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ZTE-backed Axon phone coming to the US 14th July

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ZTE will be bringing its apparently high-end Axon phone to the US market at the end of the second week of July.

ZTE Maven, Sonata 2 launch in the US

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ZTE has announced a couple new entry-level devices for the US market, starting as low as $30.

Axon smartphones with ZTE connection heading to U.S

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axon smartphone

Axon aren’t a brand we expect you to be familiar with but be sure that you will see the name more often as the phone maker plans to bring its phone to the U.S.

A new battery technology from ZTE promises 3x more endurance!

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China’s ZTE could be developing a new battery technology that promises to give 2 to 3 more endurance than conventional batteries already in the market. In recent years the mobile handsets industry had a tremendous growth and it continues day after day. In the search to achieve the consumer’s preferences companies are always looking to deliver “unique” […]

ZTE Blade Qlux is an MT6732M powered LTE phone for $78

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The ZTE Blade Qlux is a super affordable smartphone which comes with the MediaTek MT6732M processor and LTE support.

ZTE working on a phone with 4K screen?

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zte 4k phone

1080 FHD and even 2K displays are common place on Chinese smartphones, but what about something with even more resolution? Will we ever see a 4K screen on a Chinese phone?

ZTE Blade S6 will be getting soon Eyeprint Unlock!

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ZTE Blade S6 users will soon be able to use a very nice feature to unlock their phone by their “Eyeprint ID”, the cool feature may come soon in a OTA update. For those who do not remember, the Blade S6 was a mid-range handset launched by ZTE in February, packing decent specs as the […]

Rumour: ZTE preparing a successor to the Nubia X6 phablet?

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nubia z8 leaked

Cast your mind back to early last year and you may remember that ZTE’s Nubia brand released the monstrous 6.44-inch Nubia X6. Rumours today are that Nubia are about to replace the phablet with a smaller successor.

Meizu MX5 and Note 2 might be the result of failed legal battle with ZTE

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meizu mx5

With the launch of the Meizu m1 note and MX4 only a few months away the big question on many peoples lips is “why is there an update launching so soon?” the reason could be a failed legal battle against ZTE’s Nubia!

Leaked Nubia Z9 screenshots reveal touch sensitive edges

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Nubia are on the cusp of launching the flagship version of the Nubia Z9, a device rumours to a zero bezel design and now touch sensitive edges.

Renders of a successor to the ZTE A880 show up online

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Renders of a possible successor to the ZTE A880 show up online showing key security updates and new colour options.

Borderless Nubia Z9 will be launched 6th May

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nubia z9 launch

Nubia will officially launch the flagship version of the Nubia Z9 range at the Beijing Watercube at an event on 6th May.

Official: Flagship Nubia Z9 will launch with “no borders”

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With the Nubia Z9 mini and Z9 Max released, we have been asking ourselves where the flagship Nubia Z9 is? The answer is on its way and without bezels.

ZTE Blade S6 Plus available around the world on Ebay

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zte blade s6 plus ebay

ZTE have once again made an unexpected decision and have launched their Blade S6 Plus internationally through Ebay.

Nubia Z9 packaging leaked

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nubia z9

The Nubia Z9 has been one of the worst kept secrets among Chinese smartphones with every single possible detail leaked to the public, and now the packaging has also been leaked.

Phablet version of the Nubia Z9 Max photos published

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nubia z9 max

ZTE’s worst kept secret is the Nubia Z9, already we have seen the standard phone model in various leaks, not those are followed up by photos of a phablet variant.

Nubia Z9 appears on Antutu revealing specifications

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Nubia have confirmed they will launch the Nubia Z9 flagship on 26th March, and now Antutu has confirmed specifications for the new Chinese smartphone.

The iPhone 6 Plus-esque ZTE Blade S6 Plus now listed

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The ZTE Blade S6 is already a popular phone, but according to a listing, another version of the phone — the Blade S6 Plus — is already getting popular.

Nubia Z9 has a spy photo shoot at MWC

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While at MWC I had heard a rumour that the Nubia Z9 was on site, but after a good search around the ZTE and Qualcomm stand turned up nothing I gave up, but someone found it.

MWC: ZTE Sports Camera

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zte sports camera

Xiaomi aren’t the only ones to have a new sports action camera this week, ZTE also had their first such device on display at MWC.