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Sony Planning To Launch 2 Tablets This Year

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shenzhen straddling bus

They might be a year behind Apple’s iPad and months behind the Motorola Xoom, but Sony are making up for their late entry in to the Android tablet market by launching not one but 2 tablets later this year. The 2 tablets are currently in the testing stages and are named the S1 and S2. […]

White ‘iPhone 4s’ Hands On Photo

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white iphone 4s leaked thumb

I personally am not entirely convinced that the image below is of a real iPhone 4s, to me it looks like a dummy model photo graphed with a poor quality camera, but even so this picture does show an new iPhone dummy or not.

The First Android Netbook And It’s Only $76!

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We have to hand it to the Chinese electronic industry, they really know how to change with the times and are really fast at doing so! A few years back everyone had or wanted to get a netbook computer, but with Apple’s success with the iPad and with the majority of big name electronics companies […]

Lenovo Launching ThinkPad Tabelt In July

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Lenovo already have an Android 2.2 tablet available in China, and possibly soon in the rest of the world, called the LePad, but it looks as though they are gearing up to launch a newer Honeycomb based tablet.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Shows Up

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lenovo thinkpad android tablet

It looks as though Lenovo are preparing another Android based tablet, but unlike the current Lepad brand the new tablet will shelter under the ThinkPad brand.


iPhone 5 To Get ‘Scent Technology’ and ‘Solar Charger’ Video

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iphone 5 video thin thumb

Ok before you think I’ve gone completely bonkers, I personally believe this video to be as genuine as the existence of the ‘Mongolian Death Worm’, but I felt I had to post the ‘news’ anyway.

This Android Macbook Air Clone Costs $76

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android netbook macbook air clone feat

Netbooks were once all the rage with those wanting cheap ultra-portables, but with the increased quality and popularity of tablet devices the little net-book has taken a back seat to the touch screen ‘New Kids On The Block’.

Biggest Fossilized Spider Discovered in China

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biggest spider fossil found in China

Although I find the 8 legged insect munchers terrifying, I’m also fascinated about the hairy backed wall climbing horrors so news that the discovery of the largest known spider fossil was found in China both horrified and excited me!

How To Update Your Meizu M9 To The Latest Firmware

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meizu m9 gingerbread update download

Meizu have really been spoiling M9 owners over the past few months with new firmware updates arriving almost weekly at some points! Personally I like to follow the ‘If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” point of view when it comes to my phones, tablets and computers, however there are 2 occasions I do break […]

Knock-Off Nokia 7700 Gaming Phone Gets ‘Nckia’ Branding

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nokia 7700 canceled phone

Back in 2004 Nokia showed off prototype photos of a gaming phone similar to the older N-Gage phone. The new phone, known as the 7700, was canceled before making it on to the market leaving many Nokia fans without a replacement game phone.

Fake Beef Found in Chinese Markets and Restaurants

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chemical used to change chicken to beef

The Department of Industry and Commerce in Hefei, China have recently discovered a ‘beef extract’ that can be used to give chicken meat or pork the look and flavor of beef.

Sinor M8 8-inch Android Tablet

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sinor m8 android tablet controls

This Sinor M8 Android Tablet has been causing quite a stir on the Chinese tech sites due to it’s competitive specification and rather clean design.

Lonpad 7-inch Cortex A9 Tablet

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lonpad android thumb

Longwin Digital launched this rather thin (9.9mm) Lonpad tablet earlier this week, which features a powerful Cortex A9 CPU coupled with a Mali-400 GPU. RAM is 512Mb and the system runs Android 2.2.

Skyworth M6 8-inch Tablet

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skyworth m6 tablet screen

Skyworth are well known for their quality LCD and LED screened television in China, and are a welcome brand to see entering the tablet market.

GS30 9.7 inch Android Tablet

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This chinese tablet gets iPad hardware

The GS30 is no stranger to Gizchina as we have posted details on this Chinese made iPad eater many a time, however the GS30 is now in limited production so if you are lucky enough you may be able to get your hands on one.

Skyworth M6 Android Tablet

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90 dollar android tablet

Skyworth are possibly one of those huge brands you have never heard of before! In China they are one of the largest manufacturers of TV, LED displays, LCD displays and mobile phones in the country while also working with foreign brands to make OEM products.

Lonpad Gets An Cortex A9 Upgrade

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qingting qdt

The quality of Chinese made Android tablets is on the up! and as component prices drop we are starting to see some really great looking tablets make their way on to the market. This latest tablet called the Lonpad gets an A9 cpu, and a super light weight of only 380 grams.

Want A Super Powerful 8 inch Tablet?

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tornado water slide beijing

This is the Sinor M8, an 8inch tablet from China which has recently splashed down on various Chinese gadget sites.

Senscape Becomes China’s First Augmented Reality Platform

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Augmented reality is really catching on from basic applications that find business close to your location to powerful gaming application that monitor your movements and surroundings to influence play, we are beginning to see the relatively new technology popping up everywhere.

Meizu Shipping Refurbished M9’s Starts M8 Trade-in Scheme

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refurbished meizu m9 feat

Back in the days when the Meizu M8 was top dog at and the Android M9 was merely a twinkle in Jack Wong’s eye, the rather generous CEO startled Meizu fans by telling them that once the M9 was released they could trade in their old M8 for an 800 Yuan discount on the new […]