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Download Paper Zombie for Android For Free!

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Paper Zombie for Android phones and tablets, could be the most awesome game available to date! The simple yet addictive games manages to combine our favourite horror genre, Zombies, with one of the great mobile games to date, Fruit Ninja! If the idea of playing Fruit Ninja but slicing and dicing Zombies rather than apples […]

Knock off Macbook Pro Launched in time for Christmas in Festive Red and Silver!

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red macbook pro china

There have been plenty of knock off, clone, fake and Shanzhai Apple products released over the year. From iPhone 4s to amazing Macbook Air clones! But we rarely get to see a Macbook Pro knock-off! This Macbook Pro clone from Shenzhen Rahway, looks just like the 13.3-inch Macbook Pro I am currently typing on now. […]

iPhone 4S Launching in 7 more Countries 16th December, but still no China date!

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iphone 4s launch 16th december

Apple have released details of another mass iPhone 4S launch for 7 more territories, however mainland China is still missing from the launch list! The iPhone 4S will go on sale in Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the Philippines on the 16th December 2012, but news of the much anticipated mainland […]

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Hands On

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acer aspire s3 lightning review

If you are looking for an affordable but lightweight laptop, or ultrabook, this holiday season you may well be looking towards Asus and Acer’s ultra lightweight models, which offer similar specifications and looks to the more expensive Macbook Air line up. Yesterday, we managed to get our hands on with Acer’s offering the ultra thing, […]

Install Carrier IQ Detector Now!

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If you are worried that your personal details such as location, websites visited, messages sent and possibly even passwords and credit card numbers are being logged by your Android device and sent to some unknown third person you WILL want to download this handy app!

Meizu Launching ‘International’ Version of Meizu MX in January!

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meizu mx android china,meizu mx hong kong,meizu mx quad core phone

Meizu are planning to launch 2 versions of their upcoming Android smartphone, the Quad-core Meizu MX. While Chinese mainland customers will be able to buy the Meizu super-phone later this month, gadget fans in Hong Kong will be able to get their hands on an new ‘International MX model at Meizu’s soon to be opened […]

Truly Amazing Macbook Air Knock Off Shows Up in the Metal!

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Macbook Air knock off china released

Remember a few weeks ago when we published photos and specification of a Chinese made Macbook Air knock off ultrabook? If not take a look at our previous posts here. Now we finally get to have a good in the metal look at the Chinese MBA clone, and it looks even more amazing than we […]

Aura Pioneer F1 Tablet Get’s Ice-cream Sandwich and A10 Chip!

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chinese android ice cream sandwich tablet

Ice-cream Sandwich tablets are melting out of China like there is no tomorrow! First we had this very convincing Xoom clone running ICS, then just this morning Heiner announced the M7S would also ship with Android 4.0 making it the cheapest ICS tablet on the market! And now Aura are loading the F1 tablet with […]

Heiner’s 7-inch M7S gets updated to Ice-cream Sandwich! Could be the cheapest ICS tablet on the market!

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heiner ice-cream sandwich 7 inch tablet android 4.0

Heiner’s 7-inch M7S gets updated to Ice-cream Sandwich! Could be China’s cheapest ICS tablet on the market! When released earlier this year the Heiner M7S, aka 7-inch iPhone 4 clone, had an Android 2.3 operating system with but with Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich going public, this little 7-inch tablet has been lucky enough to get […]

Lenovo Launches 3 New Tablets

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gpad 701 ports and plugs

Lenovo are marching on with their assault on the Android tablet market, and have already announced 3 new Android tablet for 2012. While each of the 3 models are currently destined for Chinese stores, they are likely to appear in the U.S and Europe in a few months time. The new tablet range is made […]

Latest Xoom Knock Off Runs Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich!

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Android ice-cream sandwich tablet available in China

China’s Shenzhen Trust Time, have launched China’s first Ice-cream Sandwich Android 4.0 tablet! Take a look at the video, specifications and photos below! The roll out of Android ICS (Ice-cream Sandwich) tablets is going to be a totally different ball game to the trickle of Honeycomb tablets we have seen over the past few months!

Meizu M9 Updated to Gingerbread 2.3.5

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meizu m9 gingerbread update download

Meizu have been on a roll with updates for their current generation Meizu M9 Android phone. The most recent update (version: V2.0.3-9345) brings the M9 up to Gingerbread 2.3.5, and unlike previous releases is an official Meizu update rather than a leak. The update is supposed to improve the UI making it smoother, while also […]

Amazon Kindle Fire gets Cyanogen Mod 7

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Not a fan of the Amazon user interface the Kindle Fire ships with? We’ll you are in look as Cyanogen Mod7 is currently being ported to work on the popular 7-inch tablet. The ROM, which is available for a number of Android tablets, gives the Kindle Fire an enhanced, Honeycomb-like version of Android Gingerbread.

Cydia Hack Brings Siri Dictation to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod

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how to get siri dictation iphone 3GS,iphone 4 and ipod

Getting Siri to work on our current iPhone 4’s, iPhone 3GS’s and iPod (4th generation) is currently the aim of every iOS developer on the planet! While we have seen some promising videos people running Siri on iPhone 4’s and iPod’s and have even featured a how to, to add the Siri user interface, we […]

FCC Leaked Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Update For Next Month

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lenovo thinkpad fcc 3G support

Another Lenovo tablet has been spotted ahead of its release at the FCC. Rather than a whole new model, the tablet is actually the current Lenovo ThinkPad Android tablet, but with an updated chipset so that it is now compatible on both EVDO and HSPA 3G network.

How To: Add Settings Shortcut to iPhone, iPad, iPod with no Jailbreak!

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home screen shortcuts without jailbreak picture

As a user of both iOS and Android based phones and tablets, I sometimes get a little frustrated with my iPhone at times due to the lack of home screen shortcuts. Toggling Wi-fi on or off, connecting to a VPN, turning on GPS or adjusting screen brightness require you to navigate to settings then in […]

Xiaomi M1 Faster than Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Atrix!!

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xiaomi android phone beijing,xiaomi bench mark,xiaomi hands on

The Xiaomi M1 dual core Android phone is really from China is really beginning to look like fantastic value for money and a very powerful Android device! The M1 from Xiaomi has been available on limited release for a few months and will get a public release next month, however Anandtech have managed to score […]

Memorial Steve Jobs F4S Tablet Gets More Jobs Marketing!

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memorial steve jobs android tablet f4s picture

We have already reported on the F4S Android tablet which is self marketed as a ‘Steve Jobs Memorial Android Tablet’, twice, but this is the first time we have had a good look at this oxymoron of a device! The F4S (Yes, 4S like the iPhone) is a 7-inch Android tablet which looks remarkably like […]

China now the world’s leading smartphone market!

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The latest Q3 figures from Strategy Analytics report that China has leaped in front of the United States to become the worlds largest smartphone market by volume. According to the report 23.9 million smartphones were shipped in China during the third quarter of this year (2011) overtaking the US for the first time.

Lenovo Launches Q180 Worlds Smallest PC!

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lenovo q180 mini pc

If you’re in the market for a tiny itsy bitsy PC which can perform a bit of light computer work while acting as budget media hub, then look no further than the Lenovo Q180, which could well be the worlds smallest PC! Measuring in at a pint sized 155 x 192 x 22mm the Q180 […]