Sony Handy Cam HD-65 Clone Actually Looks Worth Buying

China is a wash with cloned laptops, netbooks, phones and tablet devices. Pretty much anything that is of interest to a larger audience get’s the Xerox treatment and now it’s the turn of Sony’s HD ready Handy Cam video camera.
This Taiwan/Shenzhen produced knock off (lens, body and screen produced in Shenzhen with O.S developed in Taiwan) get’s full Sony style and branding even down to it’s packaging.

In the box you get 2 rechargeable batteries plus charge, HDMI cable and CD Rom.

Feature wise this faux Sony 65E has a 3inch flip out LCD screen, a 5 mega-pixel CMOS camera which records 720P video, a 16x digital zoom and an SD card slot which will accept up to 8GB SD cards plus HDMI out.

The quality of the still is pretty good, but not exactly mind blowing, which can also be said of the video quality which is pretty average for a camera of this quality.

Image taken with clone Sony HD-65

However average video recording is more than good enough for a camera with these features, the ability to take good still shots and only weigh in at 300 grams, especially as it only cost 1000RMB or $150!

Not bad for a carry round light weight point and shoot HD camera!

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