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iPhone 4S Owners Reporting Yellow Screens

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  Apple’s support forums are filling up with iPhone 4S users who have found their new phones to have yellow screens. The yellowing has been described in many diffrent cases and seems to show up as a yellow hue or tint, yellow blotches or yellow lines! If your iPhone 4S, or in fact white iPod […]

Eros Windows 8 Dual Core Tablet Specification and Video

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  Ero’s from China have a bit of a reputation for producing high powered Windows tablet on the cheap. Their first tablet the Eros 1 was one for the first Windows 7 tablets that we saw almost a year ago, and today their latest Ero’s 2+ is a new first for us to, as it’s […]

The Best HTC Sensation Knock-off money can buy: Video

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HTC Sensation is a amazing smartphone, and is the top 5 hot phones in US, and it is imitate object of China factories. On the market, there is some HTC sensation copy phones. And now, HDC released new milestone product – HDC Sensation, and it will be the best HTC Sensation knockoff so far.

Does LG’s Doubleplay Dual Screen Phone Equal Double Fun?

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Generally, we think of “slide phones” as last generation – yesterday’s underwear.  The LG DoublePlay looks to redefine the slide phone by giving itself dual screens and a split QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, the DoublePlay will run on Android’s 2.3 OS, and has a 5 megapixel camera that can take 720p HD video.  That, to me, […]

Acer Planning new Windows Phones for Christmas

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Windows phones don’t get much coverage here at Gizchina, but were going to put that right starting today with news that Acer are planning to launch a new Mango 7.5 phone in time for Christmas!

Shanghai Subway in trouble again! Video

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Shanghai’s subway service is a necessary evil in the modern sprawling city. The subway does give commuters a fast, cheap and convenient way to move about the city, but when things go wrong they can be and have been life or death!

Cutepad Z7 is one Sexy sub $100 Tablet!

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  Just look at the Cutepad Z7 laying there all innocent looking with it’s glossy 7-inch panel and faux Samsung Galaxy Tab looks!

6 Things You Must Know When Buying Gadgets from China

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  One of the most asked questions we get here at Gizchina is “How do I buy those awesome gadgets you write about?”. Here are 6 simple but often overlooked considerations you must consider when buying gadgets from China! So if you have ever wanted to know how to get your hands on a knock-off […]

Android M6 Android TV Set Top Box

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  The fusion of Android operating system and TV is slowly but surely taking off in China, with many local companies either producing TV’s with Android built in or a set top box which allows Android apps to run on your current TV. The AndroidBox M6 is one of the latter devices, and much like […]

Report: More than half of all iDevices are Jailbroken in China!

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  UMeng are a company set up to help app developers gather app usage stacitics and smartphone use. Their latest results are in for China which among other things say that more than half of all iPhones, iPads and iPods in use in China are currently Jailbroken!

6 Reasons You Will Love the HTC Sensation XL

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  The original Sensation smart-phone from HTC, was the Taiwan based manufacturers first attempt at cracking the  dual core smart phone market and their first stab at the Galaxy S2 from Samsung. However the plucky Sensation didn’t recieve quite the popularity it deserved, leaving the Galaxy S2 to steam off in to the spotlight and […]

7-inch Eurostar ePad Android Tablet with 3G

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  Eurostar have joined up with Zenithink to release a new 7-inch Android tablet with 3G connectivity and wi-fi.

iPhone 4S Available on the grey market for $1350 in Hong Kong and China

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  The iPhone 4S has yet to be officially launched in China or Hong Kong yet, but that hasn’t stopped the latest iPhone from going on sale on the grey market for ridiculous sums of money!

Siri Ported To iPhone 4: Video

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  So it looks as thought there could be the faintest glimmer of hope that iPhone 4 owners will be able to get the Siri voice personal assistant feature on their previous generation iPhone’s! Video after the jump!

Amazing Samsung Galaxy S2 Clong Hands On Video

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Factories in China may well be making a ton of cash copying Apple’s iconic products, but that’s not all they copy. Check out this video hands on with possibly the best Samsung Galaxy S2 knock-off currently available, the HDCA9100! Watch the hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S2 clone after the jump.

Xiaomi Speeding Up Production Of First Phone To Meet Launch Date

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  Xiaomi have their production facilities running on overtime to bring their first ever smartphone to the market with as little delay as possible.

CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

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The HongKong China Sourcing Fair, also known as the Canton fair has officially opened it’s doors to the public and as expected there are plenty and electronics companies in attendance to show off their latest tablets, phones and other gadgets and gizmos. Cutepad, a new name in the tablet world are at the show with […]

Apple Readying 7-inch iPad To Fend Off Amazon Kindle Fire

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  Rumors of a mini, micro or just plain old 7-inch iPad crop up from time to time, but with the latest threat to Apple’s dominance, the Amazon Kindle Fire gaining popularity, and the lack of a new iPod at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote a 2 weeks ago, rumors have began to surface once […]

The most perfect iPad 1 knock-off arrives almost a year late!

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  The original iPad was the tablet that changed the way the world thought about what a tablet computer should be capable of and used for. Sure the Android platform allows for a more PC like computing experience, but it was and still is the iPad which other tablets are compared to. As such iPad […]

Eurostar ePad 2 First Look

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  Update: Zenithink has launched ePad 2!   The giant iPhone 3GS design looks a little dated compared to some of the tablets on sale today, but the hardware is still up to the job of browsing the web, playing a few games and working on the odd Word documents now and then.