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Lenovo K920 Flagship Killer launching 5th August

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lenovo k920 launch date

With all the flagship news recently we have totally overlooked Lenovo, but they have bounded back in to the headlines with news of the Lenovo K920 launch date.

Sky blue Vivo Xshot now on sale in China!

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blue vivo xshot

If you have been waiting this year for the true flagship phone to arrive then the Vivo Xshot is the closest thing to it (in my opinion) and it looks even better now the holographic blue model is availble!

Rumour: Xiaomi Mi4 killer features will be design, camera, MIUI V6 and availability

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xiaomi mi4 leaked

On July 22nd Xiaomi hare going to launch their assault on the 2014 flagship war with the Xiaomi Mi4. But rumours are warning us to expect less in the hardware and more in the details for this new Mi phone.

Purported Nubia Z7 benchmarks caught on camera!

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nubia z7 antutu

Later this month in Beijing, ZTE’s Nubia brand will unleash their next generation smartphone. From recent Antutu benchmarks it looks every bit as powerful as we had hoped.

OPPO Find 7 India launch due tomorrow

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oppo find 7 review

OPPO is all geared up to launch their current flagship, the OPPO Find 7 in India on June 11th.


Oppo goes mini in Singapore with the launch of the the Find 7 mini and N1 mini

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oppo n1 mini leaked

As previously reported Oppo have release mini versions of the Oppo N1 and Find 7 and launched them in Singapore.

QHD display, microSD, removable battery, Snapdragon 801: Is LG G3 the perfect flagship?

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After months of leaks and speculation, the LG G3 finally went official. With a powerful feature set complemented by a QHD display, is the G3 the perfect Android?

Sony launch mid-range, LTE Sony Xperia M2 in Hong Kong

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sony xperia m2 hongkong

Looking more like the older Sony Xperia Z1 but without the waterproofing, the Sony Xperia M2 is a mid-range smartphone for customers wanting to join the 4G LTE data stream.

Xiaomi Mi3 arrives in India for testing

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xiaomi mi3s

We already know that Xiaomi are heading to India sometime in the future, the wait could be shorter than expected though as the Mi3 has turned up in the country for testing.

OPPO R1S now official; Ditches dual SIM for LTE support

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The LTE-flavoured version of the existing OPPO R1, aka OPPO R1S was just announced by the Chinese company with a 2498 Yuan price tag.

Oppo Find 7a Update – What are ghost touches?

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oppo find 7 review

After reviewing the Oppo Find 7a and using the phone since the day after the official launch, I thought it was about time I posted an update. It isn’t good news though.

$135, 4GLTE ZTE Redbull launches in China as another potential Xiaomi rival

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zte redbull v5 launch china

ZTE once again go for Xiaomi’s jugular, today with the launch of their $135 ZTE Redbull smartphone.

ZTE’s ‘Apollo’ might be the world’s first ever 64-bit Android smartphone

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zte logo

According to reports coming in from Chinese outlets, one of the country’s largest hardware manufacturers, ZTE is reportedly planning a launch of its first ever 64-bit Android smartphone.

64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810/808 revealed, to ship starting H1 2015

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It hasn’t been long since Qualcomm announced a refreshed Snapdragon 800 in the form of the 801, and we’re already witnessing the release of something that promises a lot more prowess.

64GB Xiaomi Mi3 gets a new low $438.99 price tag

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xiaomi mi3 hands on

If you are a fan of the Xiaomi Mi3 then this could be the perfect time to order yourself the top of the range 64GB version at a new now price.

WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1s receives network license

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The upgraded WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1S made its appearance over on the Tenaa website yesterday meaning Snapdragon powered Redmi’s will be on sale soon.

Will the ZTE Red Bull be a mid range Redmi Rival or flagship Oppo Find 7a contender?

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zte red bull battery

With the Nubia X6 safety launched, you might think that ZTE would be happy to enjoy the buzz around their new device but instead they are preparing to launch the ZTE Red Bull on 9th April.

Nubia Z7 aka Nubia X, spy photos surface again showing 6.3-inch display

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nubia z7

Leaked spy photos of the Nubia Z7, aka Nubia X, show off new phablet sized 6.3-inch display.

Money no object: Best Smartphone to buy!

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best smartphone to buy

If money was no object which is the best smartphone to buy? We list 5 smartphones which would be a great to own!

12 Best Smartphone deals under $190 Available now

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12 best smartphone

The day when low-cost or cheap meant poor specifications are well behind us, now it is easy to buy a cheap phone with excellent mid-range hardware. We list 10 best smartphone deals available now!