Cigarette Packet…… Cell Phone in Disguise!

For those of you who have been to or traveled through China, or seen a Chinese film even, you would have surely notice the number of smokers. Smoking in China is more of a past time than addiction/habit, and tech companies have been quick to zero in on this mass market.
We’ve seen phones with cigarette lighters built in, but this is the first time we’ve come across a phone disguised as an actual packet of cancer sticks!
The GSM camera phone comes in all the popular brands from domestic and foreign companies and best of all can be used to carry actual real cigarettes! Check under the flap!

How’s that for multi-function! all it needs now is a built in lighter and it would be the ultimate smokers phone!

It would be pretty hard to pick up a phone like this in the smoker hating West, but if you’re ever in China check out the local ‘Phone City’ and you should find one for around 500RMB (excluding cigs!)

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