Wind Booster DIY Plugin Car Tuning

From the name could you possibly guess what the Wind Booster is claimed to do? If you’re like us and do have some mechanical knowledge you might mistakenly think the Wind Booster improves induction, or the cars breathing, and in turn help to produce more power, but it doesn’t.
The Wind Booster is basically a throttle response control unit that can be quickly fitted to any number or make of cars.
Once fitted (the kit claims it should take no more than 5 minutes) and turned on you will be presented with some flashing red lights! Cool! From there you can choose a ‘Mode’ depending on your driving conditions.
Basic models have 3 modes, Normal (the same as if you hadn’t fitted the unit), Eco (claimed to improve fuel economy) and our favourite SPORT mode which is claimed to improve performance. In actual fact the unit just makes the accelorator more responsive giving the feeling of more power (there is no increase in H.P) This added accelation is said to be noticable, but not enough so to warrant the 1800 RMB price tag. You could probably buy an improved exhaust system and performance air filter for the same price here in the P.R.C!

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