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Complete Sauropod Fossil Found in Chongqing

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Workers at an excavation site in Qijiang County, southwest Chongqing, disscovered the fossilized remains of Sauropod. The complete fossil, which dates back to the Jurassic Period, was discovered by a local named Cai Changming and his son while digging a pond! Via: Xinhua

China Unicom Cutting 3G Prices By 50%

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China Unicom, like all mobile networks now, are all about 3G. With mobile growth slowing down in China courting 3G customers is the best way to increase profits despite dwindling numbers. So from next month the entry level China Unicom 3G package will start at 46 Yuan per month ($7) cheaper than a Edge subscription!

Wuhan Building Worlds Third Tallest Skyscraper

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When building a huge tower who on earth decides ‘I know! I want my city to be known as the place where the 3rd largest tower is!’ Really? The third largest? Anyhow, a groundbreaking ceremony took play in Wuhan City in Central Hubei on Wednesday where the 606 meter 30 billion Yuan ($4.5 billion) Greenland […]

The M2 Tablet Is After the iPad’s Lifestyle Cred!

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The little 8 inch tablet is marketed at those who need a ultra portable tablet computer at every Irish Bar (I think I’ve been there), park, coffee shop or pier (?) you might find yourself, or perhaps it’s marketed at those with very small hands (the M2 looks iPad in size in the models hands […]

iPad 2 Cases Leaked! Shows Rear Facing Camera And Possible SD Card Reader

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A Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen has already started to list, what it claims, are cases for the next generation iPad or iPad 2, which is due for release as early as Februray 2011. The protective cases, available in black and white, clearly show a hole for a rear facing camera. A camera on the […]


Flash On iPhone, iPod and iPad Without a Jailbreak!

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Has Steve Jobs really purged the internet of Flash? Perhaps he has as I still haven’t found an embedded video that doesn’t work on my iPad to try this hack on (Update: see the end of post) , thankfully it’s an easy one to do and well worth trying if just for experimentation purposes. How […]

Both Comex and Greenp0ison have Untethered Jailbreaks for 4.2.1 On The Way!

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Wow, we’ve been eagerly awaiting for an untethered Jailbreak to come out for iOS 4.2.1 and instead of getting just 1 we’ve got news of 2!

Shanghai Starts Construction Of 121 Storey Tower

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Construction has started on a 121 storey tower in downtown Shanghai. Once completed the tower will tower (oh, dear) 632 meters above the ground and share the same skyline with the Shanghai World Financial Center and Jinmao Tower. The Shanghai Tower will is planned to partially open and operational by 2012 and is expected to […]

ViewSonic Shows Off Dual Boot Windows 7 Android Tablet

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ViewSonic have been showing off their dual boot tablet in Taipai. The system, the first dual boot tablet we know of, can boot in to and run as either a Window’s 7 machine or Android 1.6 tablet. The ViewPad is available in Taiwan now, in a choice of either 7 or 10 inch screens. Follow […]

Homeless Chinese Man Shows Off His Fruit Ninja Skill On His iPad

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Check this homeless guys Fruit Ninja skills! I don’t know if he’s really homeless, an actor or has just decided to swap from busking with a guitar to busking with an iPad. Either way he’s got quite a crowd! Video after the jump!

Rockchips’ Nokia N8 Clone gets a Dual Core CPU and Android

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The Nokia N8 might have a fantastic camera capable of shooting short action movies, but it kind of sucks as a smartphone, wouldn’t it have been great if Nokia had dumped Symbian for Android? Well stop wishing what could have been and look at what Chinese CPU makers Rockchips have actually done. They’ve taken their […]

Gree’s Solar Powered A/C Laughs At Us As It Goes State Side

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Sometimes the greatest ideas are the most simple and are blindingly obvious. Take for example Gree Electronic Appliances latest creation, a solar powered air conditioner! How obvious was that! A machine that eats power like it’s going out of fashion and is only used on blisteringly hot SUNNY days! Not content with laughing at us […]

Freescale iPad Clone Hands On

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It’s literally been hours since we posted pictures of this 9.7 inch iPad mimic with a 7 hour battery life and LG capacitive screen, and we already have our first hands on impressions. Full article after the jump.

i9000 Galaxy S Clone Gets Touch Wiz 3.0 Interface

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The i9000 Galaxy S clone was already a stunning looking clone but now with its new firmware touting the actual Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 interface you going to really find it difficult telling fake from real! Video after the jump.

Apple Postpones iPad 2 Production Until February 2011

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According to sources at Foxxconn Apple were planning to begin production of the next generation tablet in January, but have changed the date due to one of of the Foxxconn plants still not running at full capacity. The source claims Apple planned to begin production in January 2011, but have put it off until February […]

Next Generation iPad Clone Gets a 7 hour Battery and 70 hours of Stand by!

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Just when we thought the trickle of clones had finally been stemmed Freescale come out with this 9.7 inch screened iPad-a-like! Thing is though this clone is more than just good looks! It actually gets some decent looking hardware!

Chinese Trains Aim To Beat the TGV in 2011

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China’s high speed rail network is already the longest operational high speed railway in the world with over 7,500 kilometers of track, but that’s not enough. Next year Chinese high speed trains hope to beat the 574.8 km/h speed record set by the French TGV high speed train in 2007. Last Friday the Chinese CRH-380A […]

Housewife iPad Smuggling Ring Rounded Up in Shenzhen

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Shenzhen customs officers rounded up a gang of housewives smuggling iPad’s and cell phones from HongKong to the mainland last month. The group of 14 women each managed to stuff their bags with up to 10 iPad tablets and 30 cell phones. Video after the jump.

Skyworth’s Skypad Looks like an iPad 2!

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Skyworth are better known for their television business, but like most companies they’re jumping on the tablet bandwagon with an Android offering of their own.

Geely Panda Now Available Online

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Geely the Chinese automotive company, that made international headlines this year when it took over Volvo, began selling it’s popular Panda city car online this Monday.