Huawei nova 11 series released – a very practical mobile phone

Huawei nova 11 series

The Huawei nova 11 series was officially released today and this series has three versions including the Huawei nova 11, nova 11 Pro and the first new addition to the series, the nova 11 Ultra. This new series focuses on the portrait camera. At the system level, the Huawei nova 11 series is equipped with HarmonyOS 3. This further enhances user privacy security. Through pure mode 3.0, privacy center, security center, picture privacy protection, and AI privacy protection, application permission access and device security status are more transparent and controllable. Huawei claims that the data protection is simpler and more secure.

Huawei nova 11 series

Huawei nova 11 Pro

From the launch info, the nova 11 Pro comes with a new front binocular stereo vision imaging system. It uses a 60MP tracking focus dual camera with 100-degree ultra-wide-angle, 1/2.61-inch outsole, and supports 4K ultra-clear image quality. Of course, the resolution is excellent and it is very sensitive. In addition, there is another 8MP portrait close-up lens that supports up to 5x digital zoom. This brings an excellent portrait close-up experience that best matches the natural feeling of the human eye.

At the same time, nova 11 Pro also uses a pixel-level virtualization engine. It can deeply adjust and process the images captured by the two front lenses, making the shooting works more layered. For low-light scenes, Huawei nova 11 Pro also has a killer feature – portrait low – light enhancement tech. This tech can improve the overall brightness and dynamic range of the picture. It also presents richer image details, a more realistic colour reproduction, and improve low-light clarity.

Huawei nova 11 series

Not only that, nova 11 Pro uses an algorithm to process the highlights and shadows of the picture. This makes the transition between light and dark areas on the face more natural. Also, the contrast between light and dark areas has layers. In terms of the skin beautification effect, while retaining the details of skin texture, it can effectively remove facial blemishes, making the image more natural and the face more refined.

nova 11 Pro core specs

In terms of core specs, Huawei nova 11 Pro comes with a 6.78-inch 120Hz brand-new colour ring screen. This is the first Display Turbo colour display. It also supports Harmony ecological colour management which record and display the colourful world in a richer and more accurate format.

In terms of battery life, the nova 11 Pro uses a 100W super fast charging and Turbo 2.0 charging mode. When charging with the screen off, it can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes and fully charged in 20 minutes. At the same time, the nova 11 Pro also has the fastest charging experience, in 15 minutes, t can get up to 50%. In order to cope with the emergency situation of mobile phone power, nova 11 Pro supports emergency mode. With this mode, when the battery is as low as 2%, users can talk for 20 minutes, scan the code 8 times, and stand by for 4 hours.

Huawei nova 11 Ultra

Today, Huawei released its first “Ultra” model in the Huawei nova 11 series launch event. As nova’s first ultra-large model, the positioning of Huawei nova 11 Ultra has been significantly upgraded. It comes with features that are reserved for the Huawei P and Mate series such as the two-way Beidou satellite communication, Kunlun glass, etc. The appearance of the new device is much better in terms of design and texture. It has two plain leather versions – green and black. The design of the superstar ring on the rear camera has also been further upgraded. The company also put in a little work on the metallic texture.

Huawei nova 11 series


This mobile phone comes with a 6.78-inch 120Hz brand-new full-colour ring screen with dual – punch holes. This screen supports 1440Hz PWM high-frequency dimming and Kunlun glass. This is the first time that Huawei’s nova series adopts Kunlun glass. Through the enhanced implantation of composite ions, billions of nanocrystals are grown, which greatly improves the toughness of the glass. The drop resistance of the whole device is enhanced by 10 times. It has won the world’s first “Swiss SGS five-star glass”.


On the front, this device has a dual camera setup. It comes with a 60MP super wide-angle lens and 8MP portrait lens, which support up to 5x digital zoom. It also supports XD Portait portrait engine and achieves a DSLR-level photo experience. This includes 0.7X portrait group photo, 1X selfie, 2X texture portrait shooting, 5X makeup close-up and other features.

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Huawei Nova 11 Color options
Huawei Nova 11 Color options

The rear camera adopts a 50MP ultra-variable camera system. The series comes with a ten-speed variable aperture for the first time. The best aperture is adapted in the smart mode, and the professional mode supports manual adjustment. The F1.4 ultra-large aperture increases the amount of light entering to 65% (compared to F/1.8). When shooting night scenes, the amount of light entering is more sufficient, and the depth of field is also shallower, making the blur effect more natural. The F4.0 ultra-small aperture depth expansion has been increased to 236% (compared to F/1.8). With the blessing of the XD Portrait portrait engine, it can achieve a super blur effect. This is comparable to professional SLRs, and the algorithm effect is significantly better than that of ordinary mobile phones. powerful.


Huawei nova 11 Ultra comes with a 100W super fast charging and Turbo 2.0 charging mode. When charging with the screen off, it can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes and fully charged in 20 minutes. This device also supports emergency mode. At a 2% low battery, users can talk for 20 minutes, scan the code 8 times, brighten the code 23 times, and stand by for 4 hours.


Communication is one of the biggest highlights of this mobile phone. The Huawei nova 11 Ultrauses Harmony Smart Communication, which supports four-network collaboration. This means it supports a main card cellular, secondary card cellular, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, and Wi-Fi 5GHz. This allows users to maintain a smooth and efficient online experience at all times.

Satellite communication

Huawei officially announced that the Huawei nova 11 Ultra will be the first product in the nova series to use a two-way Beidou satellite message function. The addition of two-way satellite messages not only supports the sending of messages but also supports message replies.

When the user is in a desert and tough area, in a place where there is no ground network signal coverage, this device can come through. It will be very useful in areas of distress, disasters and other tight scenarios.  There are reports that the Beidou satellite tech on Huawei phones is a high-orbit satellite with a distance of up to 36,000 kilometres. However, Huawei did not expand the antenna. Instead, it improved the communication experience through high-gain algorithms and new communication protocols. This solves the need for the feature to consume so much power and other technical difficulties.


Huawei nova 11 series price

The standard version of this device comes with a 2499 yuan ($364) starting price for the 128GB model. Other models and their prices are

  • 256GB model goes for 2799 yuan ($407)
  • 256GB + Kunlun glass version sells at 2999 yuan ($437)
  • 512GB + Kunlun glass version sells for 3399 yuan ($495)

For this standard model, the four colours are white, black, gold and green


The Huawei nova 11 Pro has three models. These models and their prices are

  • 256GB version sells for 3499 yuan ($509)
  • 256GB + Kunlun glass version sell at 3699 yuan ($538)
  • 512GB + Kunlun glass version goes for 3999 yuan ($582)

For this Pro model, the four colours are white, black, gold and green

Huawei nova 11 ultra

This time, Huawei also adds a new Huawei nova 11 Ultra, a new flagship model. This device is more powerful in its camera specs and supports two-way satellite communication. This model has only one version, a 512GB + Kunlun glass version which sells for 4499 yuan ($655). The available colour options are green and black.

The pre-sale of the above price will start on April 17, and it will be sold on all channels on April 26. There will be multiple discounts for the first launch, including video, audio, cloud space, etc., and you can get them by opening “My Huawei APP”.

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