Da King E Cigarette

As we’ve stated before smoking in China is practically a national past-time. No matter where you go or who you meet you will inevitably meet a gaggle of smokers among your midst.
Obviously this love of smoking comes at a cost! It’s either your money or your life! That’s how smoking works unfortunately and those harmless looking cigarettes will either take one or both!
Fortunately there is an alternative in the form of E, or Electric Cigarettes. These refillable devices take the place of ‘analogue’ smokes giving the user a real smoking sensation plus the Nicotine rush (if wanted) but with (claimed!!) less risk to your health and without that terrible smokey smell.
The Ego E cigarette pictured here is from Chinese manufacture DA King, the only Chinese manufacturer given permission to export to cigarette conscious countries such as Korea.
A sleek black and silver, almost detonator looking exterior houses a built in battery and a refillable vapor container. The Ego activates at the press of a switch vaporizing the concentrated cigarette substitute ready to be inhaled.
The concentrate itself come in a variety of flavors ranging from blended tobacco mixes to some rather ‘out there’ tastes. Fancy smoking a steak and kidney pie? Or how about mint chocolate chip ice-cream flavor?!  The vapour liquids come with or without Nicotine depending on your preference.

Da King’s Ego is available at a number of places, but the best price we’ve managed to find in on China’s Taobao for a modest 288 RMB including a carry case, soft pouch, mains and USB chargers, E cigarette itself plus a whole host of other bits and bobs we’re not sure are.
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