Mac Mini Clone Hackintosh

This not so mini Mac Mini clone comes from the same Hackintosh pioneers as the recently posted ‘Hack Pro’ Mac Pro hackintosh.
Like it’s a bigger and more powerful brother the ‘Hack Mini’ is pre installed with the latest version of Apple’s Snow Leopard O.S (10.6.3 at the time of writing) plus Windows 7.
The 17 x 17 cm perspex topped Mini clone is sizably bigger than a genuine Mac Mini, but is still a lot more compact than most desk tops, and also packs in a lot more features than Cupertino’s Mini.
Check out the back of this thing in the gallery below. It has ports and plugs galore! and space for an extra 3 USB’s if needed!
Being a Hackintosh the spec is extremely flexible, so adding things like more ports, a bigger hard drive or a faster DVD burner is simple, and can be spec’d upon ordering.
Prices range from 1900 RMB to 2300 RMB depending on the hard drive desired. We’re wondering if they can offer an i7 powered version too instead of the Dual Core 2 processor as the seller does with its Pro model.

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One last feature the this little Hackintosh has is it’s neon lit internals which look either awesome or tacky depending on your point of view.

Keep posted for info on one of the best looking Macbook Air Hackintoshs we’ve seen so far.

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  1. Miguelangeldemaya
    March 7, 2012

    any news about where i could find this little hackintosh??

  2. Guest
    March 7, 2012

    any news about where i could find this little hackintosh??