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HTC Cybertron and Other Cool New Phones Leaked!

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If the thought of getting your hands on Asus’s Transformer Prime Android tablet, doesn’t get your inner Transformer geek going, what about a HTC Cybertron smartphone?

China Launches First Mars Probe

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Yinghuo-1 satellite

China’s Yinghuo-1 satellite was launched earlier this morning from Baikonur cosmodrome along with the Russian Phobos-Grunt probe. Both probes are heading towards Mars, but once there have very different destinations. The Russian probes mission is to land on Phobos, the larger of the two Martian moons, and collect rock and soil samples.

Sina Weibo Reports 250 million users (again!) but is anyone really using it?

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sina wiebo 250 million users,chinese twitter,sina weibo financial report

We have already reported on Sina reaching the staggering figure of 250 million registered users, but Sina must have thought the news was worth releasing again as they announced the figure at their quarterly earnings call earlier today. Charles Chao, Sina’s CEO had some interesting things to say about Weibo such as 86 million messages […]

China Unicom Giving Away Free iPhone 4’s!

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iPhone4 price drop,free iphone 4,china unicom free iphone 4

With the iPhone 4S’ launch just around the corner on 11th November (in Hong Kong at least) mobile carriers are offering great deals on the older, but still damn good, iPhone 4! China Unicom, are currently offering the newly released 8GB version of the iPhone 4 for a slightly cheaper 3999 Yuan ($630), but if […]

Apple Skipping China Mobile TD-SCDMA iPhone to work on 4G iPhone

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iphone 4s china,china mobile iphone 4s,4G TD-LTE iPhone,apple working on 4G iphone

Apple may well be a long way from releasing the iPhone 4S in China, or perhaps they’re not…, but rumors of a China Mobile only version of the latest iPhone 4S have been on the circuit for a while. China Unicom is currently Apple go to carrier in China, and the deal between the Chinese […]

Huawei Looking to License Android Tech From Microsoft

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Huawei honor android phone,huawei microsoft deal,huawei androd phone

Microsoft have been taking a bit of a back seat in the smartphone and tablet market, but this slowly does it approach seems to be paying off for the software corporation thanks to licensing deals. While Microsoft’s own Windows mobile platform is only just beginning to catch the attention of most customers, the companies patents […]

HTC Unveils Budget RenRen Phone

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htc daren renren phone china

HTC have unveiled their latest handset for the Chinese market. The budget Android phone is actually just the new HTC Explorer which has had it’s UI customized for the Chinese market to work with RenRen rather than Facebook and Twitter.

10 million 3D TV’s will find homes in China in 2012

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chinese 3d tv,haisense 3d tv,tcl 3dtv,skyworth 3d tv

The 3D phenomenon is continuing to grow across the globe with everything from movies and video games going 3D to kids coloring books and plain old newspapers adopting the technology. Here in China though it is the 3D TV which is gaining ground with currently more than 4 million households owning a 3D TV with […]

Asus Delays Transformer Prime to Give it some Ice-Cream Sandwich!

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Asus have been doing a terrible job of keeping a lid on their latest Android Eeepad Transformer tablet, with the CEO showing it off on stage, up close photos leaking on to the internet, the FCC taking it apart and benchmarks for the Prime leaking on to certain sites! Now, it turns out that Asus […]

iPhone 4S Delayed in China

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iphone 4s china,china mobile iphone 4s,4G TD-LTE iPhone,apple working on 4G iphone

It looks as though us in China are going to be the last people on EARTH to get our hands on an official iPhone 4S! Apple and known for getting their latest and greatest mobile devices in to the Chinese markets months after other countries get them as approved with the iPad, iPhone 4, iPad […]

China Opens First Space Post Office!

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china space station image,tiantong 1 picture,china space post office,chinese space station

China have been managing to achieve a couple of remarkable ‘firsts’ over the past few weeks. First was the successful remote docking of two unmanned space vehicles, the docking between the Shenzhou 8 spacecraft and the Tiantong 1 space lab module also marks China’s first steps toward an orbiting space platform.

Xiaomi Unboxing Shows Fantastic Eco-Friendly Packaging!

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xiaomi m2 concept and specificaions leaked

Xiaomi are currently building production up steam for a full on China wide launch after problems along the supply chain put China’s latest all original Android smartphone on hold. However, the Gingerbread powered, dual-core Xiaomi is shipping and it comes packed in stylish eco-friendly packaging.

HTC Edge has 4 sizzling cores of Tegra 3 goodness!

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htc edge quad core android phone photo,leaked HTC edge quad-core,htc code names,leaked htc code names

Quad-core smartphones were always inevitable, and we have reported on Meizu’s MX with quad-core CPU in the past, but we thought we would be in for more of a wait before mainstream companies started whacking 4 cores in their phones.

BBK Vivo Android Handset Takes Style Tips from Apple and Samsung

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vivo android phone gingerbread cheap

When BBK were designing their new Vivo, Android smartphone, they did a fantastic job looking for inspiration taking a large does of Korean fashion with a hint of American know-how. Engadget China have just concluded a thorough as always review of the Vivo, from BBK, and noticed the obvious Samsung styling and iOS inspired custom […]

Confirmed: Next iPad WILL have Retina display!

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ipad 3 retina display pictutre,ipad 2S retina display picture,leaked ipad 2S retina display,leaked ipad 3 retina display photo

The will it or won’t it back and forth gossiping over the possibility of the next generation iPad getting a Retina display was considered over, with the verdict being a firm ‘No, it won’t!’ But the latest leaked reports from sources in Taiwan suggest otherwise!

Foxconn’s CEO Takes First Steps Toward All Robot Workforce

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foxconn apple robot army picture,foxcoon robot workers,foxconn ai robot picture

We wrote a few months ago that Foxconn were planning to introduce a deadly army of intelligent war robots to their factories and the first steps to global domination have just been taken with CEO, Terry Gou making things official! Taiwanese media outlet, Focus Taiwan is reporting that Chairman Terry Gou and the mayor or […]

Can’t Find a Taxi? YongChe is the app for that!

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yongche app,china start up yongche,chinese taxi application yongche,

If you have ever been to one of the major, and massively busy, cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, you will no doubt understand how difficult it can be to find a taxi. Thankfully Zhou Hang, CEO of Yongche, has an app for that!

Apple To Overhaul Entire Range For 2012!

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Apple are planning to completely overhaul it’s main product lines for next year, with refreshed and updated iPads, iPhones, iMac’s and MacBook Airs all expected to appear in 2012. Rumors out of Tawian this past week claim that Apple currently have two new prototypes of the iPad codenamed the ‘J1′ and ‘J2′ in the works […]

Electronics companies turn to the gray markets as HDD shortages worsen

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hdd supplys worsen,floods in thailand,hdd gray market

Hard disc drives are becoming rarer than hens teeth due to the floods in Thailand, and PC vendors have began desperately searching any and every avenue that may lead to a steady supply including scouring the gray markets! Digitimes are reporting a sharp increase in prices for HDD’s over the past few weeks with 500 […]

iPhone 4 8GB Now Available in China. iPhone 4S Launching Earlier than Expected?

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iphone 4 8gb china picture,iphone 4s launch china

China’s version of the official Apple store dropped listings for the iPhone 4 in both 16GB and 32GB models earlier today and is now only selling a cheaper 8GB model. The 8GB iPhone 4 is priced at 4088 Yuan ($644) and is only available in black.