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LionPAD 3G Launched in China!

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LionPAD? What in the Android tablet universe is one of those? Well it’s the latest in a line of fully equipped 7 inch Android Tablet coming straight out of China. While the name may not be familiar now, the LionPAD has everything it needs to become a household name.

Lenovo Launches First True Business Tablet With Honeycomb

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While the Blackberry Playbook may have been the first of the new breed of business tablet it doesn’t really offer the specifications business types are looking for, and the name “Playbook” try asking your general manager if you can have a ‘Playbook’ on the company expenses! Fortunately for those still wanting a tablet aimed at […]

E-King Is the Thinnest Tablet PC and Can Boot 5 O.

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world thinnest tablet pc windows 7 windows 8 android meego linux ubuntu

Take this news with a large helping of salt if you like, but Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology, are claiming to have made the worlds thinnest tablet PC, and it will run 5 of the most popular operating systems available!

China’s Latest ‘E-King’ Tablet claims to be the thinest and will run all O.S!

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window 6.5 iphone 4 clone

Dual boot netbooks and tablets are nothing new, but when a company claims that their latest tablet, touted as the thinnest PC in the world, can run not 2 but 5 of the most popular operation systems available we tend to take notice.

iOS 4.3.5 Jailbroken Already!

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Seems the rumors were partly wrong about no more iOS 4.x jailbreaks, as Muscle Nerd announces that Redsnow will still Jailbreak iOS 4.3.5 Earlier today (depending where you are) Apple released iOS  4.3.5, security update that patches a security certificate flaw. This latest update had Jailbreakers worried that this may be the final nail in […]


No 4.3.4 Jailbreak On The Way!?

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spiderman phones

As you may or may not be aware the newest version of Jailbreak me, 3.0, went live a few weeks ago, and as you would have expected Apple has patched the exploit with an upgrade! But the bad news doesn’t stop there!

Blackberry Playbook Updates in Danger!

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The Playbook, which is already finding it difficult to attract buyers, may be in for a more dire problem! Recently Blackberry amazed tech blogs the globe over by announcing they would launch 7, yes 7, new smartphones this year, but now in a twist to the tale, word has come that RIM are downsizing!

$100 iPad 2 Clone Hits Stores

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white ipad 2 knock off China

The iPad 2 clone ball is rolling, with this, the second clone to hit the market for an incredible $100!

How to Jaillbreak iPad 2 With Jailbreak Me 3.0

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cydia on iPad 2 jailbreakme 3.0

Just follow these super easy steps to Jailbreak your iPad 2 using Commex’s JailbreakMe 3.0

JailbreakMe 3.0 For iPad 2 Leaked: And here it is!

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jailbreak ipad 2 with jailbreak me 3.0

My wife might be pretty unhappy when I get home! The only thing stopping me from buying a shiny new iPad 2 was the lack of Jailbreak, but thanks to Commex (and an unverified leak) it’s here!

Gooapple 3G Ultimate iPhone 4 Clone: 4 Pages of Everything you Need To Know!

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gooapple 3g china

UPDATE: Read part 1 of our GooApple 3G Vs. iPhone 4 Showdown here. There have been plenty of iPhone 4 clones on the market ever since Apple launched the revolutionary iPhone, but none have been so precise, or so damn bold as the GooApple G22!

iPhone 5 Coming September 7th!

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iphone 5 concept image.iphone 5 4 inch screen,iphone 5 lg screen

The iPhone 5 rumors have been a little confusing this year, but the latest news hints at a September 7th release!

iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming Soon?

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iPad 2 jailbreak me on the way

According to a recent tweet by iPhone hacker Comex, you lucky iPad 2 owners might be getting a jailbreak of your very own soon!

GooApple 3G, Android iPhone 4, Video Review

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gooapple 3g review where to buy

UPDATE: Read part 1 of our GooApple 3G Vs. iPhone 4 Showdown here. If you have been reading Gizchina for some time, you may well have come across the wonderfully cheeky GooApple. Well here’s it’s 3G brother with full video review.

Meizu M9 Gets CE Approval! Could Possibly Go on Sale in Europe!

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Meizu m9 gets ce

Meizu keep shocking the world with their smart phones, and the latest news of them receiving official CE approval could have huge implications for the tiny Chinese electronics group.

This Chinese Crane is Capable of Lifting 98 Statue of Libertys!!

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Yantai 30 Story Monster Crane

Yantai Raffles shipyard in Yantai, Shandong, have just unveiled there latest beast! A 30-story Taisun crane designed to lift 20,000 metric ton oil rig platforms!

We Wanted An iPad 2 Clone, And Unfortunately This is it!

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Rear of the iPad 2 clone gets a rear camera

Last month we broke news of a Chinese tablet maker’s promise to release an iPad 2 clone within the month! Well, as expected they were late delivering on their promise, and unfortunately have failed to deliver the hardware goods!

MeiYing’s Tablet Hits a Home run with 1.3Ghz CPU, Dual Cameras and Great UI!

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A lovely UI, fast CPU and 2 cameras

Chinese tablet makers seemed to have tablet hardware and manufactureing dialed and are now turning their talented eyes toward user interface tweaks.

1:1 Imitation iPad 1 Gets Front Facing Camera

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iPad imitation with front facing camera

The iPad 2 has been out for months, and we’ve been promised clones of the latest Apple tablet will launch sometime this month, yet Chinese manufactures are keen to cling on to those iPad 1 knock-offs they’ve invested so much in to, but with some next generation features.

Latest 7-inch Android Tablet Measures Half an iPad at Only a Fraction of the Cost!

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Half the size of an iPad, but just as much fun!

500 Yuan ($77) isn’t a lot of money, and as such we don’t expect to get much for what we pay for, and in some ways this 7 inch Android tablet follows that rule to a ‘T’, in others though, it throws the rule book out of the window!