Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite Clone

Wow! Now this really got me excited when I saw it! I really do love classic cars, but unfortunately there are zero classics here in China. The closest we get to a classic car on the mainland will be the odd 1990’s Ford Sierra, or the ever popular VW Santana/Jetta (which are still in production!).

Fortunately for us classic car lovers someone at Wenzhou NCM ATV’s decided it was high time China got in on the classic car love and decided to clone the lovable Frog Eyed Sprite.

Gizchina News of the week

Actually clone might not be the best word to describe the NCM Norster 600r, it’s more of a modern reinvention of the classic. Check out the new rear light clusters and the scissor doors for example!

The Norster’s fibrglass body is draped around a steel ladder frame chassis and is made to minute dimensions. 3285mm long and 1520mm wide to be precise.

Power comes from a 580cc engine located behind the back seats through the back wheels and it can reach speeds of up to 90km/h (the original Sprite’s were front engine rear wheel drive).

It looks like a fun little car and I would love to see one, unfortunately the chances of seeing one on the road here are pretty slim, guess I’ll have to take a trip to Wenzhou one day!

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