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iPhone 5 Touch Screen Leaked

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Well if this is actually the new touch screen for the iPhone 5 it looks like we’ll be in for more of a slight tweak in styling rather than a hole new radical design when the next generation iPhone arrives. The overall appearance of the screen hasn’t changed much when compared to the iPhone 4’s […]

Sports Games Collection For Android

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Spring is on the way, the weather is getting better and I bet you’re itching to get out and do some sports! No! You aren’t! Ah, well how about some great sports games to play on you Android Tablet or phone then? In this article: Let’s Golf Real Football HD Big Mountain Snowboarding Homerun Battle […]

1.2 Ghz Android Tablet Spotted! Video

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Android 2.2 is still a mighty fine operating system even for tablets, this and the fact that component costs for 2.2 compatible software is now super cheap it’s no wonder that Chinese factories are still researching and developing tablets that run the now dated software. The latest tablet to be spotted doing the rounds is […]

1.2Ghz Android 2.2 Tablet Spotted in China

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Despite being superseded by the tablet ready Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Android 2.2 is still a very capable and well supported operating system which can be found on any number of Chinese made tablets. The latest Chinese tablet to come with 2.2 installed is this prototype which has been spotted out and about. The overall look […]

This Guy Bring A Whole New Meaning To iPhone Games!

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If you have ever felt the need to waste a huge wad of cash in a totally pointless way you could take a leaf out of this guys book and buy 52 iPhone 4′s (or are they iPod 4′s?) for the sole purpose of having a game of cards! Take a look at the photos […]


10 Reasons Android Is Better Than iOS

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With the iPad 2 on it’s way and a possible iPad 3 available by the end of the year, plenty of people are torn between which tablet platform, iOS or Android, they should go for. Here are 10 reason we think you should get an Android tablet;

Dispatch Zombies Angry Bird Style

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Stupid Zombies is action puzzle game very similar in style and game play the popular Angry Birds game. Hordes of zombies fill the screen and must get rid of them with your trusty shotgun. As the levels pass by the game gets progressively difficult as you are forced to utilize rebounds and accurate trajectory to […]

Is This How The iPad 2 Will Look?

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The recent round of rumors point to a March 2nd iPad 2 release, but if you can’t wait that long to see what Apple may have planned for the next generation iPad look no further! These images show a mock iPad 2 compared to the current iPad which gives us a good idea at what […]

iOS Hacked To Run On Meizu

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The Chinese Meizu forums are a buzz today after news of an apparent successful install of Apple’s iOS operating system on the previous generation Meizu smartphone. The Meizu M8 originally shipped with a Windows CE based OS, but looking at the photos and video (after the jump) it looks to have been hacked to run […]

Fake iPhone 5 Launched! Video

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In typical style the shanzhai (clone) crew have jumped the gun and launched what they imagine the next Apple iPhone will look like! The copy in the video looks much more like a iPhone 3Gs Air (if there were such a phone) rather than a next generation iPhone based on the current iPhone 4. More […]

Huawei Blocks Motorola Nokia Deal

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Despite being exceptionally huge, Huawei are probably one of those companies you likely have never heard of, and this week this little big giant managed to block the accusation of Motorola’s network equipment division by rival firm Nokia. More after the jump!

50+ Million 3G Users In China

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11 million more 3G subscribers joined the 3G pack in January bringing the total number of 3G subscriptions in China to a staggering 50+ million! Those 50+ million customers are split between the 3 major telecom companies, or the ‘Big 3”, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. More details after the jump!

Megatron Is Real And In China!

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The guy’s over at Gadget Republic have posted remarkable photos of this 1:1 replica of Megatron, the evil leader of the Desepticons, in tank mode. Full details haven’t been posted, but the steel replica weighs in at a mighty 5000kg and was designed and made by a Chinese artist who goes by the name of […]

Google Releases Android 3.0 SDK

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Google have finally released the Honeycomb 3.0 SDK for developers. The SDK (special developers kit) allows devs to make applications especially for Android tablets and gets some new updates to improve rendering and layering which should faithfully reflect how layouts look on devices.

Give Your Contacts a Makeover With Androidify

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Androidify is a great little fun app developed by both Google and Larva Labs and available as a free download at the Android store, and also here. The whole point of Androidify is too have fun making a family of characters based on the famous Android Droid Logo. The interface is simple and quick to […]

New Macbook Pros Launch in 2 Days With Huge Trackpad and Dual Hard Drives!

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Rumor has it that the long over due Macboook Pro update will be ready for sale in just 2 days, which coincedentally also happens to be Steve Jobs’ birthday. Stores all over the U.S have reportedly already received their shipments of the new Macbook Pro, but have been warned that if they are to open […]

Motorola Xoom Won’t Support Flash At Launch!

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If you are getting itchy palms and feeling a considerable sum of money burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to slap 800 note of your hard earned money down at the local electronics store on 24th February and grab yourself the Motorola Xoom tablet. But be warned! The Android 3.0 loaded tablet, […]

Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Launched With Pricing

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Viewsonic have released the Viewpad 7inch Android tablet recently in Beijing. The latest tablet from Viewsonic supports both GSM and CDMA meaning that it will play nice on both China Unicom’s and China Mobile’s data connections. Priced at 3888 Yuan ($589) the Viewpad is in direct competition with the iPad, and despite being smaller may […]

Best Buy Is Shutting Down Chinese Stores

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The U.S electronics giant Best Buy has announced today that they will close all 9 of its stores on the Chinese mainland. A press release issued by the company stated that all current operations will be merged in to its sister company, Five Star Appliance Company, based in Nanjing. President of Best Buy’s business in […]

ZTE Skate and Amigo Android Phones

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ZTE are getting their Android game on for 2011, yesterday we got wind of their new V11 Android 3.0 Tablet, and today brings us details of their new Skate phone and Amigo phones. More details after the jump.