China Plans To Combat Fake Beer With Digital ID

Yes that’s right fake beer! And fake liquor and wine!
The Ministry of Commerce have outlined a plan to stamp out this illegal trade in fake and often dangerous alcohol products. The idea is to give each bottle/can a digital ID while it moves through production, logistics and finally making it’s way to the shelves of the local store. A consumer then only needs to check on-line to see if the bottle of cheap wine they bought is real or not.
In theory it sounds like an excellent way to at least prevent people consuming dodgy. It won’t stop them buying it however as they would have to first buy it, take it home then check if it were real, and that’s all if they have Internet access, can be bothered doing so or even know about the program.
Another stumbling block is the fact that alcohol companies will be free to choose whether they are part of the system or not. As implementation is expected to cost a considerable amount of money the goverment don’t plan to make the system mandatory.
Back to the drawing board me thinks!

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