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How To Download Applications Without The Android Market

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Android tablets are being released on what seems to be a daily basis, and the number of cheaper 7 and 10 inch tablets coming from lesser known Chinese brands is increasing. Some of these tablets should really be avoided like the plague, but as with everything, there are some golden nuggets out there that are […]

Meizu M9 Gingerbread Packs A Ton Of New Features!

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meizu m9 gingerbread update download

We’ll I have just updated my faithful Meizu M9 to the latest Beta version firmware; 2.0.0-17831 which finally brings the latest version Android, Gingerbread 2.3 to the, Chinese smart phone as well as some nice tweaks and updates such as:

Meizu M9 Gingerbread Update Released

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Meizu M9 Gizchina hands on

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Meizu are really spoiling us with all these updates and bug fixes, but this latest beta firmware ‘leaked’ by Meizu CEO Jack Wong is an exceptionally delicious treat! The new firmware isn’t just a run of the mill bug fix but an actual upgrade from Android […]

Motorola Xoom and Atrix Coming To China With Silly Pricing

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motorola atrix and xoom pricing thumb

Ah! the Motorola Xoom the first Android tablet to run Honeycomb and the first Android tablet to make buying an Apple laptop look like the budget option! And there, next to it’s bigger brother is the Atrix smartphone, a device that has no idea whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or netbook!

The Motorola Xoom Will Fail In China Too

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moto xoom china price thumb

Motorola have recently been showing off their huge losses for the year, while also proudly(?) stating that they have managed to ship a lackluster 250,000 Xoom Android Tablets, only 100,000 of which have found loving homes!


White iPhone 4 Is Fatter Than The Original

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white iphone 4 1mm thicker thumb

The white iPhone 4 is here and only 10 months late! But what has the illusive white version been up to in all that time? Well we’ve seen white iPhones out and about at the local gadget and grey markets here in China and judging by the extra girth the new iPhone has over the […]

9.8mm Thick iPhone 4 Clone

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9.8mm thick android 4 clone thumb

For as long as I can remember, the words “ShanZhai and Clone…” seems like dirty word, and we should admit that there are some bad quality clone in existence, but today’s iPhone 4 clone seems all right.

Want Your Credit Card Details Stolen? Get a Sony Tablet!

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That’s correct those two new Sony Android tablets the S1 and S2 are going to have the awesome ability to play Playstation titles and act as a media control through Sony’s gaming systems. However that awesome ability may well come with the totally un-awesome ability of being able to secrete to all important credit card […]

Motorola Has Only Sold 100k Xooms

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Motorola have been posting some pretty depressing, if you happen to be a Motorola shareholder, revenue figures. According to the report Motorola, the makers of the first ever Android Honeycomb tablet have managed a loss of $81 million !! $81 million is a huge amount of capital to be losing no matter how big your […]

Android A8 iPhone 4 Clone Gets Dual SIM and iOS UI

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android iphone 4 a8 thumb

iPhone 4 clones have been around for a while and this, the A8 was one of the first clones to really get the external appearance right while also running a more mature Android OS rather than the cheaper clunkier JAVA based systems we still come across.

Have Your Android/Windows Cake And Eat It With This Dual Boot Tablet

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dual boot android windows tablet

A few years back netbooks were the must have piece of tech, then Android tablets came along and now everyone wants one of those too. Now it looks like the common garden variety Android tablet is evolving in to a dual booting ‘do everything and a bit more’ Windows 7/Android combination beastie!

Shenzhen Foxconn Workers Arrested Over iPad 2 Leak

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ipad 2 case leaked

Apple are known for their secrecy regarding their new products, but despite strict measures to keep the latest iDevices out of the public spotlight before Jobs and Co. are ready to show them off, someone always seems to be able to leak details months before official launch.

Chinese iPhone 5 Suppliers Preparing For May!

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iphone 5 pre orders

I must admit that the just released white iPhone 4 didn’t bring with it some upgrades such as a larger screen, faster CPU or better camera, but if certain Chinese factories are to believed my disappointment won’t last much longer.

Dual Sim HTC Desire Clone Arrives In The Shanzhai Scene

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Htc desire clone

Oh we do love a good clone here at Gizchina and this HTC Desire knock-off is one of the best we have seen in a while, well if you don’t include the Gooapple Android iPhone 4 clone that is.

White iPhone 4 Now Officially Available in China

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white iphone 4 thumb

The much sort after white iPhone 4 is now officially available in China along with 30 other countries. Before today China was the only place to get you hands on a white iPhone 4, but they we’re, pardon the phrase, “stolen from the factory” and therefore not likely to be covered by the standard Apple […]

Google Losing Android To Baidu

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baidu planning to replace google on android

Baidu already have more than 75% of the Chinese search engine market all to themselves and are beginning to eat away at Google rather slim share, but that isn’t enough for General Manager of Baidu, Yueguo Feng as he has plans to whip Google’s Android OS  from the American web giant.

iPad 2 Coming To China May 6

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ipad 2 china may launch

Apple has confirmed today that the Wi-Fi iPad 2 will be available in China from Friday May 6. The second generation tablet will also go on sale in Japan on April 28, and also in 11 other countries including Hong Kong on April 28.

Forget iPhone 5 Rumors Here’s The iPhone 6!

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iphone 6 thumb

It seems most people are under the belief that we’re in for a slight upgrade once the iPhone 5 rolls out with an updated Apple A5 CPU, slightly larger 4-inch screen, a possible increase in mega-pixels on the rear camera and iOS 5. So now the iPhone 5 rumors are done with (yeah right!) it’s […]

White iPhone 4 Available in Hong Kong Today?

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white iphone 4 available hongkong

White iPhone 4’s may have been easily available here on the mainland of China for a good few months, but the rest of the world have had a very wait which is only now coming to an end.

China Unveils Plans For Space Station

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chinese space station

Plans for China’s first space station were released yesterday along with a competition for the public to name the 60 tonne space outpost.