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Asus Releases New Range Of Nettop PC’s

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What do you get if you rip the screen from a net-book and plug it to your TV? A cheap but rather ugly looking net-top computer that’s what. Then what happens if you add a DVD burner to the mix? Well you get a cheap PC plus a DVD, CD player replacement all in one! […]

Shuttle All In One PC is Truly Portable

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Wow these all in one computers are really starting to roll out of the factories and in to the store. The latest AIO (All in one) the Shuttle X50V2 is a beautiful example of original styling and proves that now all Chinese PC’s need to look like Mac knock off’s to be worthy of a […]

Dual Antennae CDMA GSM iPhone 4 Coming To China

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The iPhone 4 is still flying off the shelves in China despite grey import models getting a price drop, a one per customer sale rule and a pre order system being set up to stop scalpers getting their greedy hands on them. The rate of sales has even surprised Apple who now seem to be […]

130 Dollar 1:1 iPad Clone

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Most of the Android based tablets coming out of China have a very iPad look to them. Some of the tablets are just unfortunate enough to be coming after the iPad and as such get labeled as ‘knock offs’, but others well and truly deserve the title. This Shenzhen made tablet is almost a 1:1 […]

Marty Mcfly’s Nike Hyperdunks Get Knocked Off

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Being an avid fan of Back To the Future I’ve always fancied getting myself a pair of Marty Mcfly’s Nike Hyperdunk basketball sneakers with those awesome “Power laces”. There have been a few companies out there who have actually tried to recreate the power lace design, but there style drops the ball when it comes […]


Blackberry Eyes China

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RIM are planning to strengthen its cooperation with Chinese telecom operators and app suppliers to keep up with market trends in China. Rim plan to continue to emphasis its brand as a business use device for the Chinese market and hope to lure some big business customers. The Canadian based company has teamed together with […]

2 New Android Tablets From Shenzhen Encore

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Shenzhen Encore have just launched two great looking Android tablets with 7 inch or 8 inch screens and a choice of either Android 2.1 or 2.2. The features look fantastic too! The 7 inch model named the M702 (when will they give these tabs interesting names?) runs Android 2.1 on a Telechips Arm II CPU. […]

China Introduces E-bike Subsidy

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Shandong province is the latest of 10 provinces to introduce an e-bike subsidy for people living in rural areas. The new subsidy, which was introduced this week allows people living in rural areas to get a 13% discount on new electric bikes. The new subsidy means that workers once relying on push bikes to get […]

China Daily iPad App

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If you want to keep up to date with the latest news in China this iPad application from China Daily is well worth a look. The lay out of the app is just like that of a miniature newspaper. Text and images have all been specially optimized for the iPads screen meaning you get crisp […]

How To: Jailbreak Your iPad Running 3.2.2

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If you were one of the early adopters in China and picked up an iPad on the day of release in China you may have been a bit disappointed to find it was shipped with iOS 3.2.2 which, at the time, couldn’t be Jailbroken. Luckily for you (and me) a new exploit and software to […]

1600 Yuan iMac Clone Is Seriously Tempting

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From a distance and if you squint you could be fooled in to thinking that these 18.5 inch screened all in one PC’s were from Apple themselves, but only a quick glimpse at the price tag would tell you the true identity of this 20mm thick all screen beastie. Actually beast is exactly the wrong […]

China Propels Ebook Growth

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China’s ebook market is growing from strength to strength with a reported 3.82 million ebooks sold in 2009. Then in the first half of 2010 China’s ebook sales accounted for more than 20% of the worlds total ebooks sales second only to the United States. This boom has attracted big names such as Nokia who […]

Apple Halts iPhone 4 Sales

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Just 13 days after launching the iPhone 4 in China, Apple have ceased all sales of the popular device at it’s Apple Retail Stores in both Shanghai and Beijing in an attempt to stop scalpers getting hold of the phones and selling them at a profit. Although Apple have refused to release sales figures for […]

Eken Love Series Tablets

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iPad clones are seriously getting extremely dull, so it makes a nice change to come across a company who have decided to take the initiative and do something that at least looks a little different. Eken are the makers of this super slim rounded ‘Love’ tablet, and it looks like they’are hoping to sell it […]

Retro Looking Gpad 701

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It looks like the designers of the Gpad 701 went back in time to the 80’s, looked at what we thought the future would look like then designed there Android powered tablet to reflect those rather bland expectations. The Gpad uses a very cheap 7 inch touch screen which relies on a stylus for touch […]

Oh Dear Things Are A Bit Strange At Gizchina

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Regular readers may have noticed that Gizchina is acting… well… kind of srewed up! Post’s dissapearing and the site being offline for example. This is all due to us change servers and having a few technical difficulties. Everything seems to be working ok now and with any luck all those melt-downs are behind us. Now […]

Cyberworm Attack

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Chinese business were warned on Sunday of a highly sophisticated cyber weapon know as Stuxnet. The cyber worm has been designed to infiltrate Siemens supervisory control and data (SCADA) systems which are commonly used to monitor and control industrial facilities ranging from traffic lights to nuclear power plants. Personal computers are apparently safe. Stuxnet gets […]

China Has More Than 1 Billion Phone Users

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If I had $1 for every phone subscriber in China I would have $1.13 Billion ! China now not only boasts the fastest growing auto industry but now the fastest growing phone industry and the largest cell phone provider (based on users) China Mobile! The majority of subscribers are mobile phone users at around 800 […]

Tienanmen Fountain Laser Show

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A 10 meter high fountain at the center of Tienanmen has been outfitted with some swanky laser technology in preparation for the October National Day Holiday. The laser show will run from the 1st of October to the middle of the month so if you fancy popping along to Beijing and checking it our you’ll […]

Apple Vs China Unicom iPhone 4 Sales

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China Unicom and Apple have been partners ever since the iPhone 3G launched in China in March 2009, however they now seem to be in a head to head battle for iPhone 4 sales in China. The iPhone 4 officially launched on Saturday (25th September) and is available from either China Unicom Stores or Apple […]