Exclusive: White Macbook Clone

We’re seen everything from the Apple stable cloned over the past few years. iPods to iPhones, iMac’s to Macbook Air’s and more recently a Macbook Pro clone and a whole slew of iPad knock offs. There is even a Chinese based company who have copied the majority of the Apple line plus the website!
This, however marks the first time we’ve seen Apple’s consumer level white plastic Macbook cloned.
The 13.3 inch screened laptop certainly looks the part with a nicely rounded white molded plastic body and a ‘Mac’ style keyboard. Under the hood lies an Atom dual core CPU clocked at 1.66Ghz with integrated Gma3150 Graphics card which should provide enough power to browse the web, watch online videos and play the odd game of ‘World of Warcraft’.
The usual VGA, SD card reader and USB plugs are all there, but there is also the added bonus of a DVD burner which can be substituted with an extra battery to give super endurance on those long hauls!
Windows XP is loaded as standard, but we’re sure it won’t take long for the Hackintosh community to have their way.

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Via: Shanzhaiben

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  1. M.Norman
    October 5, 2010

    Where can you get one of these?

  2. kroehm1972
    October 9, 2010

    …In China…duh!!!

  3. M.Norman
    October 11, 2010

    oh thanks for that total useless piece of information. I meant other than China as that is stated in the review. DUH!!!

    • October 12, 2010

      Some people just go on the web to annoy! Sorry about that! But at the moment it seems you can only get them here in China unless the odd few manage to slip through the net and on to ebay that is