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New iPhone 5 Cases Point at “Tear Drop” Design

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iPhone 5 case tear drop

We’ve all seen the leaked iPhone 5 cases coming out of China, but these latest cases hint at some design cues we have only previously seen in concept art.

iPhone 5 Will Use Super Fast HSPA+

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china unicom iphone 5 hspa+ leak

  Those Chinese mobile network companies have been out and about leaking news of Apple’s latest devices, but this time the news has a little more credit as it comes from Apple’s number one partner in China, China Unicom!

Fake iPhone 5 On Sale in China

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iphone 5 available china,knock off iphone 5,iphone 5 clone,chinese iphone 5 knock off

The latest rumor is that the iPhone 5 MAY ship at the end of September, but the impatient Shenzhen guys have jumped the gun again and already launched an iPhone 5 clone!  

Foxconn Say ‘No’ iPhone 5 at ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event in October

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lets talk iphone october 4th event

  The iPhone rumors just keep coming, and the latest news we have is that ‘yes’ there will be two new iPhones, but you will have to wait until May 2012 if you want the iPhone 5!

iPhone 4GS Spotted On The Chinese Grey Market!

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iphone 4gs found in China

Is this the real next generation iPhone? The iPhone 4GS!

Foxconn’s Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

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iphone 5 stolen from Foxconn China

  News out of Shenzhen claims that someone at Foxconn’s Futian plant has ‘lost’ an iPhone 5 prototype, which was then sold to a factory making iPhone cases!

Leaked Photo Shows iPhone 5 Screen Production

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iphone 5 screen inspection

It looks as though screens for the iPhone 5, with new larger home button, are being made right now at Wintek in China.

iPhone 5 Case Shows Next iPhone to be much larger than the iPhone 4!

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iphone 5 case wide

Supposed photos of a leaked iPhone 5 case show it to be much, much bigger than the current iPhone 4!

Apple Preparing Earlier 2012 iPad 3 With Updated Screen

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ipad 3 launch,ipad 2s launch,ipad 3 release date,ipad 2s release date

  There is an iPad 3 and it will be here in 2012, according to Forbes, plus we will be finally getting a better screen (which is good news as even cheap Android tablets are upstaging the current iPad LCD panel).

China Mobile Has More Cash Than Apple!

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china mobile profit

  Apple may be hogging all the headlines with huge profits and iPhone rumors, but its mobile network provider China Mobile who has all the cash!

China Launches First Module For Space Station

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china space station launch,chinese space program,tiantong module,shenzhou 9,shenzhou 10,2012,chinese woman astronauts

  China are currently busy making history at this very moment in time as they launch Tiantong 1 the first piece of China’s first planned space laboratory!

Lenovo A1 Tablet The Best $150 You Will Ever Spend!

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Lenovo a1 tablet colors

  Forget all of your old ideas of cheap Chinese made Android tablet, in fact wipe all thought of buying yourself one of those $200 Amazon tablets, because Lenovo have launched what is possibly the best budget Android tablet on the market!

Huawei Honor Android Phone Details With Video!

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Huawei Honor android phone

Huawei’s new Honor Android Cell Phone The Huawei Honor signals the Chinese Android device manufacturers first push in to top of the range cell phone territory. It’s great specification and features look fantastic, plus it doesn’t hurt that the Huawei Honor looks a lot like an iPhone! As we previously reported here, the Honor from […]

Huawei Offering 10GB Free Cloud Storage With New Phones and Tablets

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huawei mediapad tablet

  Chinese communication device manufacturer Huawei, are planning to offer their top of the range MediaPad Android tablet and Huawei Vision cell phone with up to 10Gb of free cloud storage.

Huawei Honor Specifications Revealed

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Huawei honor android gingerbread 3 day batter

  With the Android market growing by 56% recently, more companies are launching competitive looking phones with great features in to the rather crowded market. The Huawei Honor, is the Chinese communications giant’s attempt at grabbing would Samsung Galaxy buyers.

Update GooApple 3G With Latest ROM: How To!

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how to update gooapple 3g in English downlaod rom

  Like many excellent Android devices out there, the GooApple 3G is a fantastic phone, and great looking iPhone 4 knock-off, yet it does have a few bugs that need working out! Follow these simple steps to update your GooApple 3G to the latest Android ROM, which includes bug fixes and has all the old […]

Foxconn Factory Catches Fire in Shandong

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foxconn factory on fire in yantai shandong

  Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer of electronics for home brands such as Apple, Dell and Sony are in the headlines again, and again it’s bad news! A fire has broken loose at Foxconn’s, Yantai plant located in Shandong!

Visture V2 Android Tablet featuring Samsung CPU and Dock

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visture v2 ginger bread tablet

Shenzhen based Visture keep surprising with their amazing well designed and feature packed Android tablets. Yesterday we brought you news of the Visture V1 complete with it’s V Case, a faux Apple Smartcase, now we have news of the Visture V2 tablet!

Price Drop: HaiPad M8 Tablet Now Only $149.99

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Haipad 8 inch Android tablet

  As we have said before, the Haipad M8 Android tablet is one of the best (although the Visture V1 is looking better) Android tablet available on the market today! And now with a price drop the, multi-touch tablet is looking like even more of a bargain!

Visture V1: iPad 2 3G Looks Android Tablet Price!

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visture v1 android tablet ipad 2 clone

The iPad 2 has been on the market for a while now, and it’s impressive design and specification have had a profound effect on loacal Chinese manufacturers. Just take a look at this latest Android tablet from Shenzhen based Visture!