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Jet Powered Fire Truck Video

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We imagine China’s jet equipped fire truck got plenty of use over the Spring Festival holiday, blasting 4 tons of water every minute from it’s 3 Million Yuan ($400,000)  jet water cannon. Take a brief look at the Jet Powered Fire truck in action during a training exercise after the jump.

iPad Knock Off Android Honeycomb Tablet Coming Soon?

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If this picture is genuine, we won’t have to wait long for super cheap Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets to become available. Update: a 3D camera equipped version is also in the works! More after the jump!

Light Sabres and 150 Hula Hoops! It Must Be Chinese New Year!

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If you have never watched a lady dressed in leather manipulate laser lights and swing them around like light sabres while another, more agile lady spins 150 luminous hula hoops around her body, then you obviously didn’t watch the Chinese Spring Festival TV Show, more commonly known as the CCTV Big Show, last night! But, […]

New Year Fireworks Ignite Chinese Hotel Blaze

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The Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel, the tallest building in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province caught on fire during a Chinese New Year firework display. The 20 storey hotel is also one of the tallest buildings in the city meaning fire fighters had difficulty tackling the blaze. Around 50 guests were evacuated, but there has […]

Taken With My M9: Meizu M9 Camera

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Although it sounds like the name of a terrible top 10 pop song by some ‘hip’ boy band pretending to be from the ‘hood’, the name ‘Taken With My M9′ actually refers to photos we’ve snapped using the 5 Mega-pixel camera on my Meizu M9 Android phone. The jury is still out on if this […]


Android 3.0 Gets Business Friendly Data Encryption

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Android tablets might be great for everyday personal use, and the range of excellent productivity tools available on the now No. 1 mobile operating system make it them a perfect choice for business users, but up until now Android on tablets has lacked one very important feature most business users require. The ability to encrypt […]

You Know That Android Is On The Up When: Blackberry Wants Its Tablet to Run Android Apps

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Blackberry will have it’s Playbook 7 inch tablet on the market within the next few weeks, and it sounds like they might have a bit of a surprise up their sleeves.

Last FM Application for Android

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If you like music then the Last FM app is a must have download for your Android device. Last FM is my personal first download to each and every device I own. The app links to your Last FM account and allows you to stream music to your phone or tablet via WIFI, 3G and […]

Android Wallpaper of the Week!

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We’re a bit late this week with our Android wallpaper recommendation, but hopefully this excellent custom wallpaper will more than make up for the wait. The image is a bit on the small side for larger 10 inch tablets, but it should look great on your 7″ Android device. Follow us on Twitter for more […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

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As it’s Chinese New Year Gizchina will be taking a little break, but don’t worry we’ll be back in full swing posting Chinese tech and gadget news after the holiday! Don’t think we’ll be chilling at home with a beer and not thinking of you though! We have some great new features in the works […]

Meizu M9 Successfully Rooted!

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The development team known as LBE, the same group of hackers who ported Android to run on the Meizu M8, have reported that they have successfully rooted the latest Meizu M9 handset!

Exclusive: Ubuntu Tablet Hands On Video!

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We were the first to bring news of the Ubuntu Powered 10″ tablet! We were the first to bring you full specification and pricing details, we were even the first to break news of its knock off!! Now, we are the first to bring you an exclusive hands on video of the Linux running Ubuntu […]

Spring Festival is Nearly Here!

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As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches the many Chinese based factories are slowing down production and preparing to have a well deserved break. To celebrate the new year one tablet manufacturer has made this rather cool Android robot doll dressed in traditional Chinese New Year attire. Factories in China are expected to ramp up production […]

Jet Powered Fire Truck

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This is China’s latest tool in the fight against skyscraper blazes a turbo-jet water gun made from a jet fighter engine! The fire truck here was pictured  in Luoyang, Henan Province and cost an estimated 3 million yuan ($455,539). The turbo-jet gun can rotate almost 360 degrees, and shoot out 3 tons of water at […]

Toshiba Android Tablet Details Revealed!

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Japanese electronics giant, Toshiba have just launched a website featuring photos and information about its upcoming Android tablet. The, as of yet, unnamed tablet will run the tablet optimized version of Android, 3.0 Honeycomb will get a Nvida Tegra 2 chip-set. Other than the chip-set, the latest Android OS and the fact the rear plate […]

ePad Gets Android 2.2 Update

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Update: Zenithink has launched ePad 2! ZeniThink have released an Android 2.2 firmware update for their ePad Android Tablet. The update brings some great software features to the popular device such as a refreshed user interface, pre-installed software and also Flash playback support.

Turn Your iPod Touch 4 In To an iPhone 4: Apple Peel 520 2nd Generation

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The original Apple Peel 520 gave iPod Touch owners the ability to turn there touch screen Apple media players in to an iPhone. If worked very well, but due to hardware limitations on the older iPod Touch the first generation Apple Peel could only offer a few of the functions real iPhone owners took for […]

Motorola Xoom Looks Great But Has a Hefty Price Tag!

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The Motorola Xoom tablet represents the combined efforts of Google and Motorola. It’s great looks, great spec and updated software all pointed at one at one of the first Android tablets, from a major player, that might have actually gotten Apple a little worried. Then we got a look at this picture……

Ubuntu Tablet Specification and Pricing Announced!

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We first posted news of this P07 (Winpad) based Ubuntu tablet just before Christmas, and since then we’ve been amazed by the number of queries about the device. We recently spoke to the developers and they kindly shared a few more details including a more detailed idea of the specification and pricing. More details and […]

Meizu Brings The Android Market To The M9 and Hope To Android Tablet Owners

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p88 tablet windows

Meizu have just updated the firmware for their very successful Android smart-phone, the M9. The update brings some UI tweaks, the highly sort after Android market, but most importantly a ray of hope for thousands of current Android Tablet owners.