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The Life (so far) of Steve Jobs Taiwanese Anime Style!

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steve jobs life so far taiwan cartoon

Love him or loath him, Steve Jobs has brought us some of the biggest, most hugely important changes to computing and technology of any one person to date! Take a look at how Taiwanese animators picture Steve Jobs life (so far) in full CG glory!

Acer Aspire is Macbook Air Inspired: Leaked

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acer aspire 3951

The Acer Aspire is one sexy looking laptop, even if it does owe it’s styling to the Apple Macbook Air’s! More photos and specs after the jump.

HP TouchPad Running Android 2.2 On Ebay!

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eken m003 ipad packaging

This is quite an amazing story! A chap went to Best Buy and picked up a HP Touchpad at the firesale price of only $99, like many people were lucky enough to do, but when he got home found that his Touchpad had an extra special treat in store! The ability to boot in to […]

Huawei Sonic Gets the Blurry Camera Treatment

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Huawei’s upcoming Sonic Android phone has got it’s blurry cam spy photo while visiting the FCC.

20% Of Chinese Consumers Won’t By Apple Products Without Steve Jobs as CEO

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ipad 3 launch date.ipad 3 24th februray, ipad 3 steve jobs birthday

1.5 million Chinese Apple fans commented on Steve Jobs’ retirement yesterday afternoon on Sina’s Weibo (Twitter), 20% of which say they’ll never buy an Apple product again!

HTC Puccini Android Tablet Spotted with LTE Support

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This is the HTC Puccini, HTC’s first real push in to the tablet market and one of only a handful of tablets that will work on a super fast LTE data connection. The tablet is obviousely running Android and has a great hardware line up including a 1.5GHz dual-core processor is onboard, alongside 1GB of […]

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Now on Sale

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The Lenovo ThinkPad, the 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet we first met back in July, is now on sale through, with an estimated ship date of Aug. 29. If you’ll recall, the ThinkPad features a 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, front and rear cameras, HDMI-out, a 3-in-1 SD card reader, and Gorilla […]

Watch Out Android! South Korea is Developing its own mobile OS

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iphone 4 clone porn

The news that Google had bought Motorola must have been a huge blow to international companies such as LG and Samsung, as well as smaller local Korean brands SK and SKY, so is the latest news that South Korea is working on it’s own mobile OS a backlash against the Google Motorola merger?

Apple To Launch Budget $299 Wi-Fi Only iPad

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new budget ipad coming,$299 ipad,$249 ipad,low end ipad,budget priced ipad coming

Chinese media sources are claiming that Apple is readying to unveil its previous generation iPad as a new budget Wi-Fi only iPad costing as little as $299!

Worlds Tallest Ferris Wheel Opening 1st September in Guangzhou

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worlds tallest ferris wheel china

If you thought Ferris wheels are for wimps, or that the slowing moving giant wheels are more boring than watching paint dry, then you have obviously not seen the awesomeness of the worlds tallest Ferris wheel in Guangzhou China!

Homemade Chinese Submarine Can Stay Underwater for 10 Hours

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wuhan homemade submarine

China is no stranger to innovative homemade vehicles such as helicopters, planes or submarines, but when someone manages to make one of these homemade marvels we can’t help but be amazed!

Want To Run Android On You New $99 Touchpad? Don’t Hold Your Breath

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Since HP decided to dump their excess stock of Touchpads on to the unsuspecting world, people have been thinking ‘great a cheap tablet’ but on the other hand ‘what about software updates?’ as HP are leaving the hardware game of good it’s likely that those Touchpads will be seeing any updates, bug fixes or additional […]

eyeSight and Huan TV Team Up To Bring Gesture Based Apps and Games to Chinese Smart Tv’s

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eyeSight and Huan TV join forces to launch gesture controled TV's in China

Touch free interface developer, eyeSight have just signed a deal with China’s Huan TV Internet TV service to bring gesture based and motion activated applications and games to China’s smart televisions.

Meizu Releases New M9 Firmware

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meizu m9 gingerbread update download

The second official build on Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been released for the Meizu M9. This latest firmware features a whole bunch of bug fixes along with some nice UI tweaks and added WLAN Ad-hoc support.

Lenovo Honeycomb K1 Tablet Coming Soon

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lenovo k1 pre order

Lenovo have been on a Android tablet releasing frenzy, but so far the majority of the Chinese firms touchscreen devices have been running different variations of Android 2.x. The K1, however will get a full Honeycomb build, it’s own music store and a relatively low price.

What do this Hong Couple love more?

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hong kong gadget lovers

This couple were photoed on the subway in Hong Kong, but what do they love more? Each other or their gadgets. What are they actually doing?

New White Macbook Knock-off Features Multi-touch

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Knock-off white Macbook with multi-touch gesture support

Apple may have discontinued the aging plastic white Macbook and replaced it with the super sexy 11 inch Macbook Air, but that doesn’t mean the white Macbook is dead! The white Macbook is very much alive in China, as a knock-off that is!

Apple Frustrated At Shanghai Store Delays

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apple store problems shanghai

Apple’s newest, biggest, store planned for Shanghai is being delayed due poor construction practices!

HP Says WebOS Faster On the iPad!

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samsung galaxy tablet tv streaming

It’s very sad that HP have decided to quit on the Touchpad and WebOS, but it is sadder still that the now software only company says that their own operating system actually performed better on a competitiors device!

Now That HP Have Given up on the Touchpad you will have to fix it yourself! Heres how!

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With Touchpad prices slashed and customers getting refunds, eager HP fans are still snapping up the 10 inch Touchpad tablet, knowing full well there will be no official software updates, or new applications for the device. But, worse than that is now HP have given up on hardware all together what happens when your shiny […]