windows 8 running iMac clone!

This 14inch Sony Vaio Clone packs an Intel i3 CPU

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With the Android tablet market taking off like it has in China and elsewhere in the world we don’t get to see too many  laptops from Chinese companies but when we do they are usually clones of popular brands such as this Intel i3 equipped 14 inch Sony Vaio Clone!

Acer Launching a new 11.6 inch Chromebook next month

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Having used Google’s Chrome browser on a number of devices, I’ve grown to like the idea of a web-based OS with everything in the cloud so news of a new Acer Chromebook launching soon might indicate the start of my Christmas wish list!

Looking for a cheap back to school ultrabook? Take a look at the new alloy Grefu!

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Ultra thin laptop computers are really an exciting and extremely useful tool to have, especially if you heading back to school and already have a ton of books to carry around! But rather than spending a huge amount of cash on a Macbook Air, why not take a look at this all alloy Grefu ultrabook […]

Another Knock-off iMac that wants to live in my office

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So you love Apple’s design but your not a fan of OSX after hearing all the bad things about OSX Lion. So what do you do? How about buy this knock-off iMac with Windows 7?

Grefu Updates The Commodore 64 With Built in Track Pad and DVD!

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Remember back in the day when home computers like the Commodore 64 ruled? Well Chinese brand Grefu want to bring back some of that all in one home computer action with their K252 all in one PC!