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ZTE To Launch Windows Mango Phone in China and Europe

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Not to be outdone by the news of Nokia’s new range of Windows phones heading to China, ZTE have announced details of their own Mango phone. The ZTE Tania will feature a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 WVGA TFT screen, 1Ghz CPU, 3D graphics acceleoration, 512mb RAM and 4 GB of built in memory.

Amazing Cheap 3G Android Tablet only $63

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Sir Jimmy Saville

Cheap tablets with great hardware used to be the thing of dreams! But the latest develpments in China seem to be bringing those dreams to reality.

Grefu iPad 2 Knock-Off For Less Than $200!

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How would you like an Andorid tablet that looks as good as an iPad 2, but is more powerful, has better camera’s and is cheaper? Yeah, it sounds like an impossible dream right? But thanks to Chinese company Grefu that dream has become a reality!

Chinese College Girl Offer 5 Nights of Sex for iPhone 4!

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A chat log  between a college freshman girl and a man has gone viral across the Internet in China. The exchange between the two revlolved around the girl willing to sleep with the stranger for 5 night as long as he would give her the money for an iPhone 4!

Hisense Joins eyeSight to Offer Gesture Controlled Android TV’s

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  Hisense have just announced they are teaming up with eyeSight to integrate gesture recognition software in to their TV’s.  These ‘smart TV’s’  will use motion monitoring cameras to read a persons hand and body gestures and in turn control various functions. Hisense will be making use of eyeSights SDK on their new XT710 smart […]

Steve Jobs Biography Sells Out in China!

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  Although it’s actually very easy to head to the local market and pick up a pirated Steve Jobs Biography, or if you feeling particularly lazy just download it from the Internet here in China, that hasn’t stopped hundred of thousands of Apple Steve Jobs fans buying up the entire stock of the official version!

Asus Transformer Prime Leaked Close Up

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The Asus Transformer Prime (awesome name!) is by no means a secret after Asus CEO Jonney Shih slapped it out on show last week in Hong Kong, but up until today we hadn’t manage to get a good close up of this next generation transforming Android tablet.

This $63 3G Android Tablet Could Replace a Phone!

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This bargain bucket Android tablet may not be the best looking we have come across in the past week, that honor goes to the Grefu M97 and Cutepad Z7, but for $63 and packing a 3G ready data connection it sure is interesting. As you can see from the photos the screen is a bit […]

Are Nokia’s new Windows Phones Enough To Win Back Chinese Consumers!

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Nokia once made phones everyone and their mother wanted to own. Their combination of great styling, solid construction and relatively low price ensured we all at least owned one Nokia or know someone who has in the past. In recent years though, they have been falling out of fashion thanks primarily to Apple’s reinventing of […]

UCWeb Vs. Tencent Mobile Browser Wars

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Many of you will be quite familiar with Tencent and their famous penguin mascot for the company’s extremely popular IM service QQ. Well this week the Tencent sent out an email to users of their mobile browser claiming that, “Tencent Mobile Browser Eclipsed Its Competitors to Became No.1” However the reality may not be so […]

M97 iPad 2 Knock-off Specification and Price Details

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We still can’t quite get over just how amazing the Shenzhen made M97 iPad 2 clone looks! If you had missed our exclusive coverage on the release of this iPad 2 replica, take a look at our article earlier this week here, if you don’t have time here are the details:

Upset Chinese Customers Taking Apple to Court!

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We reported a few months ago that some Apple customers in China had reportedly bought devices from Apple stores in Beijing at full price, only to find out days later their ‘new’ gadget wasn’t so new! The reports centered around iPhone 4’s that had been bought at full retail price, 4999 Yuan in Beijing, which […]

Steve Jobs Biography Pirated Already!

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The much anticipated biography of Steve Jobs was officially put on sale via iTunes and bookstores on Monday, and already 2 days later we are finding reports of pirated versions on sale in China.

Exclusive: New GooApple V5 with Retina Display Hands On Video!

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GooApple have quietly launched their latest generation Android smartphone, the GooApple V5! Like the previous GooApple and GooApple 3G, this 3rd generation GooApple has the iPhone 4 external appearance, but with an Android powered O.S. Update: Pricing and where to buy details! Check out the exclusive GooApple V5 Hands on Video after the jump!

Sina Weibo Reaches 250 Million Users!

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Sina’s Weibo is hitting headlines again for reaching record numbers! The spectacular hurdle the popular Chinese micro blogging platform has reached now is managing to attract a record breaking 250 million registered users! According to Sina’s official report Weibo officially reached over 250 million users sometime in October and now registers more than 90 million […]

HDC A9100 Android S2 Preview

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Chinese manufactures are producing better and more powerful products. The best examples of the types of advances which are being made are in the Android devices such as phones and tablets which local manufactures are making. While not all of the Android devices available in China today are unique, they do all seem to be […]

Chinese Cloud Storage Service KanBox Raises $20 Million

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KanBox, founded in January last year, is a cloud based storage solution for Chinese web users. The start-up has managed to gain a lot of popularity in China, receiving over 1.5 million users in it’s first 3 months on line. The popularity is growing too, and it is estimated that KanBox our currently storing 2 […]

Fangtastic Dracula Cookies Recipe

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Halloween, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner, and what better way to get yourself and your kids in the frightful mood than to whip up a batch of these fangtastic Dracula cookies!

BYD E6 Electric Sedan On Sale

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Electric cars are one of the soon to be booming market in China, and BYD are one of the first of the larger Chinese car manufacturers to offer an electric car to the Chinese car buying public. The all electric BYD E6 has been available to buy for taxi companies and can be seen silently […]

BYD electric buses heading for LAX

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BYD (Build Your Dreams, the Chinese car company behind such cars as the BYD F0 (Toyota Aigo clone) have announced that they will be setting up shop in North America. BYD are going to open a new headquarters in Los Angeles, which marks the Chinese automotive companies first physical presences in the U.S. The news […]