Flytouch Vs. ePad

The ePad was one of the first iPad clones on the market and continues to be one of the most popular knock offs available, but with every passing week new tablet devices enter the fray with better specifications and improved build quality.
Here we have the Flytouch, a new and feature packed Chinese tablet and the ePad sided by side.
Does the ePad stand up to the competition or is it time for the new kids on the block to take over?
Both the ePad and Flytouch have 7 inch screens and 1ghz CPU’s. They both also run the Android operating system, but the newer Flytouch manages to have a slightly smaller footprint and also manages to add some extra features at the same time.

This first picture shows off one of the main features Chinese consumers have been asking for on their tablet devices, an Ethernet port! That’s correct the one thing that would make your super portable tablet lose all portability is a feature the majority of users have asked for here.
The ePad does have an aftermarket ethernet adapter which plugs into the 30 pin dock connector, but that means you can’t sync your device while using the Ethernet port.

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The Flytouch has a total of 2 USB plugs, one more than the ePad and 2 x mini SD card slots, again one more than the ePad. The first SD card reader is meant to expand memory while the second is designed for adding maps for use with the GPS, another feature the ePad lacks.

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The Flytouch gets 2 built in speakers as does the ePad, but it also gains a HDMI out, stylus (something which is really needed on these lower quality touch screens) and a WIFI on/off toggle switch.

As for the interface the ePad’s home screen looks positively ancient when compared to the 3D application navigation on the (Flytouch pictured above ePad below)

With all the added features the Flytouch touts over the ePad plus it’s slightly smaller footprint you’d expect it to cost a lot more than the ePad, but in actual fact it’s listed at around 2000 Yuan but can be found for as little as 1800 Yuan which is what you would expect to pay for the much older and less functional ePad.

It’s time to move over ePad your few months in the limelight are up!!

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  1. Conrad
    January 8, 2011

    how long the battery could operate on full charge?