Again With The Vaio P Clones!

How long the netbook growth will continue in China is uncertain and has in fact already started to slump a little in Taiwan where tablets are gaining popularity.
For the time being however the netbook reigns supreme (evident by the number of netbooks in use around me at the local Starbucks) and it seems the focus has moved from  Apple’s slim Macbook Air to the tiny Sony Vaio P.  Vaio P clones having been popping up everywhere for the past few months from local cottage manufacturers to huge multi million dollar corporations like China’s BYD.
The latest in a long line of Vaio P wannabes comes from local electronics group Aoson (Shenzhen) Before you rush into looking at O2 broadband packages for it and other bits of software , lets take a good look at this latest pocket friendly PC.

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Like the rest of the clones the Aoson comes in a wide range of bright and attractive colors so it sure to be a hit with the trendy coffee shop set, and it’s just as pocketable as the genuine vaio P, in that it can’t actually fit in any pocket, but will happily sit in your man bag.

Overall the look and feel of the Aoson P is very similar to that of a Vaio P, there are some slightly different styling cues such as wider spacing between keys (which might improve comfort) but overall there is not much between this and the ‘real deal’.
Price wise the Aoson costs considerably less than the Sony model and will retail at around 3000RMB with 3G support. Obviously the Sony would wipe the floor with this or any clone version of the P in a benchmarks test, but who buy’s a Vaio P or similar for it’s processing power and speed? The Atom CPU and 80GB hard drive of the Aoson will be more than enough for casual web browsing, some flash video and music playback and will probably return a good battery life due to the relatively low clock-speed.
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