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No Cheap Chinese Honeycomb Tablets?

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While we secretly and patiently wait for the Chinese factories to start shipping Honeycomb tablets with dual core CPU’s we also secretly, but sadly we know we may be in for a bit of a wait. The wait is down to component prices. Current prices for the oldest (on the market) dual-core CPU suitable for […]

Another iPhone 5 Leak Or a Premature Clone?

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We’ve reported on a couple of claimed iPhone 5 leaks over the past few weeks. From cases, to images, to components including the screen, we’ve seen our fair share of ‘details’ to know when we should be taking a pinch of salt (if we can find any) and this piece of news might just need […]

Smart Covers For Original iPad

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One of the biggest surprises at the iPad 2 launch wasn’t the cameras, thinner design or faster CPU, or even the lack or SD card reader, but rather the cool new Smart Pads. The newly designed only for iPad 2 (until now) Smart covers only cover the screen of the iPad 2 and can be […]

It’s a Slow News Day: 20cm Long Fingernails!!

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Yup, it’s kind of slow today on the tech front, here’s hoping we come up with another bit of juicy iPhone 5 news like yesterday, but in the meantime…. A man in Hainan (presumably not the same person responsible for the Transformers made of junk) has been in front of the lens today showing off […]

Scrap Metal Transformers Take Over Hainan

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Hainan, the tropical island in the South of China is usually associated with palm trees and beautiful beaches, however this week there has been a bit of a robotic invasion. Sculptures using scrap metal and other junk items have come up with 5 transformer style ‘junk bots’ to promote a creativity park in Haikou, the […]


Android Tablet Wallpaper of the Week

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inan imac clone side

This week’s Android tablet wallpaper of the week should really be last weeks, as we forgot to post it! Anyhow here it is and we think it looks spectacular! If you want to add this wallpaper to your Android device press on the image and choose the ‘set as wallpaper’ option, or save it to […]

Lawsuit Tuesday Continues: Apple Suing Amazon Over App Store

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Could Lawsuit Tuesday become an AOST regular feature? Looking at today’s news the answer is looking to be a ‘very possibly!’. Just minutes after publishing news that Microsoft are suing Foxconn and Barnes & Noble over an dispute to do with Android, we got news that Apple are now taking Amazon to court over their […]

Lawsuit Tuesday: Microsoft is Suing Barnes & Noble over Android

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Microsoft has target Barnes & Noble in a patent lawsuit. The Windows makers claims that B&N’s Android based Nook e-book reader infringes a number of their patents and has made a formal complaint about the infringement to the U.S. International Trade Commission. Microsoft have also named Foxconn (maker of iPhones and iPads for Apple) in […]

Asus Convertable Honeycomb Netbook

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Is it a tablet? Is it a netbook? No!….. Yes!….. Well it’s a bit of both and it’s launching this Friday! Well at least in Taiwan that is! This Asus is the the first convertible net book to launch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. From the picture above you can see that the little Asus will […]

Move Evidence Points At Slightly Modified iPhone 5

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More and more evidence is mounting and pointing at the possibility the new iPhone 5 from Apple, won’t actually be all that new, and will in fact just be a slightly redesigned iPhone 4. These drawings which are claimed to be engineering designs for the next generation iPhone or iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4Gs even!) […]

iPhone 5 Cases Leaked

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Is the iPhone 5 actually going to be more like an iPhone 4GS? If these images of supposed iPhone 5 silicone cases are anything to go by then the answer is a big yes! The silicone cases found on popular sourcing website Alibaba claim to be for the new iPhone 5, yet they also claim […]

China’s Homegrown GPS Will Generate 400 Billion By 2020

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GPS is big business all over the globe, and here in China, home to the worlds fastest automobile market navigation is even a bigger business than in most economies. Currently 95% of all navigation in China is handled U.S GPS satellites, but this is American dominance of global positioning and guidance sound like it could […]

Noodle Shaving Robot Chef

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Chinese inventors have a certain love affair with robots, it may possibly be due to most 30 something Chinese having grown up on Transformers cartoons or the Japanese Ultraman show, whatever the reason if you give a Chinese inventor enough time, materials and a problem to solve the answer he or she will inevitably come […]

iPad 3 To Be Released September? Plus Details!

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The iPad 2 is out and has been a major success for Apple, even with a few concerns with the extra heat the ultra thin tablet generates and the fact that some users are experiencing some issues with light bleeding from around the edges of the LCD screen. But these rather minor issues are no […]

Archos Planning 1.6Ghz Tablets!

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French company Archos have made quite a name of themselves over the past 10 years for producing well made but affordable media players and over the past few years competitive Android tablets. In a recent financial meeting Archos made details known for their upcoming next generation tablets. These new tablets known as the Archos Gen […]

HP Expects 100 Million WebOS Devices A Year!

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G4 iPhone for sale

The new CEO of HP Leo Apotheker has been doing the rounds trying to gain popularity for his companies WebOS platform, which HP acquired after buying out smart-phone maker Palm. But his latest claims are looking a bit far fetched to some, as he is now saying that WebOS will make it’s way on to […]

Amazon App Store To Launch March 22nd

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According to a trusted source over at Wired’s version of the Android application store will go live before the end of this month, 22nd March 2011 to be exact. The Amazon Android application store which will be modeled more on Apple’s app store than the current Android market, with developers having to pass an […]

Lenovo Ready To Pounce On Web TV

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Lenovo are continuing it’s strategy to diversify it’s range of consumer electronics products away from just laptops and PC’s and have already launched a rival to the iPhone the Android based LePhone and are taking orders for the LePad Android tablet. Lenovo are worried by the current tread with Chinese consumers which lead to a […]

HTC Flyer Get’s UK Pricing

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asus s30 netbook skd kit

HTC may have taken their time entering the tablet market, but they are set to make up for it now with the impending launch of their first tablet. The HTC Flyer as the first tablet is known has just got it’s official UK pricing, you may want to sit down before hearing the numbers though! […]

And The Most Popular Android Version Is…

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A recent survey by Android developers to seek out the most popular version of the ever growing Android OS versions resulted in rather surprising news! Despite Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Android 2.3 Gingerbread representing the cream of the crop in the Android universe, both versions of the open source OS fail to make up even […]