Nintendo Wii Clone is Called the WiWi! You Must Be Taking the Pi**!

When Nintendo were secretly working away on their current generation console, the designers in charge of the project gave it the most magnificent codename ever! The Revolution!

It was a name that conjured up ideas of 3D virtual interfaces and projection graphics.
The ‘Revolution’ turned out to be the new control interface which meant that anyone able to violently swing their arms back and forth could enjoy home gaming.

It was (is) a console that’s able to bring families together to play games they all understood how to play, it’s also a machine which enableds us to watch our drunken uncles smash their new LED TVs on Christmas Day!

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The Revolution wasn’t named the Revolution however, instead Nintendo in all it’s wisdom decided to give it’s new console a name that was sure to send millions of British school children in to fits of hysterical laughter each and every-time they said it.

They named it the Wii! Wii is unfortunately a homophone of the word ‘wee’, which means to urinate. Whatever Nintendo’s reason for the Wii’s name though, they seem to have gotten away with it.

Due to the Wii’s enormous success the clone makers were sure to follow, and with a vivid image of a golden shower of money coming their way they’ve forged ahead to bring us………

The WiWi! which again is an unfortunate homophone meaning to urinate, only much more comical.

The WiWi is a cartridge based console rather than DVD. It comes with a number of multi-game packs and two types of controller a WiWimote and a WiWipad(?).

All your favorites, golf, bowling, tennis and boxing are presented in what seem to be glorious 20 bit graphics (better than a SNES but not as good as a PS1) and are controlled in much the same way as the Nintendo Wii, although there doesn’t seem to be a nunchuck attachment.

For your viewing pleasure we’ve found a video of the WiWi in action :

I can only wait with baited breath to hear what Nintendo’s next gen console will be called and see what the clone makers make of it!

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