14 inch Macbook Air Clone Running Snow Leopard

This is the same 14 inch Macbook Air clone that’s been doing the rounds on other blogs. Shanzai.com did a piece on it over on their blog (I can’t get on Shanzai for some reason so I apologize for not giving a direct link) Both blogs however seemed to have missed what we think is the real news on this 14 inch (13 inch available too) Macbook Air clone, and that’s the fact it’s on sale with Snow Leopard installed at this very moment in time!
We picked up the news on Saturday while posting info on other Hackintosh computers available online, but we’re been to busy riding our bikes in the glorious sunshine to post it.
The alloy shell looks very much like the Dian Ji Macbook clone with TV receiver built in, seen here, but is missing the rather cool umbrella branding.
Snow Leopard 10.6.3 is installed on a 160GB Sata hard drive and ran on an Intel Atom N270 1.66 GHz processor with 1G of DDR2 ram (the computer will support up to 2G of ram)
Unlike the real Macbook Air this Shenzhen model houses 2 USB, and has a replaceable battery, unfortunately the battery is only good for a couple of hours.
Price is a very reasonable 2800 RMB for the 14 inch model pictured here and 2600 RMB for the 13.3 inch.

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