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Lenovo Planning 23-Inch Tablets

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Someone at Lenovo has obviously been looking at the current crop of 10-inch tablets and have decided that they just aren’t big enough so have decided to set about designing a huge 23-inch Windows 7 based tablet.

Intel Readying Incentives for Manufactures Making Intel Tablets

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Intel are planning on stealing ARM CPU market share in the tablet sector by offering payments to manufacturers of Android tablets which make use of Intels new Atom CPU’s.

China Mobile Planning Own Brand Linux Tablets

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ophone china mobile tablet

China Mobile are planning to spend $333 million on purchasing 1 million tablet devices from Taiwanese electronics companies Foxconn and Quanta Computer Inc.

Bye Bye Meizu M8

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no more official meizu m8 updates

Meizu’s ever vocal CEO Jack Wong officially announced that Meizu would be stopping all updates and development for their older Meizu M8 Windows CE based phone.

White iPhone Now In Production Due In Store Next Month

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white iphone 4 hands on gizchina 1

Unlike many we have actually had our hands on a genuine White iPhone 4, and …. it’s just like the black one only it looks dirtier much quicker! For those of you still wanting to get you  grubby mitts the white version of a now 10 month old smart phone the wait may almost be […]


Lenovo Has A 23-Inch Tablet In The Works

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lenovo are planneing a 23-inch windows tablet

While most companies are content with launching 7-10 inch tablet devices, Lenovo has adopted the old mantra ‘Big is Better!’ and have a monster 23 inch tablet in the works!

Android Based TV’s The Next Big Thing?

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While the popularity of Android tablets is going from strength to strength, manufacturers are finding the market place increasingly crowded so are looking for other ways to cash in on the Android parade. One way some Chinese makers are diversifying their range is to create Google TV boxes based on the same architecture as their […]

Flexiview Android 2.2 Google TV

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flexiview android tv

Internet TV is taking off in a big way here in China, and as with every popular new form of media the electronics have jumped head first in to bringing cheap Google TV boxes to the masses. Like Rockchip with their Apple TV like device with Wiimote, Flexiview the makers of this Google TV box […]

Gooapple G22 Android iPhone 4 Knock Off Hands On

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gooapple g22 iphone 4 ultimate clone

There are iPhone 4 clones and there is the Gooapple G22! This iPhone 4 clone not only looks awesome, but it’s gets a full vanilla install of Android 2.2, a very responsive capacitive touch screen, but best of all the super low price of 999 Yuan ($152).

Chinese Burberry Stores Getting Multi-media Makeover

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chinese burberry stores to get ipads

Burberry, the luxury British fashion brand are planning a full international brand makeover to give the traditional design house a more youthful image.

Razor Switchblade Portable Gaming PC To Get Chinese Launch

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razor switchblade coming to china

The Razor Switchback is to make an official appearance here in China it was announced earlier at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

Rockchips R-Box Google TV Running Android 2.3 With Wiimote

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rockchips rbox google tv ui

There currently aren’t many Google TV boxes here in China, but it looks like it’s a possible market ready to explode in a cloud of Yuan! Lenovo have already made their intentions known with regards to online TV and now Rockchips are getting in on the act.

Rockchips Shows Off Skype Video Calling and QQ HD Chat For Android Devices

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qq hd chat video calling for android

Rockchip, one of the largest makers of ARM based chips for Android tablets and phones, have been showing off video calling on Android tablets through two new Android applications.

Huawei Concept Leaf Phone

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huawei concept leaf phone

Although we get to see concept art from the likes of Sony, Nokia and others on a fairly frequent basis it’s still pretty rare that we get to see what Chinese electronics companies have been dreaming up.

Intel’s Oak Trail Has Found Fans With Chinese Manufactures

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intel oak trail devices planned

Intel launched it’s new range of Atom processors yesterday called Oak Trail. This the latest version of the popular CPU has been specially designed to increase battery life while at the same time improving video, Flash and gaming performance.

Dawa D9 Android Tablet

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android 2.2 dawa d9

It took the Shenzhen factories a while to get on to the 10” tablet bandwagon (probably due to screen shortages due to the original iPad) but now they’re on they’re not getting off anytime soon.

Xoom Gets SD Card Expansion Thanks To Devs

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Although the Motorola Xoom comes as standard with a micro SD card slot, Motorola in all their wisdom disabled the hardware from allowing users to read and write media files too, meaning you we’re limited to the built in 32Gb of storage. However thanks to developers over at the XDA-Developers forum, users of rooted Motorola […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Rooted Already!

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Honda EV N Beijing

The Asus Eee Pad is easily at the top of our Android Tablet must have list. Not only does it get a smart clip in keyboard to convert the tablet in to a nice little netbook replacement, but it also has an awesome specification at a pretty low price. However the best has yet to […]

Gooapple Available for Pre-order Get’s Pricing Details

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gooapple shanzhai android iphone 4 preorder

UPDATE: Read part 1 of our GooApple 3G Vs. iPhone 4 Showdown here. Ah, the Gooapple! Probably the best piece of Shanzhai technology we have seen so far this year and it’s now available for pre-order at a special low price of 999 Yuan ($152) !

Novo Series Tablet Finally Show Up But Without Android 3.0

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ainol nova tablets

A few months ago tablet maker Ainol showed off their planned Novo concept tablet in all its splendid shiny white, Honeycomb packed glory. Since then though Google have announced that Android 3.0 won’t be released just yet and so Ainol have had to slap in a copy of Android 2.2 on the new machines, which […]