Slice Your Sim With the Micro Sim Adapter

A number of popular devices have started the transition from regular old ‘Standard’ size sim card (the mini sim you’ll find in your phone now) to the newer Micro Sim standard, like the one found in the iPad 3G and iPhone 4.

This new Micro Sim isn’t available in every country however, and often when they are available you would need to sign up for an entirely new data plan which could cost you hundreds of extra $! Luckily the chip’s surface area on both the micro sim and mini sim are exactly the same! That’s right you can cut your current sim down and it will work in your new device.

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The problem is however, what if you want to swap between devices but they use the older and newer size? Well this handy kit will be of interest to you which is available on Ebay Hongkong. The kit comes with a press (looks very much like a stapler) which will cut your sim to the exact proportion needed with a simple press. It also comes with 2 very thin plastic adapters which convert your freshly chopped sim back to its original size!

The kit cost around $7 which you can order from Ebay HK here.

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